Cadbury's Latest Launch Is Like A Gingerbread House But WAY Better


As winter rolls in, times are a changing. Not only in terms of weather but also in terms of what sort of things you want to do with your free time. More along the lines of cosy nights in curled up reading a book. Maybe watching some telly or an old classic movie. And you know what goes well with all of the above? You guessed it, snacks. And lord knows that the deep, spicy winter flavours are absolutely worth it being a bit on the chilly side. And Cadbury's new Christmas range is all the cosy flavours of winter wrapped up into one delicious bar, and one house that's good enough to eat.

Well, needless to say, it's a yes from me. The confectioners have cracked it this year with their seasonal offerings. Their brand new ginger bread-infused chocolate is everything. And let's be honest, it's a relief to see something that isn't effing pumpkin spice. Much as we all enjoy it, that stuff seriously gets old. And y'all know that's the truth. Winter Gingerbread Dairy Milk marries the crumbly, spicy, rich flavours of gingerbread with the smooth, silky flavour of their signature milk chocolate. No, you're drooling.

OK reports that the bar is a decent 120g so you won't have to worry about any potential sharing situations because there's enough to pass round. Well, if you want to of course.

If that's not enough to get raving about those expert flavourologists (yes, I made up a word) over at Cadbury HQ have gone to all new levels of genius deliciousness. Hold your horses, put down those presents, and put a fork in your turkey — it's done. Because their other Christmas special is going to bring the house down. Or should I say, build the house up?

I'll give you two clues. It's a house. And it's made of chocolate. Oh crap. I've totally just told you but, guys, excitement is hard. They've only gone and taken the traditional gingerbread house that nobody actually really likes and made it delicious by creating an effing Christmas Cottage Kit. It's your very own DIY kit that contains a whole host of delicious add ons to make this Christmas cottage a home. So instead of old biscuit walls, this one will be chocolatey AF. In the kit you'll find a flake, a packet of scrumptious white buttons, Dairy Milk bars, Dairy Milk Winter bars, of course a Dairy Milk Gingerbread bar.

I mean look, not something to be left near the radiator. But considerably more affordable than an actual house and definitely less mortgage repayments on this particular babe.

But it all just sounds a little bit, well, tricky doesn't it? Like would you just be better off scoffing a bunch of chocolate and being done with it? How does it even go together? Well according to the Cadbury website, you'll be provided with crystal clear instructions and it'll be as easy as pie. It reads: "Instructions on how to make the kit and template are on the box. Please note you will need your own icing to complete the design featured on the gift box."

The products are available to buy in Morrisons stores from Sept 23 and Asda stores from Oct 8, or online via the Cadbury website or Ocado. Best snap up your Christmas treats before time, and of course the actual products, run out.