Which Alcohol Goes Best With Coffee? 8 Ways To Kick Your Coffee Up A Notch

A winning combination.

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You can't live without your hot mug of coffee in the morning. But, if you're thinking of enjoying your caffeine boost with a little kick, you might be trying to figure out which alcohol goes best with coffee, especially during the cold, brutal winter. Give me all of the boozy hot chocolate. Bring on the apple cider cocktails. These hot beverages are not only perfect for a cozy night in, but they're also sure to warm you up when tailgating at outdoor sporting events, or even participating in a winter sport like skiing or snowboarding. Although, if you're hitting the slopes, I recommend alcohol in moderation. Safety first, people.

Even if you don't plan to use hot coffee in your cocktails in favor of using a refreshing iced version, the bold flavor of coffee makes the perfect addition to tons of different beverages. That's right, combining cocktails and booze goes way beyond that standard Irish coffee. There are plenty of innovative and delicious recipes that are sure to have you falling in love with that cup of joe all over again.

Check out these ideas, and prepare to find your new favorite drink. Because you really don't need me to tell you that coffee and booze is a winning combination.

1. Vodka

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If you're anything like me, the idea of mixing vodka and coffee immediately makes you pull a face. But, hear me out. With this cardamom coffee concentrate, vanilla simple syrup, heavy cream, and some vodka, this cardamom and vanilla coffee cocktail from Offbeat and Inspired is rich, robust, and delicious.

2. Rum

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I'm sure you've already heard of mixing rum and coffee. But, have you ever thought of creating a coffee milkshake? That alone sounds too good to be true. Add in some whipped cream and salty chocolate-covered coffee beans, and I'm drooling. Needless to say, this coffee and rum milkshake from A Cozy Kitchen is sure to please.

3. Hazelnut Liqueur

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Coffee and hazelnut are a perfect pair. And if you add in some alcohol, you're set. So, it's really no surprise that this creamy boozy iced coffee from Averie Cooks looks nothing short of delicious. Topped with some whipped cream and chocolate savings, this drink is positively decadent.

4. Bourbon

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This kicked up latte from Endless Simmer has extra bold coffee, rich butterscotch, and — of course — bourbon. With that classic latte foam and some tasty butterscotch drizzle, coffee cocktails don't get much better than this.

5. Kahlúa

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You had to know that this coffee-flavored liqueur would appear somewhere on the list. After all, what could be better than mixing coffee with more coffee? This iced beverage from Damn Delicious, which features Kahlúa, is sure to give you that kick you need.

6. Whiskey

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Of course, you could always opt for the standard Baileys, with its combination of cream and whiskey. But, if you're craving a little something extra, give this recipe from I Am a Food Blog a try. It's surprisingly simple, with just Vietnamese coffee and straight Irish whiskey.

7. Tequila

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Tequila is one booze you might not have thought of mixing with coffee. It seems more well-suited for margaritas. But, with coffee, cream, and cinnamon sugar, there's no denying that this drink from Endless Simmer sounds absolutely delicious.

8. Brandy

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This creamy milkshake from The Kitchn uses a vanilla cognac. Have you ever wondered what exactly cognac is? Quite simply, it's a type of brandy produced only in the Cognac region of France. Fancy, right? Think of this frothy and cool milkshake as the adult spin on your favorite childhood treat.

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