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Here’s How To Use The New Instagram Notes Feature

The disappearing statuses launched on Dec. 13.

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How to get and see Instagram Notes to share short messages with friends.

If you were scrolling through Instagram at some point on the evening of Dec. 13, 2022, you might have noticed a new feature added to the platform. Right above your direct message is a new field that gives users the option to add a “Note” to their account. Some users are already comparing it to AIM away messages or, unsurprisingly, a Twitter alternative. Here’s everything you need to know about the new feature.

What Are Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes are a new update to the app that gives users 60 characters maximum to post a message to their account. Notes can include letters, special characters, and emojis and can be shared with all of your followers or only your close friend list if you have one. You can find Instagram Notes by going to your main following feed and then pressing the paper airplane button you use to get to your direct messages.

Right above your message thread is a new feed that looks similar to the Instagram stories feed. Anyone who has a live note posted will appear as a circular version of their profile photo and their note will look like a thinking bubble coming from their picture. You can click on each note to see it and can scroll horizontally to see all of the live Notes from the accounts you follow.

Instagram Notes can be found above your direct message threads.Meta

Can You Reply To Instagram Notes?

You can reply to Instagram Notes just like you would an Instagram story — in either a message reply or one-click emoji replies like the red heart, fire, clapping, crying, heart eyes, and laughing face. To do so, click on the note of someone you follow and you’ll be led to a screen that includes the emoji options and a field to type out a message reply if you so choose. Replies to Notes will be viewable as DMs, just like replies to Instagram stories.

How Long Do Instagram Notes Last?

Instagram Notes last for 24 hours before disappearing but can be deleted at any time. If you’ve posted a note and want to get rid of it before the time limit is up, click on your photo in the Notes feed and you’ll be prompted to delete the note or leave a new note.

Instagram Notes Vs. Twitter

As some Twitter users contemplate leaving the platform due to recent changes, alternatives to the app like Mastodon and Discord seem to have a certain appeal. While Instagram Notes are a new update, the disappearing statuses are similar to Twitter in that it's a short-form way to leave thoughts on your profile. The main difference besides the 60-character limit compared to Twitter’s 280-character limit (which may change soon) is that Instagram Notes are fleeting. After 24 hours, Notes will be removed from your profile and cannot be seen by your followers.

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