You Could Be So Much More Organized If You Tried Any Of These Clever Little Things

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Keeping your home organized can be tough, especially if you don’t have the right tools. There just never seems to be enough closet space or shelves to store all your things. Luckily, Amazon has plenty of handy organizational tools that can make your life so much easier.

One of the messiest places in anyone’s kitchen seems to be the cupboard of food storage containers. This caddy helps organize all the container lids, which makes it much simpler to stay neat. If it’s your pantry that’s feeling the squeeze, try this over-the-door pantry organizer that’s useful for storing extra dry goods or spices.

Maximize room in your closets with these vertical hangers that hold up to five regular hangers in the space of one. Keep your shoes from cluttering your closet with this 10-shelf hanging shoe organizer with bonus pockets on the side.

Whether it’s your bathroom, your kitchen, or even your car that needs some reorganizing magic, you’ll find plenty of products in this list that are so clever, you’ll wish you had them years ago.


A Backpack Insert That Keeps Your Belongings Organized

Backpacks often don’t have enough pockets, so you’re left with a disorganized mess. This backpack organizer insert instantly adds 12 pockets, including a zippered section, pouches for holding water bottles, and slots for books. It’s made from lightweight nylon, so it’s easy to clean when it needs it.


This Clever Box That Hides All Your Cables

Everyone has a bundle of ugly cables somewhere in their house, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These cable organizer boxes discreetly hide cords from your TV, computer, outlet strip, or other devices. The box has slits on either end so you can thread the cables through. It also has a lid to hide the mess underneath.


This Caddy That Keeps The Food Container Lids Organized

The cabinet where I keep my food storage containers seems to always be a huge mess. This lid caddy has slots for storing all your containers’ lids, which makes it much easier to keep organized. It also has adjustable dividers, so you can configure them based on the size or quantity of your lids.


These Sleek Food Storage Containers That Help Keep Things Fresher

Put your dried goods into these food storage containers to tidy things up and help keep them fresher for longer. The containers have an airtight seal, which works much better than trying to keep a box of pasta or bag of rice closed. Plus, they make your pantry so streamlined. The six-pack of containers comes with labels and a marker to help make organization easier.


A Rotating Shelf That Displays All Your Makeup

It can be hard to find the right way to store all your makeup and skincare. This rotating shelf has seven adjustable trays that can accommodate bottles and tools of all sizes, whether makeup, brushes, lotions, hair care, and more. It’s easy to assemble and since it’s made of plastic, it’s easy to keep clean too.


This Tabletop Rack That Adorably Holds Wine Bottles And Glasses

Improve your home bar setup with this tabletop rack with dedicated space for wine bottles as well as the glasses you need to drink them. The rack is made from strong metal and has a sturdy wooden base that can hold up to four bottles and four glasses. The holder is compact enough to fit on a counter or tabletop.


This Wall Mount That Gives Brooms and Mops A Place To Live

Keep your cleaning closet organized with this wall-mounted broom holder. The wall mount has three slots for holding handles of your brooms or mops, and three hooks for hanging other cleaning tools like a dust bin. It comes with screws and adhesive tape for hanging, and can hold up to 50 pounds. Use it for other things too, like hanging garden tools in the garage.


A Dry-Erase Planner That Can Stick To Your Fridge

This dry-erase weekly calendar makes it much easier to keep track of appointments, events, and chores for the week. The calendar has a magnetic backing, so it can stick onto the fridge (or any other metal surface). Each day of the week has plenty of space for writing, and there’s also a notes section at the bottom for things like grocery lists. It comes with four dry-erase markers.


This Compact & Convenient Outlet Extender With 6 Ports

Get the most out of your outlets with this wall outlet extender that has six 3-prong ports and two USB charging ports. The ports are strategically placed so they can all be used at once, unlike some outlet extenders where bulky chargers can block the other outlets. It easily attaches to the wall with just one screw.


An Efficient Pantry Organizer That Hangs Over The Door

Create more usable space in your pantry with this over-the-door organizer. With five adjustable basket shelves, this organizer is the perfect place to store extra snacks, canned goods, spices, or anything else that doesn’t fit on the shelves. It hangs right over the door (no drilling required) and comes with all the screws and hooks needed for speedy installation.


This Set Of Reusable Food Bags That Stand Upright & Zip Tight

Reduce your household’s single-use plastic with these reusable food bags. Made from a food-safe silicone, this set has bags of different sizes and replaces the need for the disposable kind. They’re handy for storing leftovers, partly-used produce, snacks, and more and are safe to put in the freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher.


