Weird But Genius Things That Are Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon Now

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by Nicole Zane

Today’s shopping revelation: There’s nothing like a cheap Amazon find that you absolutely love and use on a regular basis. Apparently, I am onto something, because these weird but genius things are skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon right now. Not to mention, they’re all super-affordable and will make your day-to-day so much easier. Intrigued? I thought so.

Seriously, imagine having your sock drawers organized at all times... Or a clean laptop keyboard free of dust and crumbs with zero effort on your part. Fancy some kitschy kitchen tools that make you smile — and actually work? I have a product for all of the above.

Keep scrolling to check out all 44 finds that I am currently crushing on.


This Handy Reloadable Paint Pen For Touch-Ups Around The House

Small paint jobs are a pain to execute if you’re still dealing with messy cans and brushes. Well, not anymore. Say hello to Slobproof’s touch-up paint pen for a simple solution. Just fill these syringes with the latex-based paint of your choice and then twist the bottom until the paint is in the brush tip . Use it on windowsills, tight spaces, furniture — whatever needs a little TLC. “I purchased these pens, thinking that I might need to touch things up from time to time. Well, I did, like when I pushed the garbage can against the wall. Or when I found spots the painters missed,” one shopper commented.


A Heavy-Hitting Lint Roller That Eliminates Pet Hair In A Flash

If your furry friends are shedding all over the house, then you’re probably burning through lint rollers. Here’s a cult-favorite lint roller by ChomChom that solves that problem — with more than 100,000 rave reviews. There’s no sticky tape in sight, either. Just roll this thing back and forth over your upholstery, furniture, bedding, or clothes. Then, press down on the release button to empty out fur, lint, and dust. “I've had it in my possession for like 2 hours and I've cleaned everything. The couch, the blinds, the cat tree pad, the chair, I'm obsessed,” one customer gushed.


These Kitschy Little Pot Lid Lifts Prevent Unpleasant Boil-Overs

I don’t know about you, but these Tovolo lid lifts are the most adorable things I’ve ever seen — and pretty damn necessary, if you ask me. These silicone cuties attach to your pots and pans to slightly lift the lids while food simmers to let steam escape, which minimizes the chances of water or sauce boiling over. You can even use them as tea buddies: They'll hold the string on a tea bag so it doesn't fall into your mug. “They don't melt, get hot, or lose their color. And nothing sticks to them. They’re easy to clean and pop them back in the drawer for the next time. There is no downside to these little critters,” one fan raved.


An Over-The-Door Drying Rack That’s Ideal For Small Spaces

Great for studios, shared apartments, and dorm rooms, Greenco’s tiered over-the-door drying rack is pretty much essential in cramped quarters. No drilling or nails required: Just hang the breathable mesh shelves directly over the door with their included hooks — and voilà! Put all your delicates here to air dry. You’ll find plenty of ways to use it, too. “We even brought it camping and was awesome we hung it on the car door so the items were outside in the sun and just left it up for towels or wet clothes from the river,” as one shopper explained.


Sturdy, Stackable Dividers To Organize Chaotic Drawers

The time is now to Marie Kondo your drawers with Uncluttered Designs’s dividers — and you won’t be sorry. (They certainly spark joy in my life as an organization-loving Virgo.) Available in black and white, you'll receive a set of five sturdy organizing boxes with five gridded partitions for corralling small items. Unlike soft dividers, they’re washable and will never lose their shape. “These are great organizers. The compartments are small, so each box holds a lot, but they're large enough for socks and all manner of things that can be folded,” wrote one shopper. “They are almost infinitely customizable so it's up to you how many compartments each box holds.”


This Glass Mug That Steeps Loose-Leaf Tea For You

Attention, tea enthusiasts: VAHDAM’s loose-leaf tea infuser mug makes the process a lot easier whether you’re brewing for yourself or a crowd. The removable rust-free stainless steel mesh infuser allows you to steep any type of loose tea leaves for up to five people. A silicone ring prevents chipping the rim and keeps the edges cool, so you don’t burn your hands. “Oh my goodness I love this tea infuser so much. I love loose tea and I have all kinds of gadgets dedicated to the art of tea making but none of them work as well as this does,” one shopper gushed.


