45 Weird-But-Genius Home Products With Near-Perfect Reviews On Amazon

Little ways to make your day so much easier.

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You might be going about your daily life, relatively satisfied with your go-to products around the house. Maybe you’ve adapted to constantly slipping on that rug that won’t stay put, or you’ve resigned yourself to drinking so-so wine, or perhaps you’ve found a way to justify that pilled sweater, calling it shabby chic. In fact, there are tons of clever products that you didn’t even know you needed, but once I reveal this list of 45 weird but genius home products with near-perfect reviews on Amazon, you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without them.

There’s no need to fear that slippery rug when you can use a powerful mesh rug tape to keep it firmly in place. And don’t lament at having to drink mediocre wine when you can use a wine aerator pourer that will transform its flavor. A simple but ingenious fabric shaver can restore that pilled sweater to its former off-the-rack glory.

Browse the list below to feast your eyes on so many genius items like milk frothers, trendy plant stands, and even bidet attachments that will seriously upgrade your day-to-day experience at home.


This Bidet Attachment That Instantly Upgrades Your Bathroom

This non-electric bidet attachment has over 14,400 reviews and a high 4.5-star rating. It comes with all the tools you need for an easy install and features adjustable water pressure along with the ability to change the angle of the nozzle at will. Reviewers rave about how this has transformed their bathroom and one wrote, “This is the best invention since the wheel. Seriously this is a QUALITY product for a GREAT price.”


An Innovative Container That Extends The Life Of Your Herbs

No longer lament at seeing those bunches of herbs lose their luster immediately post-purchase. This herb saver comes in a clever form that triples its lifespan with the use of a refillable reservoir at the base. Just add your herbs with the stems at the bottom, pour fresh water through the spout, put in the stopper, and store it in the fridge door for fresh herbs for days to come. One fan wrote, “I got a bunch of fresh parsley and it stayed super fresh and delicious in the refrigerator for over three weeks.”


This Stainless Steel Odor Absorber That Keeps Hands Fresh

Love cooking with onions or garlic but hate smelling it on your hands for days to come? This genius odor absorber is made of stainless steel, that when rubbed on your hands, transfers sulfur molecules and smells to the steel, keeping your hands fresh and odorless. It comes in the convenient shape of a bar of soap and has over 17,500 reviews. “I tend to cook with onions and garlic, two notoriously finger smell inducing vegetables,” one reviewer wrote. “After purchasing this I tried it out and it works.”


A Splatter Screen That Protects Your Stovetop From Grease

This splatter screen sits atop your pan to prevent annoying grease from coating your oven top. It’s constructed of high-quality stainless steel mesh and can go in the dishwasher for thorough cleaning. It has over 31,000 reviews and a high 4.6-star rating, with many fans commenting on the screen’s durability and effectiveness. One reviewer got straight to the point and simply wrote: “This screen is fabulous.”


These Shoe Mop Covers That Turn Cleaning Into A Dance Party

Turn cleaning into a literal dance party with the help of these machine-washable mop slippers. They easily slip over your feet or shoes and are made of soft chenille microfiber to get floors sparkling clean. As a bonus, these prevent any footprints from ruining your newly cleaned floors. One reviewer raved: “I loved the fact I could put these on my feet and clean my hardwood floors easily without breaking my arms like I do with the handheld mops. AND they polish the floors so much better than anything else I’ve used! [...] Another perk – you get a great workout from it!!”


A Lazy Susan For Fun Appetizer Displays

Dress up that cocktail or dinner party with a little something extra with this lazy Susan turntable made of eco-friendly bamboo. It rotates 360 degrees so people can help themselves to a slice of cheese, soppressata, or bread from anywhere at the table (one reviewer wrote they bought it so “there would be less need to ‘pass the ____.’”). Additionally, you can use it to store and organize condiments or spices in your cabinet, hold craft supplies, or even decorate a cake.


This Makeup Brush Cleaner That Sanitizes In Minutes

Prevent breakouts or irritation by using this makeup brush cleaner that cleans and dries brushes in minutes. One fan said, “I will never wash my brush by hand again because this machine takes everything out and it always looks and feels like a brand new makeup brush!” Charge it using the included cable, add a little soap, and use one of the included brush collars to submerge your brush in the break-resistant bowl for a totally hygienic clean.


