You're Making Your Home Look So Much Worse If You Aren't Doing Any Of These Clever Things

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Just because your home is tidy doesn’t necessarily mean that it looks the best it could. While an empty sink might appear better than one filled with dishes, little things like plain walls, scratched floors, and dim hallways can make even the tidiest homes feel unwelcoming. Thankfully, there are tons of clever ways to make your home look so much nicer — and many of them are so simple that you really don’t have any excuse not to try at least a few of them out.

Case in point? Those dark hallways are easily remedied by this pack of LED light bars. Installation is a total breeze using the included adhesive, and the built-in motion sensors help preserve power when no one is around. I’ve also made sure to include furniture leg covers to help protect your floors, as well as a variety of ways to dress up plain walls — including a peel-and-stick wallpaper that’s completely solid in color.

But that’s only the start — if you want to see more ways to make your home look nicer, you’ll just have to keep scrolling for more.


Sprucing Up Open Wall Space With These Floating Shelves

Creating a gorgeous accent wall is as easy as hanging up these floating shelves, then filling them with your favorite photos and knick-knacks. Each order includes all the hardware you’ll need for mounting — and with nine finishes to choose from, you shouldn’t have any problem finding one that suits your style.


Stopping Your Shower From Leaking With This Door Seal

Tired of stepping out of the shower and into a giant puddle? Try swapping out your old door seal with this new one. It’s made from durable PVC, with soft fins along the bottom that help create a watertight seal — and you can even trim it to fit smaller doors as needed.


Keeping Rugs From Curling Up With Help From These Gripper

Curling rugs can be a problem, so why not keep them securely fastened down with these grippers? They use a Velcro-like connection to stay put, which means you can lift them up to clean underneath without having to worry about affecting any glue-based adhesion. Plus, they’re also slide- and skid-proof.


Letting Dishes Dry On This Stylish Rack Instead Of A Towel

While it’s tempting to simply lay out a towel for your dishes to dry on, this rack is made from stylish bamboo that just plain looks better — and there’s even enough space for up to 14 dishes. Once your dishes are dry, simple collapse it down so that it’s easy to stash away inside of a cabinet.


Organizing Your Cooking Supplies With This Stylish Pots & Pans Rack

Got some blank wall space in your kitchen? Mount this rack on it for a stylish place to keep your pots, pans, and stirrers. It’s made from thick, hand-welded iron that can support up to 22 pounds, so there’s basically no need to worry about whether or not it can handle your cookware. Plus, each order includes 15 S-shaped hooks to get you started.


Storing Shoes Inside This Organizer Rather Than The Floor

There’s no excuse for kicking your shoes off into a dark corner of your closet — especially when this organizer has space for up to 12 pairs. Clear pockets make it easy to see which shoes are where — and with three over-the-door hooks at the top, installation shouldn’t take more than a few minutes at most.


Removing Pet Hair From Furniture Using This Roller

There’s nothing wrong with having pet hair on your furniture, but if you’d like to clean things up a bit, search no further than this pet hair remover. Hundreds of tiny bristles latch onto hair, fuzz, lint, and more, while a built-in dustbin collects everything for easy disposal. Plus, it’s reusable as many times as you need.


Organizing Your Toiletries With Help From These Hooks

From scrubbers to face towels, these hooks are an easy way to clear away some of that bathroom clutter. When stuck to a smooth surface like tile or glass, the suction cup on the back can hold up to 3 pounds — and they even come in three different sizes: small, medium, or large.


Adding This Light Strip Behind Your Television For A Theater Effect

Thanks to these TV backlights that are adjustable via remove, you can change the brightness and color of a glow behind your television screen, which can help ease how bright your TV feels in the dark. Plus, the adhesive backing allows for an incredibly simple installation — and they have a 4.6-star Amazon rating.


Making The Most Of Cramped Closets With These Ultra-Thin, Velvet-Lined Hangers

Not only can these ultra-thin hangers help save you space in cramped closets, but each one is also covered with soft velvet. The result? Spaghetti straps and tank tops are less likely to slide off — and despite their slim frame, each one is sturdy enough to hold up to 10 pounds.