An Automatic Drink Dispenser That Attaches To Any Bottle

Honestly, The Magic Tap’s automatic drink dispenser is a pretty game-changing idea for your fridge. Just attach it to any bottle or jug, and it’ll be ready to squirt your favorite drink into your cup or bowl without you having to lift a finger. Scroll through the reviews and you’ll see shoppers raving about the utility. It’s great for kids, but also works well for elderly people and anyone who struggles with mobility. Not to mention, it’s a hit at parties. Just make sure to have some AA batteries at the ready.


These Travel-Friendly Wipes That Remove Tricky Stains Like Magic

Keep Hate Stains Co.’s stain remover packs in your backpack or handbag, so you treat coffee spills or grass stains at a moment’s notice. This includes clothes, bibs, carpets, car interiors, and any upholstery in your home. Just dab on the biodegradable formula and watch the toughest stains disappear before your eyes. “This powerful stuff got a dark set-in turmeric food stain out of my beige and white cotton Chindi rug without lightening the original color of it,” one shopper was thrilled to confirm.


A Collapsable Trash Can To Keep Your Car Clean

You know when you’re in the car for long periods of time and the trash builds up? Those snack wrappers have to go somewhere, which is when Drive Auto’s car trash can steps in to save the day. The collapsible bin has a magnetic lid and disposable liners along with an adjustable strap that fastens to the headrest, console, or side door handle in your car. If there are spills — which there will be — it's waterproof and double-reinforced to keep waste inside. If it gets a little gross, you can just wash it out when you get back home. Another use? Bring it to a remote beach or campsite.


This Over-The-Door Purse Organizer For Your Handbag Collection

If you have a massive bag collection but reside in a smaller space then you probably need a Carrie Bradshaw-level purse organizer — or two. Better still if it’s a space-saving version like this six slot bag organizer by ZOBER. (Anecdotally, you could also use it in your bathroom to store towels, too.) “Very well-made (not prone to ripping),” one shopper revealed, adding that it’s “just the right size for small/medium purses” and it “makes your purses look so pretty!” All for just $17? Sold!

  • Available colors: 4


These Bamboo Drawer Dividers That Won’t Scuff Furniture

You can use Homemaid Living’s bamboo wood drawer dividers in the kitchen, bathroom, office, living room, your bedroom, your kid’s bedroom — you name it. Not only are they waterproof and easy to clean, but they are also expandable to fit almost any drawer in your home. There's soft foamy material on both ends to ensure no scuff marks in sight for damage-free organization. One customer wrote that the set “really helps to organize that junk drawer you’ve been putting off.”

  • Available colors: 3


This Herb Keeper Makes Basil, Dill, & Oregano Last Up To 10 Days Longer

Do the herbs you buy at the grocery store wilt in days? COLE & MASON’s herb keeper helps keep those clippings fresh for up to 10 days longer than conventional methods. There’s a collapsable lid, air vents for breathability, and three removable dividers to separate your mint from your parsley. “Holy smokes, it's been 2 months since we put fresh cut stems of rosemary into it and we are still able to harvest from it,” one shopper gushed.


A Power Drill Cleaning Attachment So You’ll Never Have To Scrub Again

Holikme’s drill scrubber attachments make deep cleaning a breeze — all you need is your own cordless drill. No more getting down on your hands and knees: You’ll receive three brushes in one $10 pack that’ll transform your bathtub, grout, tiles, flooring, shower, toilet, carpets, and countertops like new again. The nylon bristles won’t scratch delicate tiles, plus they make it easy to reach those deep crevices you’ve been putting off. “I have tendinitis and carpal tunnel,” one fan prefaced. “Dude! This was the best thing ever!! What normally takes FOREVER to clean, took MINUTES,” they raved.