A Scalp Massager Made Of Soft Silicone

This scalp massager uses its soft silicone bristles to help increase circulation, exfoliate, and even stimulate hair growth. On top of fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, it’s also completely waterproof so you can conveniently use it in the shower or on dry hair. A fan raved about these massagers that come in a pack of two and wrote, “It helps get off all the buildup from my scalp and helps me evenly distribute my hair conditioner while in the shower. It feels amazing!”


This Storage Bag That Holds Wrapping Paper & Fits Under Your Bed

It can be nearly possible to find storage that fits wrapping paper, and this storage bag is designed to hold standard wrapping paper and gift wrap. It also easily slides under most beds, so you can store it away when you don’t need it. One reviewer says, “This was exactly what I was looking for! It's long enough to hold a total roll of wrapping paper, has a place for scissors on the outside, velvet straps inside to keep everything from rolling around and piece of mind that comes from organizing.”


A Bath Mat Made From Organic Bamboo

Say goodbye to mildew with this genius bath mat is made of eco-friendly, organic bamboo that features a slatted design to help maintain airflow. It has a non-slip texture to help you safely step out of the bath and is finished with three protective coats for both water resistance and protection from dirt and grime. One happy reviewer wrote, “This is such a boon for a dry bathroom floor. No soggy moldy mat, no slipping! The best idea ever for safe, clean floors.”


This Wine Aerator To Immediately Boost The Flavor Of Your Wine

There’s nothing like cracking open a good bottle of wine only to wait for ages for its flavor to develop. This wine aerator pourer speeds up that process. Insert it in your wine bottle like a cork and it adds in oxygen as you pour, releasing esters and increasing flavor. Over 14,900 reviews and a 4.6-star rating attest to its popularity. One fan even noted that it can transform cheap “two buck chuck into a really nice Chardonnay.”


A Hygienic Step Handle That Lets You Open Doors Hands-Free

Never touch another door handle again with this simple but genius step handle. It installs quickly with the included hardware and just requires two drilled holes at the bottom of the door. It has an edge grip that allows it to function in wet or dry weather and, best of all, it blends in with the door and won’t be an ugly eyesore. One reviewer described its usefulness: “Really sturdy and of great appearance. Comes with all the hardware required. Very impressed with the quality and finish of the product.”


This MagSafe Charging Stand That’s So Easy To Use

If you’re loyal to your MagSafe charger but struggle to find a phone stand that’s compatible with it, this phone stand is a must buy. Weave your MagSafe charger through this and you can easily place your phone on this stand and view it while it charges. It’s super easy to install and is compatible with all MagSafe chargers.


A Milk Frother To Bring The Coffee Shop Home

You might not think you need something like this handheld milk frother, but once you start whipping up those cafe-style lattes, you’ll wonder how you survived this long without one. One fan commented on its sturdy stainless steel design, saying “the performance and build quality is top-notch.” It offers two speeds and many reviewers said it boasts serious power and can be used with all kinds of milk — from soy to almond to half-and-half.


This Yoga Mat That’s Perfect For At-Home Workouts

This best-selling yoga mat is beloved by yogis and home-workout fanatics. This mat is thicker than standard, and available in two sizes: 0.5 and 0.6 inches in thickness. It also has an easy to carry strap so you can bring it with you to an in-person class if you want as well.


A Gap Cover That Prevents Spills Between Your Oven And Counter

This oddly specific stove gap cover may seem a bit strange, but as more than 40,000 reviewers proved, it is an extremely popular problem-solver in the kitchen. It’s constructed of heat-resistant and food-grade silicone and prevents potential hard-to-reach messes by straddling the gap between your stovetop and the counter. One devotee summed up the pros of this must-have home good: “They fit perfectly, look wonderful, and I could customize the size to fit exactly where I wanted them to with a pair of scissors.”


This Flashlight That Illuminates Pet Stains With UV Light

If you’re noticing a lingering smell left by your dog but can’t for the life of you find out where it’s coming from, you need this UV flashlight. The blacklight makes phosphorus and proteins from biological fluids glow so you’ll know exactly where to spray your stain remover and rid your home of smells. It works on all kinds of flooring, upholstery, and even mattresses. Save yourself time bending over in uncomfortable positions, or as one fan put it, “It’s the quickest way to find the source of that smell you’ve been hunting, aside from trying to channel your inner bloodhound.”


