43 Cheap Things That Make Spending Time Alone Much More Enjoyable

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While a little alone time can be good for the soul, too much of a good thing can get old quickly, too. To keep boredom at bay though, there's no need to take drastic measures like cutting all your hair off (unless you really want to) to shake things up. Instead, try these cheap things that make spending time alone more enjoyable.

The truth is, alone time can be quite beneficial, and with a few strategic purchases, you can make the most of it. A new body pillow might be just what you need to make afternoon naps more enjoyable, and an essential oil diffuser could help you find your zen. For a little screen-free entertainment, try a puzzle book that's for adults only — it'll have you laughing out loud. Oh, and you may want to grab a wine bottle vacuum sealer to keep every glass of vino as fresh as when you cracked open the bottle.

So, if you’re bored at home and looking for something fun to do or you're just trying to figure out how to make the time fly by, here’s a pretty comprehensive list of great things to see you through — and nothing is over $35.


A Small But Powerful Bluetooth Speaker

Did someone say more bass? Weighing in at only 8 ounces, this wireless Bluetooth speaker delivers high sound quality in a tiny package. A built-in mic allows for hands-free calling, and this speaker automatically reconnects to the last device used. With a 33-foot wireless range, this little powerhouse can play for five hours on a single charge. Choose from six colors.

"Bought the rose gold color to match my phone. One of the most inexpensive options on Amazon, so I was worried the quality was going to match, but I was so wrong!" one user commented. "This [little] thing is LOUD, and the sound is actually super crisp and the bass- perfect. The quality of the physical item itself exceeds expectations. Has a good weight to it (mostly metal all around) and the rose gold is shimmery and sleek looking."


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Doubles As A Night Light

Add a little essential oil into this diffuser to encourage relaxation. With a large 300-milliliter capacity, this essential oil diffuser can operate continuously for 10 hours on low and six hours on high, shutting off automatically when the water runs out. This unit can be used as a night light, choose between seven color-changing lights. It’s available in white and dark color options.


A Lap Desk With A Built-In Wrist Pad And Media Slot

Equipped with a media slot to hold cellphones, tablets, or e-readers, this lap desk keeps your devices safe and propped up at an optimal viewing angle. Anti-tipping technology keeps devices secure, and the ergonomic wrist pad makes typing and scrolling more comfortable. This lap desk accommodates tablets up to 10.5 inches and laptops up to 15.6 inches, and users have the choice between black, silver, and white.


This Multipurpose Backrest Pillow

While this backrest pillow is perfect for reading or watching TV, it also has a gradual slope so you can slide it under your legs, use it for sleeping, or even use it as a lap desk. The stretch knit bamboo cover is both removable and machine washable, and users can choose between three heights: 7-inch, 10-inch, or 12-inch. With hundreds of five-star reviews, it's a popular pick that one reviewer called "amazingly comfortable."


A Hands-Free Rechargeable Reading Light With Adjustable Brightness

Perfect for late-night reading or any activity where a focused light source would be helpful, this little device sits comfortably around your neck. With three color temperatures (including a calming warm light) and multiple brightness, users can adjust this reading light to suit their needs. A built-in blue light filter reduces eye strain, and the rechargeable battery work for up to 80 hours on a single charge.


A Color-Changing Shower Head For A Spa Experience At Home

Powered only by running water, this handheld shower head, cycles through seven color changes every few seconds, no batteries required. The shower head fits on to any standard shower, and anti-clogging silicone jets prevent limescale and hard water deposits. It’s “like a spa at home,” one reviewer commented.


A Shower Curtain That Keeps Your Stuff Organized

With multiple quick-drying mesh pockets, this shower curtain is a great way to keep your essentials like washcloths, sponges, and razors on hand without needing to install shelves inside your shower. The clear liner works well alone or with a separate shower curtain, and it comes equipped with rust-resistant metal grommets for easy installation.


A Wine Glass Holder For Your Shower

This silicone wine glass holder securely grips bathroom surfaces while keeping your wine glass well within reach. What's more, the clever drainage system prevents water from pooling. It applies to most glossy surfaces including glass, mirror, and metal. Users can choose between pink, marble gray, and seafoam, and you can also use it for holding upside-down bottles of product so you can get every last drop.


A Customizable LED Strip For Some Mood Lighting

With LED lights that can be set to cycle through 16 different colors, this light strip can be used indoors or outdoors to kick the decor up a notch or two. This is also bendable, and users can even cut it to the size. Operate it by remote control, and this LED light strip is waterproof and available in 16.4-feet and 32.8-feet sizes.


