The Ultimate Guide To Thriving During Pluto Return In The U.S.

The dwarf planet rules all things secret and hidden.


Revolutionary changes ahead! The U.S. is entering its first-ever Pluto return on Feb. 22, holding a mirror up to all of its, ahem, flaws. Although its impacts are mostly on the country, not the individual level, you'll want to be prepared with these do's and don'ts.

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DO: Reflect On Your Career

America’s Pluto is in the industrial sign of Capricorn, aka the sign that rules over career and public image. Likewise, this transit offers a time to perform a career vibe check and determine whether it's working for you or not.

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DON’T: Abuse Your Power

Pluto is all about authority, and in the same way that U.S. power dynamics are being addressed during its Pluto return, you'll be pushed to consider the way you assert yourself in your life. How well do you work with others? Careful not to micromanage.

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DO: Shadow Work

Your shadow self is the side of you that you don't like to own up to — think secrets or hidden agendas. Truths will come clearer into view as the USA's Pluto return commences, so take this transit to work on healing those obscured parts of yourself.

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DON’T: Spend Recklessly

With the USA's Pluto return revealing truths about its debts and problematic financial systems, it's a good time as any to be mindful about where your money goes. Avoid overspending. If you don't already have a savings account, this is your sign to build one.

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DO: Part Ways With Bad Habits

Whether you've been overspending or identify as a professional procrastinator, the Pluto return will serve as a wake-up call by allowing you to peek inside the consequences of your bad habits. Take it as a warning to ditch any vices you may have.

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DON’T: Cling Onto The Past

Underneath its spikes and ridges, Pluto represents rebirth. This transit is holding a microscope up to your hidden agendas and secrets to help you set yourself free from it and build new beginnings. Try meditation or releasing rituals to help you let go.

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DO: Welcome Change

While Pluto generally represents the dark side of humanity, the dwarf planet comes bearing the gift of transformation. Take a lesson in your personal metamorphosis by adopting a "c’est la vie" attitude and accept the positives that may come out of it.

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