  • Available colors: 3


These Bristled Silicone Gloves Make Pet Grooming A Walk In The Park

Gosh, your pet is in for a treat — and so are you! If your dogs and cats are always shedding around the house or tough to bathe, these Srtood pet grooming gloves will assist you with that problem. Crafted with elasticized silicone that protects your hands, the cone-shaped bristles remove loose hairs and detangle fur in the bath — not to mention, messaging your pup or kitty in the process. “My puppy absolutely loved the gloves and had never sat that still in her 1 year of life for a bath!” one shopper was amazed to report.


These “Angry Mom” Microwave Cleaners Get The Job Done — Just Like The Real Thing

Dirt and grime have met their match: Keledz’s angry mom cleaners are both hilarious and eliminate filth like a champ. Just add vinegar and water, then microwave it for seven minutes. Mama’s head releases steam and dissolves all the crud from your microwave. She works in the fridge, too. Fill her with baking soda and leave her in there to do her thing — no smells on her watch! “They are so much bigger than I thought. I was really surprised how well Angry Mom cleaned the microwave,” one reviewer wrote.


A Clip-On Reading Lamp That Reduces Eye Strain

Ideal for late-night reads when your partner is asleep, Glocusent’s clip-on LED book light has five brightness levels and three color modes — including an amber color that reduces blue light exposure. Another huge selling point? It’s rechargeable, so you won’t be digging through drawers for spare batteries when you’re ready to turn in. “This little book light exceeded my expectations! I bought it to use when visiting a spa relaxation room. It's a cozy spot to read in, but too dark with dim lights. This little light has made it possible to curl up when there and enjoy a book,” one shopper explained. There’s even a two-pack available, so you can leave one in your nightstand and another in your wallet, which can be also used as a flashlight.

  • Available colors: 6


This Fun & Functional Rhinoceros Knife Sharpener

OTOTO’s blade knife sharpener might be a cute rhino (and a sleepy one, too, for that matter) but it’ll awaken your dull knives and turn them into sharp AF blades before your eyes. Just a few swipes and you’ll be ready to start slicing and dicing up a storm. According to the award-winning brand, this thing is “a real monster in the kitchen,” and reviewers tend agree. One shopper wrote that it “sharpens pretty much everything very easily and add some character to the kitchen” while another remarked that they were “thrilled that something this small does such a great job.”

  • Available colors: 2


This Silicone Brush Organizer That Doubles As A Drying Rack

Sold in six different colorways to match your bathroom, Jamend Clxp’s silicone makeup brush organizer is a pretty much an essential for any at-home beauty buff. It holds all the glam goods, right down to the last brush, tweezer, or pencil in your arsenal. Even better? It functions as a drying rack when you turn it vertically. “This dryer for the brushes is great! I was skeptical about it but it’s legit one of the best purchases I made,” one shopper revealed.

  • Available colors: 6


A Travel-Ready Phone & Tablet Holder That Fits In Your Pocket

Assembled with sturdy neoprene and a strong aluminum core that always maintains its shape, Flight Flap’s tech holder is just what you need for airplane and train rides. Sized to fit in any carry-on, purse, or pocket, this compact stand attaches to your seat back so you don’t have to put the tray table down, saving precious space in the process. “What a great little travel convenience! Used this in a flight to Iceland and loved its ease of use, light and compact shape and that my neck didn’t hurt from looking down at my phone. Handy little tool!” One shopper commented.

  • Available colors: 2


This Vertical Earring Display Will Hold Over 100 Pairs

Store your precious earrings somewhere neat and organized — instead of having them jumbled in a jewelry box somewhere. My favorite solution is Sooyee’s vertical drawer earring display organizer for $19. What’s great about it is that it’s made of lucite plastic so you can see everything clearly and there are three vertical drawers that hold studs, hoops, drop, and dangling styles. “Once again TikTok made me buy it,” one shopper revealed, adding that it was “stylish” and “very chic.”


A Roll-Up Toiletry Bag That Keeps Your Suitcase Tidy

If you’re a person who can’t live without their products, I get you more than you’ll ever know. (I’m that person who brings the entire medicine cabinet on a camping trip.) That’s why I chose this 4KITS hanging roll-up makeup bag for you to consider. It has a tote-like shape that opens up to reveal four removable compartments. Use them to organize products by type, by person, or detach one to toss in a tote bag. "My previous travel kit was too big and bulky. This one was perfect for my recent trip to Mexico. Held everything I needed and didn't take up too much space in my luggage," one fan remarked.