A Smart Button Pusher That Lets You Turn On Devices Remotely

What could be better than starting up your coffee machine from the comfort of your own bed? Or maybe turning on the air conditioner on a hot day before you arrive home? You can do just that with this smart button-pusher that installs right next to the switch of your choice using 3M adhesive and triggers remotely using the provided app on your phone. One devotee put it simply, “This device is genius. Pure genius.”


This Humane Trap-And-Release Bug Catcher

This bug catcher is perfect if you can’t stand to harm any living thing, or if you’re driven mostly by curiosity when it comes to insect life. It allows you to catch even fast-flying bugs and then trap them using a thumb-operated slider. A built-in magnifying glass allows for closer inspection, and afterward, the bug can be quickly and easily released. It has more than 2,900 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating, with many reviewers extolling the virtues of this simple device. “This is one of the best gifts I've ever received,” one reviewer wrote. “It's so easy to catch bugs and release them. It's actually easier and safer to catch bees and wasps in this than it is to chase them around with a rolled-up newspaper — and who has newspaper around anymore? Plus you also get to look at it, safely, and identify it (if you want to). I recommend this for every household.”


A Magnetic Knife Holder That’s A Total Game Changer

One of the easiest and safest ways to store knives is against your wall, and this magnetic knife strip adheres to any flat-surfaced wall and can hold five or six knives depending on their size. It’s also super strong and easy to install according to reviewers. One fan says, “Easy to install, just make sure to leave taped to wall for 24 hours before using. Knives stick great, yet easy to remove to use them. Very nice look. Great quality.”


This Glass Teapot That Can Be Heated Directly On The Stove

This beautiful glass teapot is not only perfect for brewing up all manner of loose leaf teas with the included infuser but, more uniquely, can be conveniently heated directly on the stovetop. It’s designed with durable borosilicate glass that won’t shatter under high heat, and it is large enough to be especially great for blooming teas. “Perfect size, perfect shape, and finally, perfect insert that goes all the way to the bottom,” wrote one fan. “Makes a fantastic cuppa and then some!”


A Travel Door Lock That Keeps You Safe At Night

For extra added protection when on the move, bring this clever travel door lock that will provide you with a secure night’s sleep. It works specifically on doors that open inwards and is designed with two sizes to fit both standard doors and those with large bolts. It’s constructed of heavy-duty steel and can be removed in seconds in case of emergency. “I have tried many door locks in the past with limited success and I highly recommend this lock because it works,” one reviewer wrote. “Perfect for travel because it is small and easy to carry and it works in the home for excellent protection and peace of mind.”


This Fabric Shaver That Keeps Sweaters In Top Shape

If that sweater is looking a little pilled and ragged, whip out this special fabric shaver to instantly give it new life. It runs on two AA batteries (not included) and removes lint, fuzz, and pilling from all kinds of clothing materials — from wool to cashmere. It comes in six cheerful colors and works like a dream according to one enthusiastic reviewer who claimed: “now I’m looking for things around my house to depill because I love this thing that much.”


A Showerhead With A Multi-Stage Filter Built In

If you have hard water opt for this showerhead that includes a built-in hard water multi-stage filter. The filter includes vitamin C to rid water of chlorine, sediment, and heavy metals for cleaner and softer water. One fan raved, “With just the very first shower with this filter I felt the difference. My hair was a lot softer than before and my skin was so smooth.” It installs easily to any handheld shower arm and included aroma filters add an extra special spa experience to your everyday shower.


This Elegant Soap Holder That Self Drains

This clever soap holder sits via a suction cup at a 45-degree angle that allows water to drain out and your soap to stay dry. It comes in a pretty leaf shape that’s available in blue or green and is made of BPA-free plastic. One reviewer commented that it “Drains perfectly so no more mushy, wasted soap.” Another bonus? You’ll never have to clean out a gooey soap dish again.


An Elevated Plant Stand For A Midcentury Look

If you’re a super-fan of the midcentury modern style, you will love the look and affordability of this elevated plant stand. It’s made from sustainably sourced bamboo and expands via adjustable legs to fit either an 8-inch or 12-inch pot. It’s also fully reversible so you can flip it for a higher or lower height depending on the look you want. Fans are obsessed with the quality, price, and the way it adds to the decor. One said: “I love how versatile it is — it will match literally any decor because of the bamboo's neutral color.”


