75 Oddball Things Skyrocketing in Popularity On Amazon That Are Actually Genius

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I wasn't around when the Wright brothers flew the first airplane (it was in 1903, after all) — but I'm willing to bet that a lot of people thought they were real oddballs. I mean, imagine being the first people to think flying a winged contraption through the air was a reasonable idea? But guess what? It worked. And it changed the world forever. Now, these 75 oddball things on Amazon might not change the world the way airplanes have, but they're pretty genius, and I'm confident they just might change your world.

Want to know what kinds of products I'm talking about? There's a selfie stick for your dog, which seems ridiculous at first glance. But trust me — getting your dog to actually look into the camera for every photo will vastly improve your Instagram game.

There's a lasagna pan that makes three different lasagnas at the same time, so you can satisfy not only your meat-eater friends — but your vegan and vegetarian friends as well.

There's a travel pillow that fits all the way around your head — so you get neck and chin support. (Read: no more head bobbing forward.)

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