A Kit With Everything You Need To Start An Indoor Herb Garden

With four burlap grow bags, potting soil discs, mini pruning shears, bamboo plant markers, and even a stainless steel tea infuser, this kit is jam-packed with everything you’ll need to start your own indoor herb tea garden. And it’s all neatly packaged in a wooden gift box that can also double as a planter box. This herb garden comes with heirloom, non-GMO organic herb seeds: chamomile, mint, lavender, and lemon balm.


A Cozy Bath Pillow That Dries Quickly

Outfitted with seven extra-large suction cups to keep the cushion firmly in place, this bath pillow is next-level comfort. The two-panel design provides head, neck, and shoulder support, and this pillow is flexible enough to fit almost any bathtub or jacuzzi. Generously sized, this pillow protects you from sinking back onto cold porcelain, and 4D mesh technology allows the cushion to dry quickly so you don’t feel like you're resting your head on a wet sponge.


These Flameless Candles For Worry-Free Ambiance

These flameless candles give you all the ambiance of candlelight without the worry of an open flame. Operated by remote control, a timer can be set to turn on at a specified time each day, and the auto shut-off can be programmed for two-, four-, or six-hour run times. Shipped in a pack of 12, these candies range from 4 to 6 inches, batteries have a life expectancy of 200 hours, and these candles are water-resistant.


A Waterproof Blanket For The Beach, Camping, And More

No matter whether you're at a music festival or just looking for a dry spot to sit on the ground, this blanket can help. It's made from waterproof and sand-resistant fabric, and it folds up neatly when you're done using it. The best part? There's even a built-in handle makes it easy to take with you practically anywhere.


These Moisturizing Bath Bombs With Aromatherapy Benefits

Infused with soothing essential oils and moisturizing olive oil this bath bombs set is all-natural and kind to sensitive skin. This gift set includes six different scented bath bombs to suit your mood: peppermint, sweet orange, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, and grapefruit. They’re super easy to use, just toss them into a tub filled with warm water, slip in, and enjoy.


A Relaxing Essential Oil-Packed Room And Pillow Spray

There's a lot of scientific evidence backing up the soothing powers of lavender, and this multipurpose spray can be used as a home fragrance, a bathroom freshener, or even a pillow spray to deliver them. Each bottle is hand-blended in small batches with no harsh additives or chemicals. Or, if lavender isn't your bag, there are other options, including rose, peppermint, and pink grapefruit.


This Foot Scrubber That's The Next Best Thing To A Pedicure

With more than a thousand massaging bristles, this foot scrubber was designed to clean and exfoliate your feet without you having to bend over. It removes dead skin and easily cleans hard-to-reach spots, like in between your toes, while strong suction cups help to prevent slips and falls.


An Acupressure Mat For Holistic Pain And Stress Relief

Chock full with almost 7,000 acupressure points, this mat helps reduce muscle tension and relieve stress. Generously sized to cover your back and neck, this acupressure mat is made of 100% cotton and plant-based foam. While users should note that the sharp plastic point may take some getting used to, users really seem to be convinced by it.

"The first 2-3 minutes feel like fire torture: everything hurts and starts to burn," one fan wrote. "After the initial feeling of being stabbed subsides, the muscles warm and just relax into the mat. I usually lie on it for 30-40 minutes at a time. The mat does leave marks that last for 5-10 minutes, and the muscles are red and warm to the touch--similar to a mild sunburn. However, the tension relief is real! My back and shoulders are noticeably looser after a session on the stabby mat."


A Body Pillow That Supports You In All The Right Places

Amply filled with hypoallergenic fibers, this body pillow offers support in all the right places, at least according to the hundreds of fans giving it a five-star rating. Just be aware that this is on the softer, squishier side. Although the 240-thread-count cover cannot be removed, this pillow can be spot cleaned as needed.


A Bluetooth Eye Mask That Blocks Out Distractions

Having trouble sleeping? This Bluetooth eye mask is an excellent way to drift off to sleep while listening to your favorite music or other sounds and blocking out light at the same time. Using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this mask delivers great sound, nine hours of playtime, and it pairs easily with compatible devices. Made from 95% cotton, this eye mask absorbs sweat effectively keeping you comfortable through the night, and it’s adjustable.

One happy reviewer wrote: “A friend of mine recommended this sleep mask, and I am so glad that I bought it. This is the best money I’ve ever spent. These sleep headphones are super comfortable (soft and plush). It's large enough to completely block off any bright lighting. ... The sleep mask is very easy to pair with my phone [and the] battery lasts a very long time.”