This Handy Toothbrush Station That Includes Rinsing Cups

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder has handy features that’ll make your dental routine much more streamlined. It has slots that hold up to nine toothbrushes (or six electric ones) and four storage compartments for toothpaste, razors, and other bathroom accessories. It also comes with three plastic cups that do double duty by protecting the brush heads when not in use.


A Storage-Creating Caddy That Hangs Over The Arm Of Your Couch

This couch and armchair caddy finally provides a place to put things right in reach while you’re lounging. The caddy has rubber grips on one side to keep it from sliding off the arm of your furniture. It has six pockets that can be used to hold remotes, books, a tablet, and anything else you want to keep handy. It comes in 28 colors, so is be easy to find one that complements your couch.


These Space-Saving Hangers That Maximize Room In The Closet

Closets almost never feel big enough. These space-saving hangers can hang vertically, so your clothes take up less space on the closet rod. Each one can hold five traditional hangers, and they come in a pack of 10. They can also be hung horizontally if you just want to better organize your closet.


Bag Hooks That Slide Right Onto Your Car Seat Headrest

Keep your bags from sliding around the car with these hooks that easily clip onto your seat’s headrest. The hooks come in a pack of four, so you can fit two on each seat. They can each hold up to 13 pounds, so they’re perfect for holding backpacks, shopping bags, and purses.


These Little Cable Clips That Keep Your Desk Neat

If your phone or computer chargers are always sliding off your desk and falling out of reach, these simple cable clips can help straighten things out. The compact clips stick to your desk or table with adhesive. You can also stick them on the side of a piece of furniture or underneath a tabletop.


A Jewelry Stand That Makes A Display Of Your Necklaces & Earrings

Jewelry doesn’t have to be hidden away (and possible tangled) in a box. Display your favorite pieces with this jewelry stand that has poles for hanging necklaces, 48 spots for earrings, a ring display, and a drawer for holding everything else. With its rustic wood touches, this stand keeps your jewelry organized while on proud display.


Handy Storage Containers That Fit Under The Bed

There’s a vast expanse of unused storage space under your bed. Take advantage of it with these convenient under-bed storage bags. The bags are short enough to fit under most bed frames, but are over three feet long, so they hold plenty. Use them to store off-season clothing or extra linens.


These Fridge Containers That Keep Your Produce Fresh For Longer

Extend the life of your fruit and vegetables with these produce saver containers. They’re designed to regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which can help keep produce fresh for weeks instead of days. They come in a set of four with two large and two medium containers.


This Magnetic Strip That Keeps Cooking Utensils Off Counters & Out Of Drawers

Keep your kitchen knives and other utensils within arm’s reach with this powerful magnetic tool holder. The wall-mounted magnetic strip can be easily installed with just a couple screws and can hold many everyday kitchen items at once. Use it for knives, metal spatulas, whisks, and other utensils. It can also be handy at workstations for holding a hammer, wrench, and other tools.


A Cabinet-Back Container For Storing All The Plastic Bags

Most households have a plastic bag full of other plastic bags lurking somewhere. While they’re great to reuse, they can create a lot of clutter. This stainless steel bag saver is a more organized way of storing them. The container is lightweight and can be mounted with screws or adhesive. It holds around 30 plastic bags.


This Stainless Steel Shower Caddy That Won’t Rust

Since shower caddies spend so much time around water, it’s important to get one that won’t rust. This stainless steel shower caddy is resistant to rust and corrosion. The caddy is easily installed — first mount the adhesive strips with hooks, then attach the caddy to the hooks. It can hold up to 30 pounds of shower goodies.


An Elegant Solution For Storing Your Hair Tools

Keep your hair tools and accessories in one spot with this nice-looking wooden hair tool organizer. It has three steel compartments that can be used to store heated hair tools like a blow dryer or straightener. It also has three other small and medium compartments for holding haircare products, brushes, and other accessories.


This Bamboo Box To Keep Your Teabags Tidy

Make it easy to find your favorite tea with this bamboo teabag organizer box. The box has eight compartments for separating the bags and a pull-out drawer for storing tea accessories, like a spoon or steeper. It has a clear lid so you can easily spy all your favorite teas.


A Drawer Divider That Expands To Fit What You Need

Whether you want to sort your silverware or organize the junk drawer, this drawer organizer will do the trick. Made from bamboo, the organizer has nine compartments that can expand depending on the size of your drawer. It has smaller compartments great for silverware, and larger slots for tongs and other cooking tools.


