You're Being Wasteful Around Your House If You Aren't Trying Any Of These Clever Things

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For those of us that cringe any time we forget our reusable grocery totes or then arrive home to find that we’ve left the lights on — or who simply like to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible — this is our lucky day. Turns out, Amazon is full of clever things to help us be less wasteful. Whether you’re sensitive to wasting money, space, or products, there are plenty of items that can help — from reusable water bottles to bidet attachments to cloth napkins, and more, you can find updates and ideas for any room in your home.

And while it may feel counter intuitive to buy more when you’re looking to be careful about your imprint on the Earth, keep in mind that one purchase one could save you lots down the road (and don’t forget that those Amazon Prime boxes are usually recyclable, too).


These Water Bottles That Make It Easy To Avoid Single-Use Plastic

These 20-ounce glass water bottles come with removable silicone sleeves, so not only are they protected while you’re out and about, but you can easily tell them apart when you’re sharing. With four to a pack and lids included, you’ll be able to stay hydrated and stay a step ahead of plastic waste.


A Set Of Storage Containers That Is Perfect For Packing Lunches & Storing Leftovers

This set of food-safe plastic storage containers makes it easy to save leftovers, pack food to go, stay on top of food prep, and more. Plus, they’re safe for the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. Each 40.5-ounce container has a matching, snap-on lid that keeps contents fresh and allows for easy stacking, too.


These Fridge & Freezer Bins That Allow You To Keep An Eye On Your Produce & Fully Utilize Your Fridge

Imagine opening your fridge and seeing a neat and tidy oasis with a clear view of your fruits and vegetables. This fridge- and freezer-safe storage bin will get you one step closer to the dream, thanks to its transparent sides, easy handle, and wide shape. If you’re not feeling it for fruit, it also works great for snacks in your cupboard.


A Lightweight, Refillable Mop For Easy & Efficient Cleaning

Use this spray mop wet or dry — it’s versatile enough to serve as a duster or as a more traditional mop. The removable microfiber cloth is washable and reusable up to 1,000 times, so you can count on it for years to come. Not only that, the refillable spray container can accommodate multiple brands of cleaner, essential oils, and even water.


This Pour Over Coffee Maker For An Excellent Brew Without Disposable Coffee Pods

Coffee aficionados, this one’s for you. This pour over coffee maker is a game-changer, producing delicious coffee with just gravity (and your pours, of course), instead of electricity and disposable pods or filters. It takes up a fraction of the space as big, bulky coffee machines, and still makes up to 20 ounces of coffee at a time. Plus, it uses a reusable stainless steel filter instead of paper.


An Extensive Sewing Kit That Makes It Easy To Fix Up Your Clothes Instead Of Ditching Them

When you have this sewing kit, gone are the days of tossing or donating your favorite shirt or sweater because of one unfortunate snag. It comes with everything you need for hand repairs, including dozens of thread spools, multiple pins, buttons, needles, and more. Everything fits in an included faux leather case, so it’s great for travel, too.


A Cozy Comforter That You’ll Enjoy Year-Round

This reversible, cooling comforter promises to do what few blankets have done: keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, so you can stay comfortable without constantly adjusting your thermostat. It also features plush fill, breathable material, and a stylish reversible design. Choose between three sizes, and eight color combinations.


This Hanging Toiletry Bag To Help You Keep Track Of Essentials & Pre-Pack For Travel

This spacious toiletry bag is perfect for organizing your personal care items at home or while away. With multiple pouches and pockets, it has room for full-sized bottles of body wash and shampoo, brushes, makeup, and more. Hang it with the attached hook, or store it upright on a counter; either way allows for easy access.


This Clever Workstation That Takes Your Desk From Sitting To Standing

Finally, you don’t have to commit to a stationery desk or spring for a separate standing option. This sit-stand workstation allows you to — you guessed it — sit or stand, depending on your mood and needs. The spacious work surface is 37 inches wide, giving you plenty of room for a monitor (or monitors), and an extending keyboard tray gives you additional options, too.


An At-Home Foot Peel That Saves You From Pricey Pedicure Treatments

Save yourself the time, money, and effort of going to a salon, and enjoy this foot peel mask at home. Spend an hour in the mask socks, and your feet will peel over a week or two to reveal softer feet. Buyers rave about its amazing results, with one five-star reviewer commenting, “These are great! I went from coarse, sandpaper heels to brand new soft sensitive skin.” And of course, they fight calluses, dry skin, and cracked heels, too.


This Warm Sherpa Blanket So You Don’t Have To Crank The Heat

This reversible sherpa throw blanket is large enough to share when the mood strikes, or you can use it on its own for ultimate coziness and comfort. Both the faux sheepskin sherpa side, and the velvety microfiber side are super soft, and the 21 colors and patterns are attractive to boot. It’s also machine-washable.


These Reusable Grocery Bags With Reinforced Sides & Bottoms

Get all your groceries in one round thanks to this three-pack of reusable grocery bags. Each bag can handle up to 65 pounds apiece, replacing multiple plastic or paper bags. They can also be folded up in between uses and easily stored, and they’re washable, too. They come in both grey and blue.


