Upgrading Your Home Is Expensive, But Here Are 45 Cheap, Clever Ways To Do It

For instance, this contact paper that looks like real marble.

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Outdated countertops, plain walls, disheveled furniture — at first glance, none of these problems seem like cheap fixes. (And don’t even get me started about how my apartment kitchen came without a backsplash.) Luckily, there are tons of clever products on Amazon that can help you effortlessly upgrade your home without spending a ton of money.

Speaking of outdated countertops, there’s no need to spend thousands on updating them when you’ve got this roll of contact paper at your disposal. Not only does it look like real white marble, but it’s also made from tough vinyl that’s resistant to water. There are also shaggy rugs made from faux fur, thick blackout curtains, and even a cute sofa cover — because buying new furniture is almost never cheap.

Upgrading your home can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be — especially when that roll of contact paper costs less than $10. With a little creativity and a few clever items off this list, you can easily redo an entire room for less than $100. Keep scrolling for more.


This Drywall Putty That Makes It Easy To Repair Holes

You don’t need to mess with a giant tub of spackle to fix that hole — just use this handy putty tube. Simply rub it over the hole, and the putty inside will gradually fill it in without leaving any uneven lumps behind. The best part? There’s no need to scrape away any excess, which means no additional tools are needed.


The LED Light Bars You Can Stick Nearly Anywhere

Add these LED light bars to dark closets, hallways, or anywhere else that could use a little illumination. They’ve got an adhesive backing that makes it easy to stick them anywhere, as well as magnetic strips — just in case you want to put one on your workbench. And with their built-in motion sensor, you won’t have to worry about the batteries (not included) going to waste when you aren’t around.


The Shields That Protect Your Walls From Door Knobs

Add these shields to your door knobs, and they’ll help protect your walls from dents, scratches, or even holes. They’re made from tough silicone that absorbs shock, and the adhesive backing makes them almost too easy to install. Choose from two colors: clear or white.


The Lights That Turn Plain Mirrors Into Hollywood Vanities

Proper lighting is useful when it comes to doing your makeup, so why not add these lights to your vanity mirror? Installation is as easy as sticking them to the glass — and since each order includes a smart-touch dimmer, you can easily adjust the brightness depending on how much light is in the room.


A Broom Holder That’s Shockingly Versatile

Got a utility closet that’s overflowing with brooms, mops, and other cleaning supplies? Make sure to take a look at this organizer. Five slots give you ample space for all your handled cleaning tools, while the hooks between each are the perfect spot to hang scrubbers. Or, you can mount it in the garage and use it to store everything from gardening tools to sports equipment.


This Insert That Boosts Up Sagging Cushions

Sagging cushions don’t mean that you have to buy a whole new sofa or loveseat — just use this insert to bolster them back up. It’s made from extra-thick wood with a vinyl cover to help protect your cushions from damage. Plus, installation is as easy as sliding it underneath the lackluster cushion.


This Rug That Feels Oh-So Soft Under Your Feet

Step off of those cold hardwood floors and onto this plush rug. Not only does the faux fur material feel soft underneath your feet, but it also just looks plain good no matter where you put it. Choose from more than 15 colors, as well as 11 different sizes.


A Roll Of Contact Paper That Looks Like White Marble

Outdated countertops can easily be updated using this simple roll of contact paper. It’s made from thick vinyl that holds up against daily wear and tear, with an adhesive backing that lets you install it similar to a sticker. “It’s perfect for the kitchen countertop because it’s not too glossy and easy to glide over,” wrote one reviewer.


The Peel & Stick Wallpaper That’s Simple To Apply

Can’t paint over the plain walls in your home? Make sure to check out this renter-friendly wallpaper. Similar to that roll of contact paper, its adhesive backing makes it easy to install as well as remove — and you can use it on everything from boring walls to plain cabinets.


An Easy-To-Install Backsplash That Looks Like Tile

Not all homes come with a backsplash — but with these peel-and-stick tiles, you can easily add your own without spending too much money. They’re heat- and moisture-resistant so that you can cook without having to worry about them peeling. Plus, the adhesive backing means there’s no extra glue required.


These Curtains That Can Help Dim The Room & Insulate Your Space

Made from triple-weave blackout material, these curtains are so thick that they block up to 99% of outside light, as well as insulate your home against the weather outside. The result? You might notice you’re not using as much heat or AC — and with dozens of colors and sizes to choose from, there’s no reason not to outfit every window in your home.


A Frame That’s The Perfect Size For Your Album Covers

Most frames aren’t suited to hold vinyl album covers, whereas this frame is the perfect size to put your favorite artists on display. It’s thick enough to hold multiple LP sets, and each order comes with all the hardware you’ll need to hang it up. Choose from packs of one, two, or four frames.


These Light Strips That Add Style To Your Entertainment Center

Looking to upgrade your entertainment center, but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Put these LED light strips behind your television. They’ll make everything look more high-tech, all while helping ease the strain on your eyes from the bright screen. Plus, each order includes a remote so that you can easily change between 16 colors without having to get up.