A Budget-Friendly Weighted Blanket That Won't Bunch Up

With five breathable layers, including a micro-glass layer, this blanket offers just the right amount of weight to help you drift off to sleep in no time (or just to really notch up the relaxation while you Netflix). The stitched diamond pattern of this weighted blanket distributes weight evenly and prevents bunching, and users have a choice between 7-, 15-, and 20-pound blankets.


A Wearable Blanket That'll Keep Your Feet Warm

Nothing says cozy warmth like a wearable blanket, and this one speaks loud and clear. With built-in arm and foot pockets, this blanket has everything covered, literally, and the convenient front pocket is ideal for snacks or phones. This blanket is machine washable and available in 14 colors. There’s even a sherpa-lined option.


These Shower Bombs For A Little Aromatherapy Without Pulling A Bath

While bath bombs seem to get all the love, those who prefer showers can get in on the spa-like aromatherapy experience, too. Infused with essential oils, just toss one of these shower bomb tablets in, and as soon as water hits them, they begin to release their essential oil fragrances that can help with congestion and ease stress. The scents included in this set are eucalyptus, vanilla, peppermint, lavender, grapefruit, and rose.


A Puzzle Book For Adults

Feeling a little bored? This puzzle book might be the answer. But buyer beware, this lovely little gem comes with two warnings: adults only and you must have a sense of humor. One user wrote: “Omg, this book is HILARIOUS!!! ... Not only are the activities themselves entertaining, but the instructions and titles are as well. Definitely going to get more activity books like this. Keep them coming, author!!!”


A Kit That'll Make Mixing Up DIY Beauty Treatments So Easy

If you find yourself doing more DIY beauty treatments lately, this mixing bowl set could lend a helping hand. Perfect for mixing facial masks and more, this set includes a bowl, a face mask brush, a spatula, three measuring spoons, one sponge, and even a headband. Stamped measurement marks on the inside of the bowl keep you on the right track, and it is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


A Three-Pack Of Apple MFi Certified Lightning Chargers

Charge all your Lightning compatible gadgets with this three-pack of charging cables that are Apple MFi certified for compatibility. These cables are made from cooper wire, and are equipped with smart chips to prevent overcharging. The brand also offers 24/7 customer service in case you have and issues.


A Pretty Privacy Film That Is So Easy To Apply

This privacy film blocks out up to 96% of UV rays, reducing your energy bills, but still letting in the natural light. These static cling films apply in minutes without glue or adhesives, and they are even removable and reusable. The sun shining through this particular film creates a rainbow pattern, which makes it super fun, and this film is available in various sizes.


These Fun Slippers With Bright, Bold Patterns

These extra cushy slippers are the perfect combo of comfort and ease when you're shuffling around the house all day. The open design allows your feet to breathe, and the bold graphic prints are super fun. If they get dirty, just toss them in the machine and let them air dry. These slippers come in a range of sizes, and users can choose from nine fun patterns. One user wrote: “They last and last, are fun to look at, and feel amazing.”


This Nano Mister That Offers A Quick Pick-Me-Up

Small enough for a desk or handbag, this nano mister is the perfect pick-me-up. Fill it with pure mineral water or a little toner, and there's no need to worry about running the rechargeable battery down, the mister automatically powers off after 60 seconds and can spray about 50 times on a single charge. Choose either white or pink.


These Satin Sleep Caps That Protect Your Hair

Use these satin sleep caps to protect your styling, reduce frizz while you sleep, or when applying your favorite face mask. The wide elastic headband sits flat on your forehead, making it much more comfortable, and users can choose between three color combinations. It comes in two sizes.


A Vacuum Pump That Keeps Your Wine Fresh For Up To A Week

By removing oxygen out of the bottle, this vacuum wine pump keeps wine fresh for up to one week. Convenient date markers let you record the last time the bottle was opened. Made of durable stainless steel, each order comes with one pump and two reusable wine stoppers. Additional stoppers can be purchased separately. "Love this. I am the only wine drinker in the house, but can’t always drink a full bottle of wine in 2 days. ... This gadget makes the wine last sooo much longer," one user commented.


A Cute Llama Duster That Helps With Weekly Cleaning

If you have to clean, why not get a little helper to make the task more fun? This pink llama-shaped duster will certainly make weekly dusting a little more fun. Pink polyester fibers pick up dust well. “I get so many compliments on this at my desk. Love it,” one user wrote.


