You Probably Didn't Realize These Fancy Home Upgrades Could Be So Damn Cheap

Fancy and affordable.

by Lauren Moison, Megan Gray and Rebecca Martinson
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The secret’s out: You don’t have to spend a ton of cash to make your home look like a million bucks. Amazon has some seriously awesome home upgrades that are way cheaper than you probably thought, and they have thousands of reviews to back them up. From unique finds to more practical items, and even some luxe and cozy décor, this list is sure to have a few things that’ll help make your home a little nicer.

As you’re scrolling through this list, you’ll find upgrades for each room in your home. Bedrooms get a boost with silky satin sheets, mood lighting, and decorative accents, while bathrooms get some spa-like appeal with fancy dispensers and cool bath mats.

Ready to add a lavish touch to your home? Scroll on for some fancy yet cheap home upgrades on Amazon.


A Versatile Light Bar For Useful & Pretty Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can make a huge difference in the look and function of a space, and this wireless LED light bar is super easy to place under kitchen cabinets or shelves for added brightness. You can adjust the brightness level of this warm white light with the included remote and even set it to turn off after 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.


This Wireless Doorbell Kit With Plug-In Chimes

If you don’t have a doorbell and don’t want to mess with electrical wiring, consider this highly rated wireless doorbell kit. The battery-operated bell can be easily attached to the side of your door and sends a signal to two indoor chimes from up to 600 feet away. Choose from six colors to match your home, including black, gray, and white.


A Rainfall Showerhead For A Spa-Like Feel

Recreate the feeling of showering in a fancy spa with this rainfall showerhead that’s designed to deliver optimal water pressure with a luxurious feel. The adjustable 8-inch shower head can be easily installed on most plumbing connections without any tools and boasts a shiny chrome-plated finish.


This Hand-Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp

Not only does this Himalayan salt lamp feature a beautiful hand-carved floral design, but it also has a wooden base and dimmer cord for a customized glow. Plus, it comes with a 15-watt bulb and has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon. It’s even available in a moon shape.


A Sleek & Modern Faucet With A High-Arc Design

Give your kitchen a modern upgrade with this brushed nickel faucet featuring a high-arc design for a chic look. It has a convenient pull-down sprayer to make easy work of rinsing dishes, and it’s received over 18,000 five-star reviews from fans who love the high-end look without spending a ton. One shopper wrote, “Easily comparable to the $200 faucet my sister has.”


These Motion Sensor Night Lights To Illuminate The Way

Place these motion-activated night lights strategically around your home to illuminate your path in the dark. They can sense movement from up to 12 feet away and have adjustable light settings so you can customize their brightness. Each one has a sensor so they’ll only turn on when it’s dark, and they’ll turn off after 60 seconds until they sense motion again.


A Pack Of Smart Bulbs For App & Voice-Controlled Lighting

These smart lightbulbs have a ton of impressive features and can be controlled via an app or your voice with the help of Alexa or Google Home. You can choose from millions of color options and brightness levels, set auto-off timers, and even use music mode to have them match the beat in your home.


This Pack Of Solar Lights To Make Your Path Look Fancy

Light up an outdoor path or add some whimsical accent lighting around your home with these solar-powered lights. They emit a warm white light after being charged in the sun during the day and boast a cool design that projects leaf patterns onto the ground at night. Each light is waterproof and has three installation options so you can choose the easiest one for you.


These Sleek Towel Hooks For An Instant Bathroom Upgrade

Add a touch of modern sophistication to your bathroom with these towel hooks that feature a matte black finish and dual-hook design. Each one is made of durable stainless steel, has an anti-corrosion finish, and measures about 3.5 inches wide. Use them for everything from loofahs to towels and accessories.


This Colorful Outdoor Decor That Lights Up At Night

This decorative, solar-powered globe adds a pop of glowing color to patio tables, gardens, or porch steps and comes in four pretty designs to choose from, including purple mosaic and red. It measures just under 6 inches wide and is waterproof to withstand outdoor elements.


These Amber Glowing Lightbulbs With Himalayan Salt Inside

Cast a warm and relaxing glow in any room with this set of amber lightbulbs that have real Himalayan salt inside. Each energy-efficient LED bulb emits the equivalent of 60 watts of light and is great for setting the mood in any room. You’ll get four bulbs with each order.


A Bamboo Mat That Adds Luxe Vibes To Your Bathroom

Made from organic bamboo, this chic bath mat will make your bathroom feel like a luxurious spa. It features a nonslip coating and anti-slip gaskets so it stays in place, and includes a water-resistant finish. Reviewers report it’s easy to clean and dries quickly, too.