This Garden Hose That Expands To Three Times Its Original Size

This inventive garden hose takes up minimal space when stored away but expands to three times longer when the water is turned on. It has solid brass connectors for leak-free performance and promises never to kink. According to one reviewer: “This hose is a godsend. I was so tired of having hoses kinking and taking 15 minutes to make it operational again.” Choose from four lengths ranging from 25 feet to 100 feet.


A Memory Foam Cushion Designed Specifically For Side Sleepers

Side sleepers, rejoice. If your hips or knees are feeling uncomfortable during sleep, grab this knee pillow asap. It comes in a wedge form made of memory foam that elevates your upper knee so as to help with spine alignment, sciatic pain, pressure on the joints, or hip pain. Some reviewers said this relieved intense pain almost immediately, with one calling it a “life changer” and another saying it was “maybe the best thing I've ever purchased on Amazon.”


This Drywall Repair Putty That Plugs Holes Fast

Decided to move that heavy mirror but are bummed to see a huge glaring hole in the wall? Use this drywall repair putty to quickly fill any large or small holes or cracks and get that wall looking just like new. The putty won’t shrink and it can be sanded down to prepare for painting. It’s also extremely easy to use, as one reviewer commented: “This product did exactly what I needed it to do with a minimum of muss and fuss, and no special equipment or tools.”


A Set Of Reusable Drinking Straws That Are Extra-Wide

These reusable drinking straws come in an extra-wide size perfect for smoothies, milkshakes, or any thick beverages. They’re made of food-grade and BPA-free silicone that can be used in either hot or cold drinks. Eight dishwasher-safe straws come in each set. Soon you’ll be surely repeating the words of one reviewer: “Where have these been my whole life?!?”


This Double-Sided Rug Tape That’s Made Of Mesh

If your rugs tend to slip and slide around, the solution comes in the form of this genius, high-performance rug tape. This extremely strong tape is double-sided and made from a mesh fabric that won’t damage or leave residue on the floor or the carpet. Plus, it serves the purpose of addressing a possible safety hazard as it did for this reviewer who wrote, “Finally my dog and I both can walk in the kitchen and bathroom without tip-toeing over the rugs being afraid we are going to fall.”


A Tray Table That Allows You To Luxuriate In Bed

This bed tray table offers a small dose of luxury to your day by allowing you to enjoy your breakfast in bed. It’s made of bamboo and has two handles and legs that can collapse down for easy storage. Enjoy dinners or happy hours directly from the bed or pop your laptop on it for a comfortable “work from bed” day spent at home. One reviewer reported, “This was the best thing I've purchased in a while.”


This Plastic Bag Holder That Makes For Easy Dispensing

Declutter and organize (not to mention reuse) all those haphazard grocery bags with this handy plastic bag saver. Simply fill the holder with all of your bags and conveniently grab one from the wide opening whenever you need it. It mounts to the wall or the inside of cabinets and will instantly clean up any nightmare messes clogging up precious storage space. “I love this problem solver,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s perfect in size and the stainless steel finish makes it nice enough that it is not unsightly if seen and easy to clean if needed.”


A Wireless Doorbell Perfect For Large Spaces

Release yourself from the burden of hovering around the door awaiting a delivery. Install this 1000-foot range wireless doorbell and place the two included receivers wherever you wish to give you maximum flexibility to roam the house. It’s extremely customizable and allows you to choose from 50 different chime sounds as well as four volume levels. Over 27,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating attest to its great functionality and design. One reviewer commented: “I really like this doorbell. It looks elegant and modern with its LED light-based design.”


This Struggle-Free Jar Opener That Hides Under The Counter

Never struggle again to open tight lights with this genius jar opener. With over 21,000 reviews and an overall 4.7-star rating, fans are thrilled with how easy it is to use with all types of cans. ”I haven't struggled with a single jar since I installed this,” one reviewer raved. Easily mount this jar opener under any cabinet, shelf, or counter in your kitchen so that it stays hidden and out-of-sight, yet always there when you need it.