A Reliable Stain Remover That Saves You From Renting A Carpet Shampooer

The best time to get a stain remover is before you actually need it. This water-based remover is versatile and can be used on clothes, carpet, upholstery, and more. Spray it the moment a stain happens (or as soon as you notice it), then blot, rinse, and you’ll be good to go. It comes in 2- and 4-ounce bottles or as wipes.


These Stainless Steel Wine Glasses That Are Unbreakable (And Chic)

Enjoy wine, water, or any other drink of choice in these stainless steel wine goblets. Not only are they unique and stylish, but they promise to be unbreakable. They’re especially great for outdoor use; enjoy them on your patio or on your next picnic. They come in stemmed or stemless styles, and in 19 colors and designs.


A Pair Of Jumbo Storage Bags For Your Biggest Organizational Needs

Pack pillows, blankets, seasonal clothes, and more, in these jumbo storage bag organizers. Pictured in the bottom right of the above photo, they’re perfect for the floor or the upper shelves of closets or cupboards. The transparent zip top makes it easy to see contents, and label slots ensure you know what’s inside even without having to reach it.


This Toothpaste Squeezer For Getting Every Last Drop

Never again throw perfectly good toothpaste away just because it’s hard to get out of the tube. With these toothpaste squeezers, even small hands can clear the tube without squeezing or straining, thanks to the key-shaped crank that’s easy to grip. They also work with balms, ointments, and other products, and they’re durable, too.


A Compost Bin That — Yep — Composts Food & Instantly Elevates Your Kitchen Counter

Whether you’re curious about composting but aren’t sure where to start, or you’re an expert looking to refresh your supplies, look no further than this 1.3-gallon stainless steel kitchen compost bin. It comes in white, silver, and black, and features a smartly designed lid with odorless venting and a spot for a charcoal filter (one is included, too).


This Wall-Mounted Table That Takes Up Minimal Space

This clever wall-mounted drop-leaf table folds up or down depending on your needs, giving you an easy workstation, craft spot, or dining table when the need arises — and open space when it doesn’t. Buyers rave about its durability and practicality, and they give it especially high marks for the look and feel, too. Two sizes are available.


These Reusable Bamboo Kitchen Towels That Replace Paper Towels

Use these bamboo towels in place of your classic paper towels, and you’ll save money and help the environment — it’s a win-win. Each roll promises to replace up to 60 rolls of paper towels, and each towel can be used and washed up to 120 times. Plus, when you’re all through with them, they’re biodegradable, too.


This MVP Slow Cooker For Making Your Own Stock

It doesn’t get much easier than this; fill a slow cooker with your desired ingredients, let it cook all day, and you’ll have a home-cooked meal ready by dinnertime. Use it for soups, stews, stocks, and more. The stoneware interior chamber and glass lid are both dishwasher-safe, and the 24-inch cord ensures that it’s easy to position on your kitchen counter.


These Travel Toothpaste Tablets That Keep You From Using Too Much

Chew one of these travel toothpaste tablets, brush with a wet toothbrush like you normally would, and you’ll be good to go. Not only are they convenient, but the glass jar is a sustainable step forward compared to the classic plastic aluminum tube. One five-star reviewer raved, “LOVE THESE! They are not hard as I was afraid they’d be, you bite them easily and they crumble and it’s so fast! ... So cool and eco friendly!”


This Climate-Friendly Concentrated Detergent That Prolongs The Life Of Your Clothes

Keep your white clothes as bright as possible with this whites detergent from The Laundress New York. It’s a concentrated alternative to bleach that fights stains, works against yellowing, and serves as a pre-treatment. Plus, a classic scent reminiscent of linen and fresh, sunny air? Yes, please.


These Reusable Freezer Bags That Take The Place Of Disposables

A multipack of reusable storage bags is a must-have for any waste-conscious household. Use them for freezing food, packing lunches and snacks, storing leftovers, meal prepping, and more. Multiple color-coded sets and styles are available, and they promise to be leakproof. They’re great for travel and holding personal care items, too.


A Set Of Reusable Makeup Wipes That Replaces Single-Use Versions

If your bathroom’s waste bin is full of those make-up covered cotton rounds, you should know that there’s another option. These reusable cotton pads are perfect for removing makeup or applying toner and other products. They’re machine washable, and a small laundry bag is even included so you don’t lose them among clothes.


These Reusable Wool Dryer Balls That Replace Dryer Sheets

These wool dryer balls cleverly take over where dryer sheets leave off. Not only are they reusable, but they shorten drying time by helping laundry circulate in the dryer. They’re also free of perfumes and additives, allowing you to add your preferred essential oils if and when you want scents.


A Pack Of Reusable Ice Cubes That Add Color & Sustainability To Parties & Events

If you’ve ever dumped out a cooler at the end of a party, then you know how much ice and water can be used at just one event. Instead, consider these reusable ice cubes. They’re safe to put in coolers, cups and pitchers, and in between uses, they’re easy to wash by hand or in your dishwasher.


