I Tried Type:A Deodorant — & Honestly, It’s The Holy Grail Of Aluminum-Free Deodorant

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I started my natural deodorant journey about seven years ago; today, my medicine cabinet is a graveyard of discarded deodorant sticks, gels, and pots. Some never worked, some worked initially only to lead to irritation later, some just didn’t have the staying power to get me through a 12+ hour day. But when I discovered type:A aluminum-free deodorant, it felt like I had finally found the holy grail: a nontoxic deodorant that holds its own against name-brand antiperspirants without any of the questionable ingredients. Here is my honest review of the product after trying it for a week — and it was a week that definitely had me sweating (a family member tested positive for you-know-what and frantic quarantining ensued).

First impressions

Before getting into type:A’s hard-working ingredients, let me first wax on a little about the brand’s cute-yet-practical packaging. Type:A deodorant comes in a small, 2.8-ounce tube that fits easily in your palm. The plastic top screws off and you push up until the creamy formula comes through. (Then you just swipe it on.) This feels like a major R&D win over other cream-based products I’ve tried that come in a jar and have to be scooped up with your fingertips. Plus, Type A doesn’t feel goopy or sticky; basically, I forgot it was even on moments after applying. That said, if you’re not into a creamy, tube-style application, the brand also sells deodorant wipes.

But does it work?

Of course, no matter how nice the packaging, no deodorant is worth its price tag if it doesn’t deliver sweat-free results. And this is where type:A really steps up. The brand advertises its “Sweat-Activated Technology,” which to be honest, I was skeptical of. But I actually experienced this working in real-time. I felt my pits getting sweaty and I thought, “Here we go, another deodorant to add to the graveyard,” but then just as quickly, I felt dry. When I investigated what was going on with this magic formula, I was impressed with the science behind it.

The nontoxic, cruelty-free formula features glycerin, which comes from plants and actually attracts water to itself like a sponge, effectively absorbing moisture every time you feel yourself getting a little sweaty. On top of that, the formula contains rockstar ingredients known for their absorption power: corn starch, arrowroot powder, and baking soda, to name a few. For those with sensitive skin, the brand touts that it uses 50% less baking soda than other natural brands. My skin is easily irritated, and I had no redness or rash with the product.

In terms of odor-busting power, I did the “pit sniff” test throughout the day and smelled nothing but a faint hint of the deodorant itself. What I especially loved is that this held true even after a full 16+ hours of wear — a time when other aluminum-free deodorants have failed me. Type:A’s base formula contains zinc, silver, and coconut oil: three ingredients that boast antibacterial properties to prevent odor from forming in the first place. If you’re looking for an extra-strength option, the brand’s best-selling Fresh Rain & Bergamot and Vanilla Almond Milk scents are formulated with activated charcoal and spirulina for even more odor protection.

I tried both the Clean Crisp Citron and Vanilla Almond Milk scents in the brand’s deodorant lineup. As someone who doesn’t like when things smell cloyingly sweet, the Citron was right up my alley; it was herbal and fresh. The Vanilla Almond Milk had a more homey, comforting scent that brought to mind my favorite almond-scented lotion. You can choose from six different scents, and if you’re curious what the fragrance agents are for each, type:A has an impressively detailed list of ingredients. (I love how they explain why each ingredient was included.)

Tips for natural deodorant newbies

If you’re new to the world of aluminum-free deodorant or simply have been intrigued by TikTok’s #armpitdetox, you might be wondering what a deodorant detox entails. Type A has great tips on their blog for surviving the two-week detox period as your body acclimates from using aluminum-based products.


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