A Laptop Brush You Won’t Know How You Ever Lived Without

Wondering how you’ll ever remove the dust and crumbs from your laptop keyboard? (Guilty as charged.) Luckily, OXO’s laptop cleaner exists in this world. Undo the cap, and let the retractable brush deep-clean between tiny keys. Then, turn it around and the microfiber side will shine up that smudged screen. "I love the fact that it is small and compact enough to either sit on my desk at home or fit in my desk at work," one shopper also pointed out.


A Foldable Sink Cover That Creates Extra Counter Space

If you’re dealing with a scaled-down bathroom (in a dorm, RV, or tiny house, for instance) that lacks counter space, make your life easier with Skin Topper’s foldable sink cover. Crafted from a textured, slip-resistant silicone rubber that keeps mold at bay, it’s heat-resistant up to 480 degrees so you can leave your hot tools on it without burning. “They are right when they tell you there’s no space in European bathrooms. I used this in Italy on my vacation, and it was wonderful having all the space on top of this little tiny pedestal sink to lay out all my toiletry products and make up,” one customer remarked.


A Tiny Vacuum That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

A game-changer for vanity counters or the nooks and crannies in your car, FineInno’s miniature vacuum is small yet mighty. Powered by just two AA batteries, this tabletop cleaner can pick up crumbs, paper waste, hair, seeds, and dirt on the go. “The vacuum works great and fits nicely in the hand,” one shopper stated, adding that “it's large enough not to get lost, but small enough to be easily stored next to a computer.” Choose between black (shown) or four candy-colored options.

  • Available colors: 5


This Angled Laundry Detergent Stand With A Drip Tray

Smart Design’s sud station drip catcher tray is the laundry room must-have that’s missing from your life. The angled design offers easy pouring with non-skid feet and a tray that'll catch any spillage. It might not look like much out of the box, but, trust me, you’ll be amazed by how functional this is. “This is so ingenious. And it sits at a slant to get all out. Gives someplace to store the cup if it drips also. Love love love this,” one shopper gushed.


An Industrial-Strength Organizer To Organize Your Pots & Pans

Made with heavy-duty iron that’ll hold up to nine frying pans, sauce pans, griddles, or pots of various sizes, GeekDigg’s adjustable kitchen organizer is a savior for your cabinet or countertop. Designed with a deep U-shape and eight adjustable tiers, you can install all of the shelves to be facing one side or arrange four tiers on each end depending on where you intend on storing it. “Very easy to put together and turned our mess of cupboard into convenient storage. Feel sturdy, like it will last,” one shopper commented. “You can also reconfigure it to lay it on it's side for lid storage. I'll probably buy another for that reason!”


A Bedside Caddy That Holds It All

Made with durable canvas and metal hooks, Lilithye’s bedside caddy allows you to keep essentials close by your side. Sure, you might not use this in your bedroom if you have ample closet space, but it works wonders in a hospital room, hotel room, children’s room, or a tiny dorm room where space is limited. “I've bought a few bed caddies before and [they] all sucked until this one,” a reviewer commented. “This thing is so sturdy! The reinforced bottom and metal frame that hooks onto the bed really lets it hold up to whatever you're throwing in it.”

  • Available colors: 11


A Four-In-One Spice Jar That Saves Precious Counter Space

Why have dozens different spice jars cluttering cabinets when you can combine them? Lo and behold: ANPHSIN’s four-in-one spice dispenser. Each chamber features different sizes of holes, whether you want a sprinkle of salt or prefer to pour on the chili flakes. Bring it along for your next outdoor excursion like this shopper: “Great for camping, everything in one easy container rather than several loose containers rolling around in my camping gear!”


A Single-Touch Container To Store Your Cotton Swabs

Artilife’s cotton swab container is the perfect canister to keep your Q-tips and cotton balls at the ready post-shower. You can open and close it with one hand tied behind your back, and a removable divider allows you to store multiple essentials together without jumbling up. “I had an ancient Q-tips plastic dispenser that had seen better days and was held together with duct tape but was the perfect size so I kept it until the perfect replacement came along. Finally found this and it is perfect,” one shopper stated.