The Removable Crown Molding That Won’t Break The Bank

Crown molding instantly makes any home look more expensive — and this roll of removable molding is available for less than $30. You can also use it to create stylish borders on mirrors and picture frames. Plus, one reviewer wrote that it “looks like high end metal ornamentation!”


A Pair Of Throw Pillows Covered In Soft Polyester Velvet

Originally I bought these throw pillow covers to use as colorful accents on my bed — but they’re so soft that I’ve found myself reaching for them whenever it’s time for a nap. The hidden zipper is also less likely to snag on your clothes or hair, and the color is just as rich in person as it looks in the photos.


The Stylish House Numbers That Look Like They’re Floating

Adding these house numbers to the front of your home is a great way to help improve its curb appeal. Each one is made from high-quality zinc that’s resistant to rust — and unlike some numbers, these ones are designed so that they look like they’re floating.


An Indoor Camera That’s Compatible With Alexa

Looking for affordable ways to add security to your home? Search no further than this indoor camera. The 1080-pixel, high-definition video lets you see exactly what’s going on in crystal-clear images — and each order even includes 30 days of free subscription to the Blink cloud memory service. Plus, you can also pair it with Alexa in order to control it using voice commands.


This Stylish Waterfall Faucet That’s Made From Stainless Steel

Still using the faucets that came with your home? Consider this a sign that it’s time to upgrade to this stylish waterfall version. Not only does it look incredibly modern, but it’s also made from rust-resistant stainless steel that’ll look great for years to come. Choose from two colors: matte black, or brushed nickel.


These Cabinet Pulls That Add Pops Of Color Throughout Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is in need of a makeover, replacing the cabinet pulls is a good place to start — especially when you’ve got these colorful ones ready to go. They’re made from sleek ceramic, with a vintage touch that’ll have them standing out no matter where you put them. One reviewer raved, “The quality of these knobs is exceptional and the colors are just beautiful!”


A Pack Of Smart Light Bulbs That You Can Set To Schedules

Ever wish your lights were on when you came home? Swap out your current light bulbs with these smart ones, and the downloadable app will let you set them to schedules so that they turn on and off whenever you like. You also have the choice of more than 15 million colors when setting the mood — and if you pair them with Alexa, you’ll be able to control them using voice commands.


This Alarm That Reminds You To Shut The Fridge Door

Leaving the fridge open can lead to spoiled food, so why not stick this alarm on the side of the door? It’ll let out a gentle alert after one minute of your door being left open, with a second alarm ringing out after two minutes. After three minutes, it will sound continuously until the door is shut — and the volume is also adjustable up to four levels.


A Set Of Magnets That Spruce Up Plain Garage Doors

Add these magnets to your garage door to give it a little boost in curb appeal. They’re made from high-quality ABS plastic that’ll stay looking good through all sorts of inclement weather — and installation is as easy as sticking them up, then walking away. “Excellent quality, nice size,” wrote one reviewer. “Looks great from street.”


The Desk Lamp With A Built-In Stand For Your Phone

Every desk needs a good lamp, and this one even has a built-in stand where you can rest your phone as it charges. The brightness is adjustable up to three levels, making it easy to reduce strain on your eyes. Plus, you even have the choice of three light temperatures.


A Wireless Doorbell That Comes Pre-Loaded With Dozens Of Chimes

With more than 58 chimes to choose from, you can easily change how this wireless doorbell sounds every week, and you still won’t run out of tunes. It also has a wireless range of up to 1,000 feet, making it great for apartments and houses alike. Plus, the weather-resistant design will keep it working through rainy days.


This Cool Mist Humidifier That Won’t Interrupt Your Naps

This humidifier is made with an ultra-silent motor that produces hardly any sound, making it perfect for bedroom use. The water reservoir is also large enough to keep it running for a full 24 hours, and you can even rotate the mist spout 360 degrees into any position you like.


A Shower Head That Brings The Spa To Your Home

Still using the shower head that came with your home? Now’s your chance to swap it out with this luxurious rainfall one. Not only does it deliver high water pressure to help you get clean, but it’s also covered with sleek, polished chrome. Plus, installation is easy enough that it only takes a few minutes.


These Organizers That Help Tidy Up Your Fridge

Soda cans, condiments, milk, dry goods — these organizer bins are perfect for all the loose items you’ve likely got strewn across your refrigerator shelves. The best part? They work just as well in the pantry (or on your workbench) as they do in the fridge. And since the walls are transparent, it’s easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything.


A Drain Protector That Still Works If It’s Full

Because of its tower design, this drain protector will let water flow down your pipes even when it’s clogged with hair. Not only is using it a cost-effective way to avoid calling the plumber, but cleaning it out is as easy as swiping your finger around the base to retrieve any bits of debris. Choose from five colors: gray, orange, green, clear, blue, or white.


These Bumpers That Help Protect Cabinet Doors From Damage

The edge of your cabinet doors can dent walls if they swing too wide; that’s why it’s never a bad idea to add these bumpers to the corners. The adhesive backing makes installation almost too easy. Plus, you can also use them to add little feet underneath your laptop.


