9 Trader Joe's Items That Will Simplify Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Cheesy scallopini potatoes FTW!

by Megan Grant and Lauren Grant
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A package of Cheesy Scallopini Potatoes at Trader Joe's

Your heart is racing. You've broken out in a cold sweat. Your hands are trembling. Your entire life flashes before your eyes in but a moment. I'm not talking about a near-death experience. I'm talking about hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time — which is pretty much the same thing, when you think about it. Take some advice from this gal who has burned many a-dinners, and add to your grocery shopping list these 11 Trader Joe's items you need at the Thanksgiving table this year.

For years, Trader Joe's has come to the rescue for people from all walks of life who have one thing in common: they can't cook to save their lives. With all kinds of delicious frozen meals, ready-to-eat (and simply amazing) desserts, and the cheapest booze you can find, Trader Joe's is the place to shop this turkey day, especially if you're responsible for feeding everyone.

There is no fear quite like that of preparing Thanksgiving dinner for the first time. I did it myself when my partner and I moved into our first home together. I figured that if nothing else, since it was just the two of us, we were the only ones I might accidentally poison with my homemade gravy, and not some unsuspecting second cousin or grandma. (Silver linings!)

If you're no Martha Stewart in the kitchen and could use a little help this holiday (couldn't we all?), stop by your neighborhood TJ's and grab these items.


Turkey & Stuffing Seasoned Kettle Chips

Oh my Goddess, yes. Nothing screams THANKSGIVING like finding yourself elbow-deep in a bag of turkey-and-stuffing kettle chips. Try not to fill up on them before the meal is even served.


Cranberry Sauce

Joe's cranberry sauce really comes in handy because it's just too easy to scoop it out of the jar, serve it in a fancy dish, and pretend you made it yourself.


Cornbread Stuffing Mix

Anything that combines cornbread and stuffing into one amazing side dish is A-OK in my book. Best part? All you have to do is add broth and butter; and we all know butter makes everything better. Win!


Turkey Cranberry Apple Salad

Is it a side dish? Is it a sammy? It's both! Your guests will fall in love with the sweet-and-tangy-and-sour flavor combination of Joe's turkey cranberry salad.


Rustic Apple Tart

Trader Joe's

Rustic apple tarte... That definitely sounds like something someone would make if they were a person who really knew how to cook. Since you're not one of those people, buy it ready-made from the man who knows it all: Joe.


Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a Thanksgiving stable, and they're amazing to cook because you can leave them plain with just a dash of salt and pepper and they still taste like a dream. But if you're in the mood to be a little extra on Thanksgiving, serve mashed sweet potatoes.


Sparkling Cranberry Juice

Not everyone wants their tummies to feel doubled down with a heap of food on your plate and alcohol. This sparkling cranberry juice gives you the best of both worlds.


Cheesy Scallopini Potatoes

Trader Joe's

Cheese? Potatoes? Say no more. Mixed with a blend of four Italian cheeses, Trader Joe’s scallopini potatoes will definitely be a side dish you won't have leftovers of.


Creamed Greens

Trader Joe's

A new twist on creamed spinach, Trader Joe’s creamed greens still has all the tasty spinach goodness but with a new contender, brussel sprouts. Get creative and add breadcrumbs to the top for a delectable crunch.

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