An Alarm Clock On Wheels That Forces You Out Of Bed

If you’re a heavy sleeper and require a jackhammer next to your head to wake you up, you will love this wheeled alarm clock. One reviewer wrote, “​​I have had trouble for years waking up on more with this alarm clock!!” It’s incredibly loud and will literally run away from you, leaping and jumping from a height of up to three feet, in order to get you up and out of bed to turn it off. And if you love to delay the inevitable, this alarm clock only gives you a one-time snooze.


These Shower Steamers For Spa Level Relaxation

Reviewers call this eucalyptus and peppermint shower steamer “relaxation in a bag.” It puts you right in the heart of a luxury spa from the comfort of your own bathroom. Place a tablet on the floor of the shower and the spray will slowly activate its aromatherapy powers. This 15-pack of steamers is a great option if you don’t have time for a bath fizzy but are craving some major relaxation right away.


A Microwave Cleaner That Uses Steam To Obliterate Stains

This microwave cleaner offers a fast, fun, and ingenious way of accomplishing a very annoying task. Fill the cleaner’s body with vinegar and water, replace the head, then microwave it for 5 to 7 minutes for a sterilized and sparkling result. Banish those cruddy stains from reheated lasagna forever with the help of an angry mama’s wrath of steam. “I was skeptical at first buying this,” one reviewer admitted. “But, this is AWESOME. It works like a charm. Super easy to use and does exactly what it says. It made my microwave look brand new again.”


This Egg Separator That Makes Baking A Breeze

Whipping up boatloads of meringue? Never again worry about egg yolk ending up in your egg whites with the help of this egg separator. It sits securely on wide or narrow-rimmed bowls and when cracking an egg, lets all the whites through while keeping the yolk separated. Avid home cooks speak to its great functionality and one reviewer said, “After weeks of utilizing it in the kitchen when I bake, I can officially say I love it.”


This Paper Tower Holder That’s Easy To Install

This easy-to-install paper towel holder can be drilled or adhered into any wall and looks so chic while saving space on your counter. One reviewer says, “Exactly what I needed! We’re renters and I didn’t want to drill. This came with the adhesive piece ready to go and was beyond easy to install!”


This Tub Stopper That’s Made Of Leak-Proof Silicone

Use this tub stopper in your bath, sink, or anywhere you need to fill with a large amount of water. It’s made of silicone that, along with its slim and flexible profile, uses suction to prevent any leaks from getting through. One fan even recounted, “My current drain stopper lets water slowly out so that hours later, it's half gone. But with this product, the next morning, all the water stayed put! The tub was still full!” It measures 6 inches across to fit most standard drains and comes in a pack of two.


A Discreet Facial Hair Remover That You Can Use Everyday

When it comes to removing those extra-delicate facial hairs on your face, use something that won’t do more harm than good. This clever facial hair remover is hypoallergenic and is designed with double-ringed blade heads that are gentle enough to use every day, so you don’t have to wait for hair to regrow. With over 109,000 reviews, this compact and discreet tool is easily a cult favorite. One fan wrote: “This little device is a miracle.”


This Genius Book Light With An Adjustable Whale Tail Design

If you love to read in bed before sleep, but your partner needs the light off, then this USB-rechargeable book light serves both of your needs. It features a 180-degree foldable design that resembles a whale tail, so you can focus the light exactly where you need it, and includes nine brightness modes that go from warm to bright white. It has a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, and one reviewer said, “This has fast become my favorite book light hands down.”


A Salad Cutter Bowl That Helps You Prep Veggies Fast

This innovative salad cutter bowl transforms normally laborious salad-making into a breezy and fast affair. “I would give it ten stars, if I could,” reported one reviewer and salad lover. Simply add your veggies to the bowl, wash and drain them, add the base, then flip and slice away, rotating the slatted bowl to get an evenly chopped texture. The base has a raised edge to help contain water or juices and cleans easily in the dishwasher.


These Reusable Silicone Covers For Eco-Friendly Food Storage

These genius silicone food covers stretch to fit all kinds of containers and keep you from having to waste single-use plastic wrap. They come in seven sizes, are leak-proof, spill-proof, and are safe to be used in the oven, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. People commented on the high quality of the material and the way it’s transformed their food storage. One reviewer wrote, “My fridge is now clean, food stays fresh for longer and the best part is that because there are seven different sizes that fit ANY shaped bowl, pan, or container, there is always one that fits.”

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