The Furniture Leg Covers That Are Hardly Noticeable

Unlike some furniture leg covers, these ones don’t require any nails or glue to get them to stay put. Instead, each one is made from grippy silicone that easily stretches to fit your chairs, sofas, and more. The best part? They’re also available in five subtle shades: brown, gray, dark walnut, clear, or black.


A Toilet Paper Stand With A Shelf & Space For Spares

Keep a few spare toilet paper rolls stashed in the bottom of this stand. The raised feet on the bottom help keep the rolls safe from any water that happens to leak across the floor, and there’s also a shelf on top where you can keep a box of tissues. Choose from two finishes: bronze or grey.


This Entryway Organizer For Mail, Keys & More

Always losing your keys when you get home? Hang this organizer in your entryway, and you’ll always have a convenient place to hang them right when you walk through the door. The ledge on top also works great for storing mail — or, you can use it to hold small decorations (like succulents and air fresheners).


These Magnets That Add “Windows” To Your Garage Door

If you’re not trying to replace your entire garage door, just give it a quick update with these magnets. They make it look like your door has windows — and since they’re heat- as well as weather-resistant, there’s no need to worry about the magnetic backside failing in inclement weather.


A Slim Wireless Charger Made With Aviation Aluminum

Made from ultra-thin aviation aluminum, this wireless charger will take up hardly any space in your bag. It’s designed to work with any Qi-enabled phone, as well as AirPods — and the LED indicator lights let you now when your device has been successfully connected. “I like the soft green light that signals the phone is set on the charger correctly and the connection is made,” wrote one reviewer. “This is a must have charger for wireless phones.”


The Cushioned Rugs That Can Help Prevent Fatigued Legs

Ever notice how your legs can grow sore after you’ve been standing at the kitchen counters for a while? Try putting down these cushioned rugs. They help absorb shock so that you can stand for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued — and since the tops are waterproof, they’re also easy to clean in the event of spills.


These Flower Pots That Water Themselves

Each of these self-watering flower pots features a reservoir built into the bottom that can keep your plants hydrated for up to two full weeks. Plus, since the reservoir is transparent, it’s easy to tell when it’s time to give them a refill. The set is available in two colors: grey and white.


A Set Of Shelves That Fit Into Tight Corners

Need a little extra storage space, but don’t have enough room for a full set of shelves? Not a problem — these shelves are designed to fit into corners without taking up any floor space. They’re so sturdy that they can hold up to 44 pounds, and the metal brackets are even coated with a rust-resistant finish.


This Sofa Cover That Helps Protect Furniture From Pet Hair

Pet hair, stains, spills — this sofa cover can help protect your furniture against all of them and more. It’s made from a cotton blend that’s as soft as it is breathable, making it great for year-round use. Plus, the geometric weave gives it a modern touch that’s unlikely to go out of style anytime soon.


A Smart Plug That’s Compatible With Alexa

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on flashy upgrades to bring your home into the current century — just grab this smart plug. You can use it to turn your appliances on remotely, or even put your lights on a schedule so that they’re on when you come home. And if you pair it with Alexa, you can even control any plugged-in devices using simple voice commands.


The Switch Plates With Built-In Lights

Snap these LED lights into your outlet plates, and they’ll help guide you through your home once the sun goes down. There are no tools or wiring required — and unlike some night lights, the brightness is also dimmable and will automatically shine when needed, thanks to the lighting sensor.


These String Lights That You Can Use Inside & Outside

Since these string lights are waterproof, you can just as easily use them outside on your patio as you can inside of your home. Regardless of where you hang them, their warm amber glow gives a relaxed vibe to any space — and each order also includes two spare bulbs in case a few happen to burn out.


A Utensil Organizer That Expands To Fit Drawers

Got a drawer that’s turned into a jumbled mess of utensils and kitchen tools? Sort everything out with this organizer. It’s made from stylish bamboo that, in my opinion, looks much nicer than plastic — and the sides even expand to fit wider drawers. Choose from three colors: natural, white, or black.


This Spice Carousel That Every Home Chef Needs

Not only does this spice carousel just look plain good, but there’s also enough room for up to 12 different spices. The dial on the bottom of each compartment portion out your spices into quarter-teaspoon amounts, making it easy to measure when you’re cooking — and each order also includes 55 labels to help you keep everything organized.


An Electric Kettle That Boils Water So Fast

Don’t have time to wait around for water to boil on the stove? This electric kettle can get water boiling in as little as three minutes, making it perfect for busy mornings when you need that morning cup of coffee or tea before heading out the door. Plus, it’s made from a combination of borosilicate glass and stainless steel.


The Modern Clock That Tells Time In Style

If you’re looking for unique pieces of decor to make your home stand out, this stylish clock is a great pick. Instead of numbers, it lights up words to tell you what time it is — and the USB power cable means you can plug it in practically anywhere. Choose from two colors: black or copper.

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