WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Leave Group Chats Silently

But there’s a catch.

Stock image of woman using her mobile phone
Getty Images/Luis Alvarez

Remember when that one friend dramatically stomped out of the group chat after a minor conflict? Or perhaps you were that friend. Well, as avid WhatsApp users will know all too well, at present, when someone leaves a group chat, the entire group is alerted of the fact. But that will soon be a thing of the past, as Meta is bringing in a series of WhatsApp feature updates, and the global roll-out will begin in the UK later this month.

With the updated feature, users will be able to leave a group chat and only the admins will be notified. The app’s product head Ami Vora told the BBC that the platform is focused on "building product features that empower people to have more control and privacy over their messages.”

The social messaging platform will also allow users to customise which contacts can see their activity or “online” status. This feature is especially helpful to create a healthy work-life balance for those who may have work colleagues on WhatsApp and feel pressured to respond at odd hours of the night.

Meanwhile, in 2021, WhatsApp introduced disappearing messages, with users being able to decide which images or messages could be viewed just once. Now, later this month, the messaging app will be blocking screenshots on “view once” messages ensuring that no information can be stored longer than the users intend.

So there you have it, you’ll soon be able to slip out of that extended family group chat unnoticed. Well, almost.