These Stylish Blue Light-Blocking Glasses That Alleviate Eye Strain

With lenses designed to block the blue light coming from your screens, these blue light-blocking glasses could help with your sleep cycle and alleviating eye strain. They also block UV light, and users can choose from seven stylish frames. "I love these glasses! They're so comfortable, and they do their job well! I have yet to experience a migraine, and my eyes don't feel strained anymore! I also fall asleep faster, which is not at all common for me," one user commented.


These Cushions That Amp Up Your Workout And Improve Balance

When used as part of your daily exercise routine these wobble cushions can help improve core strength and stability (read: better balance). When used as a back or seat cushion, they can help improve posture and circulation. These are available in four colors, and the pump is included.


These Self-Heating Eye Masks That Soothe Dry, Tired Eyes

These self-heating eye masks use warm steam to soothe tired, dry eyes. And they’re super easy to use — just tear open the individually wrapped package and apply directly to your eyes. Each mask heats up to approximately 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and the steam lasts for more than 25 minutes. Each pack includes 15 masks, and they’re also infused with calming lavender.


A Quick-Drying Waffle Wrap That'll Bring The Spa Home

Made with a 60/40 polyester and cotton blend, these waffle wraps are lightweight, breathable, and dry quickly when you're done. A Velcro closure keeps these wraps securely in place. These wraps are machine washable, and they’re available in nine colors. Bring it to the pool or use it as an after-shower cover-up.


This Sofa Arm Table That'll Keep Messes To A Minimum

Create a convenient resting spot for drinks, snacks, and more with this sofa arm table. Strong spring arms hold the table securely in place, and a lip around the base keeps the mess to a minimum if you happen to spill your drink. This fits around square or round arms, and it’s available in black or white.


These Serving Trays That Are Perfect For Hanging Out In Bed (Or On The Sofa)

If you're thinking about spending the day in bed or on the couch, having one of these serving trays before hunkering down will make it a lot more enjoyable. Pile it high with snacks, coffee, tea, chocolate, and more so you won’t have to get up and tear yourself away. This eco-friendly tray is made of bamboo, and a lip at the base of it keeps things neatly contained.


An Invigorating Facial Scrub That Might Just Make You A Morning Person

Infused with citrus, rosemary, and peppermint essential oils, this scrub energizes your senses, exfoliates your skin, and helps you start the day off right, no wonder it's called Make Me a Morning Person. This face and body scrub leaves skin soft and hydrated, and it’s handmade in small batches with all-natural ingredients. One user with sensitive skin even commented that it worked quite well for her. “I have very sensitive skin, and most scrubs cause me to become over-dry and have breakouts, but this one did not. I am an instant fan!” the reviewer wrote.


This Gorgeous Glass Teapot You Can Put Directly On Your Stovetop

If you like to brew a few cups of loose tea at one time, this glass teapot will save you lots of time since you can put it directly on the stovetop. With a 32-ounce capacity, this teapot brews around three to four cups at once. And don’t worry about your tea getting cold before you get to it; a neoprene sleeve will help keep the pot warm. This glass teapot comes with a removable infuser, and it’s dishwasher-, stovetop-, and microwave-safe.


A Cute Mug With An Integrated Tea Bag Holder

A hot cup of tea is nice, but there’s always the problem of what to do with the teabag. Good news: This cup solves that problem and maybe a few others. The built-in slot inside the elephant's head is perfect for teabags (or maybe even a cookie). This ceramic cup holds 15 ounces of your favorite beverage, and it’s dishwasher-safe.


These Air Purifying Bags That Can Be Used Almost Anywhere

These bamboo charcoal bags are an excellent answer for smelly spaces, and with no harsh chemicals or fragrances, they’re safe enough to use almost anywhere. These powerful odor eliminators can be used to freshen up closets, hampers, shoes, or gym bags, and they recharge in the sun. Each order ships with eight odor eliminators and four hooks.


A Wireless Charger And Night Light That Won't Eat Up Counter Space

The predicament of most nightstands is too much stuff and not enough space. This nightlight plus wireless charger solves that problem. A wireless fast charger sits on one end, and a one-touch night light sits on the other. The wireless charger is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and the night light has a magnetic bottom, as well as a hidden hook, so it can stick to most metal surfaces or even hang it.


A Breakfast Sandwich Maker With Non-Stick Cooking Plates

If you're trying to eat breakfast and get out the door quickly, this breakfast sandwich maker can help. Just add your favorite raw ingredients, then sit back as it cooks them to perfection in just a few minutes. All the parts are removable so that they're easy to clean, and the heating plates are coated in non-stick for added convenience.

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