A Sheet Tucker That Was Pretty Much Sent From Bedding Heaven

Am I the only person who breaks a nail every time they tuck in the damn sheets? The Tucker’s bed sheet tucker has saved me so many trips to the salon it’s not even funny. It’s also a godsend if you have hand or back problems that prevent you from achieving the perfect tuck — no mattress lifting required. “I have a now healed broken arm, but lifting my queen sized mattress is a challenge...lift the mattress...tuck the sheet but don't get the bed skirt caught in with the sheet...arg!!! Tucker solved the problem,” one shopper related.


A Magnetic Window Screen That Keeps Bugs At Bay

Suitable for all window types, JOOFAN'S DIY magnetic screens are adjustable to fit any space. They’re made from polyester mesh that’s both flame-resistant and fully washable, and everything is rental-friendly. “I did a test strip to see if it would leave residue when I take it off (I'm renting an apartment and only need this for a year), and it came off clean,” one customer also confirmed. Just make sure you measure your windows before ordering, since there are multiple sizes offered.


The Hands-Free Neck Fan That Feels Like A Vacation

I wish I came up with GULAKI’s hands-free neck fan. How amazing would it be to lounge poolside or watch TV with your very own personal breeze? Fabulous, to say the least. There are three speed settings along with LED lights for nighttime, plus a USB charger. (The fan works for up to six hours, depending on your settings.) All in all, this hot weather must-have is extremely innovative in my book. “I took this on vacation to a tropical vacation and it was the smartest move ever. It looks like headphone so no one looks at you weird and the airflow is great,” one shopper advised.


A Screen Magnifier For Immersive Movies From Your Phone

Want to watch movies, music videos, or YouTube podcasts from your phone without hurting your eyes? If you’re currently nodding your head, then dizaul’s screen magnifier is your best bet whether you have an iPhone or Android. It’s essentially a phone projector that doubles your screen size in the fullest HD — no battery needed. “This screen [magnifier] is what I need. It’s very simple, quality is good. It’s pretty clear, you need adjust it for the best angle to have the full screen,” one shopper explained. It comes in 12-, 14-, and 16-inch options for the ultimate viewfinder.

  • Available colors: 11


These Bear Paw Oven Mitts For Beasting In The Kitchen

Sometimes, adding a little quirk to your daily routine makes everything that much more fun. At least, that’s how I feel about Genuine Fred’s bear oven mitts. Crafted from cotton with silicone panels, these paws let you beat the heat in the kitchen and have fun doing it. Despite their kitschy appearance, you’ll have them for a while before they start showing signs of wear. “My last pair withstood several years of daily use and too many washing and drying cycles to count before they got a bit thin in areas. I was pleased to be able to purchase a replacement pair because they make me laugh,” one shopper stated.


This Steering Wheel Tray For Pit Stops

I can’t say enough good things about TICARVE’s steering wheel tray. It’s a no-brainer for anyone who eats on the run or if you’re catching a show while you wait for someone. “First let me say it’s a pain to be eating a quick meal in your car without spilling [food] on the sides of you going under your driver seat,” one shopper commented, adding that “this little thing really makes everything you want to eat simple.” When you’re finished, just store the lightweight board in the back seat pocket like it was never there.


Stainless Steel Soap That Eliminates Cooking Odors

If you’ve ever handled fish or garlic and thought, how the heck will I ever get this smell off my hands, meet amco’s rub-way odor absorber. Just wash your hands as you would with a traditional bar of soap — the stainless steel interacts with the sulfur on your hands, which ultimately transfers onto the metal bar — and off of you! It also works outside the kitchen, as one shopper noticed. “I ordered this figuring ‘if it can get rid of the smell of onions, then maybe it can get rid of body odor.’ Let me tell you, this thing is like magic. After scrubbing my pits with soap, I rub them with this amco bar for 5-10 seconds and BOOM all hints of body odor are gone.”


