4 Zodiac Signs That'll Have The Luckiest July

Abundance! Connection! Prosperity!

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Despite Neptune and Saturn waking us up from our fantasy during their retrograde periods, July still has a ton of fun in store for the collective. The month is ripe with new opportunities, goal-crushing vibes courtesy of a Capricorn full moon, and fun in the sun a la Leo season.

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Although all signs have a chance to soak in all the good vibes this month, astrologer Erin River Sunday says abundance, meaningful connections, and prosperity will basically fall into the laps of the zodiac signs who will have the luckiest July.

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Aries Zodiac Signs

With auspicious Jupiter in your corner this month, expect the support to elevate your luck and introduce new beginnings. When it goes retrograde on July 28, you'll have a chance to look inward, applying all the lessons you've learned at the start of the month.

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Gemini Zodiac Signs

Between your planetary ruler, Mercury, and romantic Venus circling in your native sign this month, expect to feel at peace in your relationships and self-expression. Cancer season lights up your financial sector, so luck may find its way to your pockets.

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Cancer Zodiac Signs

The serendipitous energy you felt from the new moon will reverberate good vibes all July long. Venus, the planet governing money and romance, arrives in your native sign on July 17, sprinkling classic Cancer sweetness to your closest relationships.

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Sagittarius Zodiac Signs

Jupiter in Aries creates a harmonious trine aspect with your native sign this month, beaming down on your pleasure and play sector. But this month also opens doors for comfort and deep support from others to help guide you on your creative ventures.

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