This Simple Kitchen Turntable With Tons Of Uses

This two-tier lazy Susan turntable has more uses than I can even count. Put it in a cabinet to store spices or dried goods. Leave it on the counter to hold olive oil, salt, and other seasonings. Lay out a batch of homemade cookies to serve your guests, as if your home is a bakery. The turntable is 10 inches wide with room for plenty of products.


A Container That Neatly Organizes Drinks In Your Fridge

It can be hard to stack cans in your fridge — unless you have one of these beverage organizers. The container is the exact right size to hold cans of soda or beer and allows you to stack them on their side. It also has an opening at the front to make it easy to grab a drink. Somehow it’s pretty soothing.


This Efficient Charging Station That Holds 6 Devices

Charge all your electronics in one place with this charging station. With three micro-USB cables and three Type C cables, this station can charge Apple products, Android products, smartwatches, and most other common devices. There are plastic dividers between each port for supporting each item.


This Space-Saving Purse Storage That Hangs In Your Closet

It seems like there’s never a good way to store purses. This hanging purse organizer changes that, with eight large slots designed to hold small to medium-sized bags. It has clear vinyl pockets, which help protect the purses from dust. The organizer can also be used for holding linens and towels.


This Toilet Paper Holder With A Spot For Your Phone

Finally, a bathroom accessory designed with your phone in mind (we all take our phones in there, it’s OK). This toilet paper holder has an extra basket that can be used to hold your phone, or anything else you want, like air freshener, tissues, or baby wipes. The base has space for 3-4 rolls, with an arm that holds the roll currently in use.


A Hanging Shoe Rack To Declutter Your Closet

Shoes can quickly clutter closet floors. Keep things from getting too messy with this hanging shoe organizer that has 10 slots for holding your kicks. It also has five mesh pockets on each side for flatter items like scarves or flip-flops. The organizer has two metal hooks at the top for easy hanging.


This Slender Cardholder With A Lever For Quick Card Access

Keep your credit cards, library card, and any others you have organized with this slim wallet. It can hold 4-5 cards without getting too bulky. And, this one has a feature that sets this apart from the pack — there’s a lever on the side so you can easily slide the cards in and out. Plus, it comes in over 30 colors, from bright pink to gray camo.


This Clever Tool That Lets You Store 2X The Shoes

If you have too many shoes and not enough space to store them, try these brilliant shoe stacking organizers. The stackers allow you to store shoes on top of each other, so each pair only takes up half the amount of space. They’re easily adjustable based on height, so you can raise or lower them depending on the heels.


These Risers That Add Instant Height To Your Furniture

If your bed or couch could use a little extra height (and more storage underneath), try these furniture risers. Designed to support heavy pieces of furniture, they fit under the legs and add three inches of height. They’re made from durable plastic with anti-slip foam on the bottom. Worried about their holding power? Fear not. They’ve been lab-tested to hold up to a whopping 10,000 pounds per riser.


A Collapsible Laundry Basket That You Can Store Anywhere

Laundry baskets can be awkward space-hogs if you don’t have a good place to store them. This collapsible laundry basket has accordion edges that fold onto themselves and become flat, making it much easier to stash away. The basket has handles that make it easy to grip and it can even be hung on the wall for storage.


This Slender Cart For Holding Your Bathroom Products

Add more storage to your bathroom with this compact, three-tier cart designed to fit in small spaces. The cart has wheels with a locking feature, and three hooks for hanging a towel or loofah. It’s a perfect place for storing extra toilet paper, soap, or towels. You could also use it for storage in the kitchen.


This Countertop Mug Holder With A Small Footprint

Display your favorite mugs on your counter with this mug holder tree. With a minimalist design, this holder won’t make your kitchen look cluttered. It has enough arms to hang six mugs. It can also be used as a drying rack for said mugs, teacups, or other dishes that can slide on.


These Tiered Hangers Designed For Skirts & Pants

Save space in your closet with these four-tiered hangers designed to hold pants and skirts. Each hanger has four sets of rubber-coated metal clips, so they have a tight grip on your clothing without damaging it. The clothes also hang vertically, so you have more horizontal space in your closet. They come in a pack of three.


A Double-Level Dish Rack Ideal For Tiny Kitchens

If you don’t have a ton of counter space to spare, then this compact, two-tiered dish rack will come in handy. The dish rack has two levels so you can fit more dishes on the same footprint. It has compartments for holding silverware as well as hooks for hanging mugs or utensils.


A Handy Coat Rack With A Minimalist Design

Keep the entry or living room more clutter-free with this cute tree coat rack — it’s perfect for hanging the coats, scarves, hats, and bags that are currently in rotation. Made from light-colored wood, this rack has a minimalist design that won’t interrupt the flow of your home decor.