Stashing Seasonal Items Inside These Bags To Help Reduce Clutter

Don’t let seasonal blankets and clothes clutter up your bedroom. Instead, hide them away inside of these storage bags. The clear tops make it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything, and the handles are even reinforced for added durability. Choose from three colors: black, gray, or java.


Transferring Oils Into These Glass Bottles To Help Reduce Mess

With their airtight and leakproof tops, preventing spills is as easy as transferring your cooking oils into these glass dispensers. The pour spouts are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and the dark green glass helps keep the oil safe from UV light degradation.


Maximizing Your Pantry Space With Help From This Organizer

Just because the shelves are full doesn’t mean you can’t fit more stuff inside your pantry — and this organizer is proof. Simply hang it over your pantry door, and the 24 roomy pockets will give you tons of extra space for condiments, dry ingredients, snacks, and more.


Storing Purses Inside This Organizer To Help Keep Them Clean

If you have a few purses that don’t get used regularly, this organizer is an easy way to help keep them protected from dust and dirt. There’s enough space for up to eight bags, and the swiveling hook on top gives you easy access to both sides.


Scrubbing Shoes On This Doormat To Help Keep Dirt Off Your Floors

It might not seem like much, but adding a doormat to your entryway can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping dirt off your floors. This one in particular is waterproof, weatherproof, as well as easy to clean in the wash. And with six colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one that suits your style.


Adding Lights Underneath Cabinets To Brighten Up Your Kitchen

There’s no drilling necessary when you’re installing these LED light bars, as each order includes double-sided adhesive that lets you stick them underneath your cabinets. They also feature built-in motion sensors — which means they won’t turn on when no one is around — and you only need three AA batteries (which are not included) for hours of light.


Protecting Floors From Scratches With These Leg Covers

Repairing a scratched hardwood floor can cost an arm and a leg, so why not save yourself some money and stress with these furniture leg covers? They’re made from flexible aluminum, allowing you to stretch them overtop legs of nearly any shape or size. Plus, the soft red bottoms glide soundlessly across floors.


Filling Small Holes With This Easy-To-Use Putty

Whether you have leftover holes from hanging up photos or letting your door swing too wide, this putty can help fill them up. It’s also easier to use than plaster or spackle: Simply rub the applicator tip over the hole, dust away any excess, then paint over it when dry. The best part? The specialized formula shouldn’t shrink or crack over time.


Making Sure Pictures Are Hung Straight With This Kit

This kit is all you’ll need in order to make sure that your pictures are hanging straight on your wall, as its positioning system helps ensure that your nail holes are accurate the first time you mark them. Many reviewers appreciated how it’s “much easier” than using a level — and one even wrote, “... it made our job so easy, no guessing at all.”


Keeping Stainless Steel Sparkling With This Cleanser

Using any ol’ bottle of cleanser on stainless steel appliances might leave them looking streaky and foggy — that’s why this cleanser is a game-changer. It wipes away all sorts of dirt and grime without leaving behind any streaks. Plus, the formula is solvent-free.


Preventing Water Marks By Putting Drinks On These Silicone Coasters

Water marks are one of the easiest ways to ruin wood tables, so why not grab this set of coasters? The raised slats along the surface allow water to pool, keeping it from spilling onto your tables — and each one is made from soft silicone that won’t leave behind scratches. Choose from seven colors, including a gorgeous faux marble option.


Restoring Old Grout Lines With This Helpful Paint Pen

When no amount of scrubbing will get that grout looking clean as new, it might be time to break out this paint pen. There’s enough white paint inside to cover up to 150 feet of grout, making it suitable for larger kitchens as well as smaller bathrooms. Plus, the marker-like applicator tip makes it easy to paint within the lines.


Keeping Bathroom Counters Clear By Putting Toothbrushes In These Holders

Add these holders to your bathroom wall, and you’ll instantly have somewhere convenient to store your toothbrushes. Not only do they help clear up countertop clutter, but installation is also a total breeze: Just peel off the adhesive backing and stick them wherever you like.


Washing Dirty Dog Paws Before They Can Muddy Up Your Floors

Just add a little water to this paw washer, insert your dog’s paw, then give it a few twists — the soft silicone bristles on the inside will gently wash away dirt and grime so that your floors stay clean. It’s reusable as many times as you need and comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate nearly any dog breed.