This 50-Pack Of Lightweight, Velvet-Lined Hangers

These velvet hangers provide an excellent grip so your clothes don’t slip to the floor, and the hangers’ contoured design ensures that your garments don’t lose their shape. Plus, their slim, lightweight design saves space in your closet and their 360-degree swivel hook makes it easy to access what you need.


An Elegant Set Of Satin Sheets That Come In 26 Colors

Once you spend a night in these silky satin sheets, you won’t want to sleep in anything else. They’re soft, smooth, and the deep pockets keep the fitted sheet securely on your bed. Toss them into the washing machine when you need to — they’re fade, stain, and wrinkle-resistant.

  • Available sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Available colors: 26


A Set Of 3 Candle Holders That Look Good Everywhere

These metal holders have a matte black finish along with a contemporary design, and they can make any candle look good. The base is sturdy, stable, and perfect for pillar or sphere candles. Best of all, this set includes three holders with different heights (5, 7, and 9 inches), so you have some variety in your decor.


This Cozy Throw Blanket With A Chunky Cable Knit

Not only is this throw blanket made from chunky, thick-knit yarn, but it’s also resistant to pilling as well as shedding. That means you can go ahead and wash it as many times as you want — there’s no need to worry about how it’ll look after it comes out of the dryer.


These LED Candles That Cast A Warm, Inviting Glow

The price of always having to buy new candles quickly adds up over time, so why not switch to these LED ones? The bulbs flicker just like real flames, making them look incredibly real — even up close. Each order also includes a battery so that you can adjust their brightness, put them on timers, as well as turn them on and off.


A Soap Dispenser That’s Completely Touch-Free

There’s no need to press down on a grimy pump when you have this soap dispenser. Simply hold your hand underneath the infrared sensor, and it’ll release the ideal amount of soap — no physical contact required. And if your hands are really dirty? You can also adjust the soap output up to five levels.


The Tealight Candle Holders Made From Olive Wood

Beautiful, versatile, and affordable — these tealight candle holders hit all the right notes. They’re made from genuine olive wood, giving them a rustic touch that’s sure to look good no matter where you place them. And since you can arrange them however you like, they can easily be set up to fit on shelves, tables, nightstands — the list goes on.


A Wine Rack That Fits On Your Kitchen Counters

Don’t have space for a full-sized wine bar? This rack is a solid alternative, as it’s small enough to fit on your kitchen counters, yet large enough to hold up to seven bottles of vino. You also have the choice of two finishes: gold or rose gold.


These Dividers That Help You Organize Messy Drawers

Whether your drawers are overflowing with kitchen utensils or underwear, these dividers can help you get everything looking neat and tidy. They expand out from 17 to 22 inches, and feature spring-loaded ends topped with nonslip grips to help keep them firmly in place — and you also have the choice of three finishes: natural bamboo, white, or grey.


The Dispensers That Are Perfect For Oil

There’s nothing wrong with the plastic bottle your olive oil came in — but if you want something that looks nicer, consider transferring it into one of these dispensers. They’re made from sleek glass and come with a stainless steel caddy to keep them neatly stacked together. You also get a small funnel to help you fill them up, as well as two pour spouts.


A Sink Caddy That Helps Scrubbers Dry Fast

With multiple ventilation holes along the base, this caddy lets tons of air circulate through to help you your sponges and scrubbers dry quickly. Four suction cups on the back keep it held firmly in place — and unlike some caddies, this one also features a pop-out base to accommodate tall scrubber handles.


This Digital Alarm Clock Does Way More Than Tell Time

Not only can you use this digital clock to check the time, but it’ll also tell you the current indoor temperature, as well as how humid the air is. Plus, the stylish faux wood exterior is sure to turn more than a few heads. Choose from six colors.


A Breakfast Sandwich Maker That’s Easy To Clean

Unlike some breakfast sandwich makers, this one features nonstick heating plates that are safe to run through the dishwasher, making post-meal cleanups a total breeze. It only takes a few short minutes to heat up — and there’s no need to pre-cook your ingredients beforehand, so go ahead and crack a fresh egg right inside.


The Contact Paper That Looks Just Like White Marble

Whether your counters are outdated or you’re getting creative with a furniture refresh, this contact paper is definitely worth a look. It goes on just like a big sticker, making it perfect for renters — and it looks just like white marble even when you’re up close. Plus, the water-resistant vinyl material can handle being installed around sinks as well as inside bathrooms.


