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3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Burn For You

These signs go from rakish to romantic.

by Kristine Fellizar
Three zodiac signs will burn for you like Simon and Daphne in Bridgerton.

Anyone can say, "I love you," but the Simon Bassets of the world will tell you, "I burn for you." Thanks to Netflix's Bridgerton, many are now longing for the type of passion you'd only find in a regency romance. Although finding someone who feels just as deeply for you as the Duke of Hastings does for Daphne Bridgerton may seem like a total fantasy given how dating can be today, astrology says otherwise. There are three zodiac signs most likely to burn for you — and they aren't even a little rakish.

As astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle, when someone burns for you, it means they deeply want, desire, or long for you. If that kind of intensity is what you're looking for in a relationship, there are a couple of zodiac signs that may not be able to fulfill that desire, like Aquarius and Capricorn.

"Though these two next-door neighbors don't have too much in common, they both share a tendency to be quite understated when it comes to having and displaying burning desire," Monahan says. "Aquarius is just not a romantic sign, and in fact, balks at sentimental or emotional displays. Capricorn is a sign that values practical over-romantic, and is far too busy channeling their boss energy into other pursuits (namely career)."

Every zodiac sign experiences love and passion differently, and astrology can help you find the type of partner you're looking for. According to Monahan, these are the three zodiac signs most likely to burn for you.

Leo (July 23 — August 22)

Fiery Leo is one sign that is not afraid to let you know just how hot they are for you. "Think Anthony Bridgerton here," Monahan says. "Leo is a sign that is extremely erudite and knows exactly what to say to turn you into putty in their hands. Their superpower is their charm." When the royal lion wants someone, their emotions and desires can run high. According to Monahan, Leo's passion can be all-consuming. You will definitely feel desired with them.

Scorpio (October 23 — November 21)

No other sign in the zodiac is as sexy and intense as Scorpio. "This is quintessential all or nothing burn for your energy," Monahan says. "Scorpio wants to know your innermost secrets, your true soul. They are full of burning intensity and desire. Nothing is done in halves." If you're lucky enough to be pursued by this water sign, prepare yourself. Although they tend to keep to themselves, they're not shy when it comes to seduction. If they want you, they will go after you. According to Monahan, Scorpio excels in the art of courtship. "They love it so much," she says. "Think Regé-Jean Page in Bridgerton."

Pisces (February 19 — March 20)

Pisces is another sign that will burn for you, but differently than Leo or Scorpio. While the previous signs are more intense in their approach, Pisces is soft and sweet. According to Monahan, Benedict Bridgerton is a great example of Piscean energy. This Water sign will seduce you with poetry, love notes, and elaborate romantic gestures. They're a dreamy Neptune-ruled sign who loves being in love. "Pisces need to know you are interested before they unleash their burning desire on you," she says. "But once they get an invitation, the fire will come out to play."


Clarisse Monahan, astrologer