Whisps Is Paying One Lucky Person $5,000 To Eat Cheese For A Year

The job you've been preparing for your whole life.

piece of parmesan cheese on a wooden board

If you’re looking to take your love of cheese to the next level, this is the calling you seek: cheese crisps snacks company Whisps is in search of someone to join its Whisps Cheese Board. Once more for the cheese lovers in the back: you can get paid to eat cheese. Clean up those resumes, cheese fans, your dream job awaits.

Starting on June 24, which, appropriately, is National Cheese Day, Whisps began their search for the next “Big Cheese.” As a member of the Whisps Cheese Board, you’ll assist in monthly product quality tests (aka eat cheese), evaluate new flavors (aka eat cheese), brainstorm new product ideas (aka think about new cheese), and serve as a Whisps brand ambassador (aka talk about cheese).

The selected winner will receive monthly shipments of classic Whisps Cheese Crisps flavors right to their door, as well as a few secret flavors sent throughout the year. They’ll receive quarterly curated cheese boards from the popular artisanal cheese retailer Murray’s Cheese and cheese wheels from Whisps’ exclusive cheese provider. Also, they’ll get $5,000 in cash.

In other words, you’ll get $5,000 to eat cheese, talk about cheese, and think about cheese plus a bunch of free cheese. Be still my ooey-gooey heart.


If that isn’t enough compensation for your cheese dedication, you’ll also get an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2022 World Cheese Championship, an event that apparently exists and held its 33rd biennial edition in March 2020. You’ll get trained by an artisan cheesemaker on how to evaluate cheese. You’ll learn how to create the ideal cheese board by an expert at Murray’s Cheese. You’ll even receive Whisps swag and gear to wear your cheesy heart on your sleeve, literally.

Here are some of the requirement for prospective candidates, per the job description:

  • Be a “true cheese fanatic”
  • Experience working collaborating and working with a team
  • Not work for a competing cheese company (Looking at you, Cheez-its)
  • Love Whisps

No formal cheese training or previous cheese experience is required. If you’re selected, Whisps will get you up to speed on the ins and outs of the cheese world.

To apply, visit Whisps Cheese CEO application where you’ll need to fill out some basic info and answer a handful of cheese-related questions. Do you know what kind of cheese you would be if you were a cheese? Could you talk endlessly about your love of cheese and the ways it intertwines with your life? Do you think you’d bring something extra to the Cheese CEO position? If so, you've potentially got what it takes to get paid to eat cheese.

You’ll have until July 25 to apply, and Whisps will announce their winner on the same day, which, also appropriately, is National Wine & Cheese Day. Good luck and a blessed cheese to one and all.