These Floating House Numbers That Reviewers Adore

With an average rating of 4.6 stars, it’s clear that reviewers adored these floating house numbers. They’re made from rust-resistant stainless steel, ensuring that they’ll stay looking good from season to season — and many buyers even raved about how they’re “easy to install.” One even wrote, “We can clearly see from the street, and we love the drop shadows they create as the day passes. After installation, they went through two hurricanes back to back and never budged, warped, or anything.”


The Garage Magnets That Can Help Boost Your Curb Appeal

The outside of your home is the first impression you make on guests — that’s why I’m a big fan of these garage magnets. Not only do they make your garage look more expensive than it is, but each one is also made from UV- and weather-resistant plastic that won’t rust, fade, or discolor over time.


A Compact Smart Camera That Works With Alexa

Add this smart camera to your home, and you’ll be able to use your smartphone to monitor what’s going on when you aren’t around in crystal-clear 1080-pixel high-definition video quality. Two-way audio lets you talk to your pets or chat with guests — and once paired with Alexa, you can also use voice commands to engage live view, disarm the video feed, and more.


These Coasters That Look Like They’re Made From Crushed Diamonds

Not all coasters are the same — these ones are filled with tiny bits of glass that have been cut to look like small diamonds, giving them an undeniably bougie touch. And with a soft felt backing on each one, there’s no need to worry about them sliding around or scratching up your tables.


A Decorative Tray That’s Surprisingly Versatile

You’ve got options when it comes to this decorative tray. Use it to hold skincare bottles on your bathroom counters, or even place it on the ottoman in your living room so that you have somewhere to rest drinks. And with handles on either side, carrying it around the house is no sweat.


The Picture Light That Runs On Batteries

There’s no complicated wiring required when installing this picture light, as it only needs three AA batteries (which are not included) to provide hours’ worth of light. The head can also be rotated up to 180 degrees, making it easy to point in nearly any direction — and there’s even a built-in timer that can be adjusted from 15 up to 120 minutes.


These Curtain Tiebacks That Won’t Shake Loose

With strong magnets on both ends of these curtain tiebacks, the likelihood of them shaking loose is incredibly slim. They’re designed to hold nearly any type of curtain, regardless of how sheer or thick they might be — and you even have the choice of four finishes: gold, grey, black, or beige.


A Toilet Paper Holder & Shelf That’s Undeniably Chic

With its genuine marble shelf and sleek gold arm, this toilet paper holder is an undeniable upgrade from the flimsy spring-loaded holder you’ve probably been using. Installation only takes a few quick minutes using the included screws, and you also have the choice of two colors: white or black.


This Smart Light Switch You Can Put On Schedules

Tired of entering a pitch-black home after work? Install this smart light switch, and you’ll be able to put your lights on schedules so that they’re on and welcoming you home every evening. You can also control your lights remotely, adjust their brightness, and more — all using the smartphone app.


A Toothbrush Holder With Extra Space For Toiletries

Skincare bottles, soaps, mouthwash — this toothbrush holder has so much room for practically every toiletry in your bathroom. The best part? It also features a built-in dispenser that squirts out the ideal amount of toothpaste, helping keep waste to a minimum and saving you money over time.


The Motion-Sensor Light That Sits Under Your Bed

Don’t wander around in the dark when you get up at night; instead, let this under-the-bed light gently guide your way. Its built-in motion sensor prevents it from turning on while you’re still asleep, and there’s even a timer that’ll automatically turn it off after a few minutes. Plus, its LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.


A Crystal Table Lamp That Can Also Charge Your Phone

Not only is this table lamp gorgeous to look at, but it also features a touch-control base that lets you adjust its brightness with just a few simple taps. And if you need to charge your phone overnight? Just plug it into one of the two USB ports located in the back.


These LED Lights That Transform Mirrors Into Hollywood Vanities

Doing your makeup in good lighting is essential for making sure your foundation matches just right — so grab these vanity lights. Their adhesive backing lets you stick them right onto your mirror, making installation a total cakewalk. Plus, the power cable also features a smart-touch dimmer that lets you adjust its brightness.


The Ice Molds That Create Large Frozen Roses

Enjoy making cocktails? Consider taking a look at these giant ice molds. Large pieces of ice melt more slowly than cubes, helping keep your drinks cold without diluting them nearly as much — and these ones are even designed so that your ice comes out looking like large rose buds.