This Glass Loaf Pan With An Airtight Silicone Lid For Freshness

Fact: Baking can be therapeutic. What makes the experience even better — and worth the time? FineDine’s glass loaf pans. The borosilicate glass is virtually unbreakable and won’t show burn spots no matter what. Another bonus? The airtight, leakproof lids keep your baked goods fresh for days longer. One shopper weighed in with their thoughts: “These are a bargain. Two loaf pans, with lids, for less than one of the ‘name brand’ without a lid. They do the same job for less money.”


Wine Condoms: The Bottle Stoppers You Didn’t Know You Needed

Broken cork? No problem. These Wine Condom bottle stoppers are both useful and a conversation piece all in one. The mother-son duo that invented them developed a leakproof technology that allows you to cover almost any opened bottle with these watertight and airtight seals, and they’re also completely reusable. “Not only are these wine condoms a gift that people will talk about, but they're a responsibly way to keep your wine sealed between drinks,” one shopper pointed out.


A Tiny Motorized Spatula That Magically Removes Blackheads

Blackheads, oil, and dirt, begone! GUGUG’s skin scrubber spatula offers spa-like facial results from the comforts of home and delivers glowing skin like no other. Just wet your skin and position the curved cleaning head where you need it to gently yet effectively ease out sebum. “I am an esthetician, so I originally purchased this for my facial clients,” a reviewer piped up. “I was immediately impressed with the results I was getting while using during facials. I love it so much that I purchased another one specifically for at home use.”

  • Available colors: 3


A Heavy-Duty Retractable Clothesline

Sold in eight decorative finishes, BESy’s retractable clothesline is a brilliant idea for those dainty pieces that just can’t go in the dryer. It’s also a blessing to have set up for hand-washing swimsuits, undergarments, and the like. It takes up zero space when not in use, and is a cinch to install. “I installed this over my bathtub so I could wash hand laundry and let it drip dry over my bathtub. Installation was simple and took 10 minutes, you will likely want/need to use a drill for this project,” one customer advised.

  • Available colors: 8


A Gadget That Minces Garlic Without A Knife Or Press

NextTrend’s garlic twister is not only game-changing but also wildly multifunctional. You can mince nuts, chili peppers, herbs, and even ginger. Just a couple twists is all it takes, and it works like a charm every single time. “I’ve been using the jarred garlic because who has time to mince with a knife? Not me. I tried the traditional handled garlic mincers. I felt like I was just smushing it and it hurt my hands,” one shopper commented, but then suggested that “This little doohickey looks deceptively simple but it is amazing.”


A Tiny Trio Of Desk Organizers That Keep Office Supplies At The Ready

Don’t be fooled by the lack of information on Kydely’s adhesive desk organizers: they really, really work. They’ll stick onto your monitor or table and won’t budge, keeping pens right at hand and bringing order to desktop chaos. “I bought these to put on the side of a work table at my job, and honestly I was half expecting the adhesive to fail and for them to fall off, but they seem to still be stuck very strongly even after a few months of repeated daily use,” one shopper confirmed.


A Cooling Towel Backed By The Skin Cancer Foundation

Whether you’re hitting the beach, camping for the weekend, or hiking with your friends, Tough Outdoor’s cooling towel is beyond necessary. Cut from breathable mesh, it’s the simplest thing to use: Just soak it, wring it, and wear it to cool yourself down in a flash. When things start to heat up again, just rinse and repeat. “I recently bought these cooling towels for our family vacation to Disney World in July, and these little bits of cloth held up to the challenge! They really do stay cool for hours, as long as they stay wet,” one reviewer attested.

  • Available colors: 10


This Digital Jump Rope With A Cordless Option

If you live in a small space or share close quarters with others but want to add a jump rope to your home gym, add Wastou’s digital jump rope to your Amazon cart — pronto. With nine feet of rope included, there’s also a wireless mode that won’t disrupt anyone so you can work out in peace from your living room. “I love the wireless mode. I live in an apartment and I’m grateful that I can jump rope inside without disturbing my neighbors,” one shopper noted. The foam handles offer a comfortable grip, while the built-in digital counter tracks time, rotations, and burnt calories.

  • Available colors: 10