These Stainless Steel Straws That Are Reusable & Dishwasher-Safe

Skip the plastic or paper straws and enjoy these durable, stainless steel metal straws. With a dozen to a pack, you’ll have plenty for home and on-the-go use, or enough to share when you have company. Each set comes with four unique sizes of straws designed to fit a variety of popular tumbler styles, along with two cleaning brushes and a carrying bag.


A Reusable Buddha Board For When Creativity Strikes

Not only does this water painting board ensure you always have a ready surface for drawing and creativity, but it’s self-cleaning, too. The images fade as the water dries, automatically resetting your board. Plus, it’s foldable, portable, and the drawing surface is 10 by 10 inches, ensuring plenty of space. And if you’ve drawn something worth saving? Simply snap a photo.


These Dishwasher-Safe Chopsticks That Replace Disposable Takeout Ones

These colorful, reusable chopsticks are made of fiberglass and are easy to clean — just put ‘em in the dishwasher. Opt for a multi-colored pack to give guests and other members of your household the chance to select a favorite color, or go for a sleek matching set for enjoying your favorite takeout.


These Versatile, Splatterproof Lids That Serve Multiple Purposes In The Kitchen

These reusable silicone lids will be your next kitchen go-to. In addition to replacing plastic wrap when you’re storing food, they can fit over pots and pans to prevent splatters on your oven, they can cover plates and bowls in the microwave, they can keep bugs out of cups when you’re picnicking, and much more. Each set includes seven lids in five different sizes.


A Bidet For Cutting Down On Toilet Paper Waste

After just a few packages of toilet paper, this non-electric bidet pays for itself — plus, you save trees, too. The gentle, adjustable pressure nozzle is a hygienic alternative to the endless rolls of toilet paper, and you’ll love freeing up extra space in your bathroom cupboard now that you won’t need as many rolls. Buyers note that it’s easy to install, too.


These Period Undies That Allow You To Ditch Pads & Tampons

Save yourself from emergency runs to the drugstore, excess packaging, and filling your trash bin every month. Instead, consider menstrual underwear as both a subtle and sustainable option. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, and are easy to wash in between uses — just launder them in cold water, hang dry, and they’ll be ready for next time.


This Phone Case That's Made From Plants

Have you ever wondered what happens to that cracked plastic phone case you just threw away? A more sustainable option is a biodegradable phone case, like this one made from wheat and straw byproduct. The brand also promises to plant a tree for each case sold, and you can even send your retired phone case to them for recycling, too.


These Reusable Food Wraps Made From Beeswax

Not only are these reusable food wraps made of sustainable materials, like cotton, jojoba oil, beeswax, and tree resin, but they’re also easy to use, easy to wash, and made in cute styles to boot. Each pack provides you with nine wraps in three varied sizes and patterns. Use — and reuse them — to store food at home, pack snacks and meals to go.


A Set Of Cloth Napkins To Use Instead Of Paper

Swap out those single-use paper napkins for these washable cloth napkins, and feel better about your environmental impact every time you set the table. They’re a practical 18 by 18 inches, giving you and your guests plenty of surface space to use and protect your lap. They come in a full rainbow of 17 solid colors.


This Silicone Popcorn Popper That's Also Easy To Clean

What’s better than fresh popcorn? Fresh popcorn popped in a silicone popcorn popper that’s easy to clean. Buy fresh popcorn kernels to customize your favorite snack and save on excess packaging, too. It’s also dishwasher-safe, and it conveniently folds down for storage in between movie nights. Choose from 14 bright and fun colors.


These Handkerchiefs That You Can Opt For Over Tissues

When allergy season is upon us, or you feel a cold coming on, or you’re watching a tearjerker of a movie, keep these cotton handkerchiefs close. Each set comes with five pretty pastel colors, so you’ll be able to easily spot them in your bag or drawer. They’re a practical size too at 16 by 16 inches.


This Holder That Makes It Easy To Quickly Reuse Plastic Bags

Even when you have the best of intentions, sometimes those plastic grocery bags still appear and still take up space. Enter this plastic bag holder and dispenser, which you can attach to your wall or inside a cabinet so they’re always readily available to reuse (screws are included). It can hold up to 18 bags at a time.


This Mini Portable Oven For Reheating Leftovers On The Road

Finally, you’re no longer at the whim of fast-food restaurants and drive-thrus when you’re on the road. Just pack up this portable oven and bring your favorite leftovers or lunch with you for a warm meal while you’re out, thanks to its 12V connector that plugs into your car. It comes in nine different styles.


This Knife For Completely Emptying Jars Before You Toss Them

Use this specially designed peanut butter knife to get every last morsel of peanut butter (or other jarred food) before you recycle it. It’s shaped to reach the bottom of the jar, fit underneath the rim, and to clear the sides, too. The blade is durable stainless steel, and the handle is plastic, so it’s easy to use and dishwasher-safe.