Repairing Scratched Furniture With These Wood-Colored Markers

I gave this furniture repair kit a try on my dinged coffee table — and frankly speaking, the results were way better than I ever imagined. Each kit includes six wood-colored markers and crayons, ranging from light oak to dark mahogany. Simply color any scratches using a matching color, and voila — it’ll disappear right before your very eyes.


Organizing Small Items With A Decorative Tray

Apothecary jars, drinks, loose change — this decorative tray is a stylish way to make all sorts of small items look organized. It’s also just as functional as it is fashionable, as you can also use it to serve breakfast in bed on the weekends or even just to eat snacks while you relax on the couch. Choose from dozens of colors.


Minimizing Blanket Clutter With This Stylish Rope Basket

I’m a huge fan of this rope basket, and not just because I’m currently using it to store all my throw blankets. Handles on either side make it easy to carry around the house. It’s also foldable when empty, which can help save you storage space — and the rope is even made from soft cotton.


Putting Knick-Knacks On Display With These Adjustable Desktop Shelves

If your work desk has become a cluttered mess of documents and knick-knacks, these shelves are an affordable way to tidy things up. Their width is adjustable, making it easy to place them nearly anywhere — and many reviewers appreciated how the lightweight frame (less than 6 pounds) was “easy to assemble.”


Repairing Tired Upholstery With Help From This Kit

Buying new furniture is almost never cheap, making it a good idea to keep this upholstery repair kit on hand. Use the invisible mending material to seal up any scratches, burns, holes, or tears — no sewing required. Once fixed, all that’s left is to mix the included colors until they match your upholstery, then paint over the seal so that it’s hardly noticeable (assuming you can even tell it’s there at all).


Storing Makeup Supplies In This Organizer To Reduce Clutter

Makeup supplies cluttering up your bathroom? For less than $20, you can grab this organizer that’s almost guaranteed to hold all your brushes, palettes, tubes, and more. Multiple drawers give you room to store jewelry, hair ties, and other small items. Plus, the clear acrylic walls make it easy to see where everything is.


Organizing Jumbled Cabinets With These Tiered Shelves

Not only can these tiered shelves help you organize messy, jumbled cabinets, but they also make it easier to reach any items stashed all the way in the far back. Each shelf is lined with nonslip silicone to help keep items from falling off, and many reviewers found that it works great for storing spices.


Updating Your Home Using This Wallpaper Instead Of Messy Paint

If you’re renting and can’t paint your walls, you could probably opt for this peel-and-stick wallpaper. It comes in more than 25 colors to suit any style — and once it’s time to move out, simply peel it off. The adhesive backing is strong enough to hold it in place, but it shouldn’t strip away the paint underneath.


Cutting Down On Mess By Keeping A Small Trashcan Nearby When Cooking

Small enough to sit on your counters, this miniature trash can serves as the perfect place to store food scraps while you’re preparing meals. The flip-top lid helps keep unwanted odors to a minimum, and each order even includes three small trash bags to get you started.


Charging All Your Gadgets On This Station To Minimize Cable Clutter

It’s almost too easy to wind up with a mess of charging cables in every room, so why not minimize all that clutter by charging your devices on this station? It comes with eight shortened cables to help keep it looking tidy: four lightning, two micro-USB, as well as two type-C. Choose from two finishes: white or black.


Using Throw Pillow Covers To Add Pops Of Color To Dull Rooms

Whether your bedroom or living room could use a few pops of color, these throw pillow cases have got you covered. They come in 12 different colors, from bright yellow to soothing navy blue — and the polyester-velvet outside feels oh-so soft against skin during afternoon naps.


Strengthening Old Cushions With This Removable Support Insert

Furniture can start to flatten out over time, making this supportive board a cost-effective alternative to buying new cushions. It’s long enough to cover your entire sofa and can be folded up to accommodate smaller pieces of furniture (like love seats). “Super easy to install... just lift cushions and lay flat,” wrote one reviewer. They continued, “The thickness makes it extremely sturdy.”


Keeping Track Of Your Mail & Keys With This Handy Entryway Organizer

With space to store mail and keys, this entryway organizer is an easy way to make sure you always know where everything is. The wooden sign gives it a rustic vibe, making just as fashionable as it is functional. Plus, many reviewers wrote about how it “looks great” and is “well made.”