15 Zoom Games You Can Play At Virtual Birthday Parties

You can never go wrong with Scattergories.

by Lauren Grant
blackCAT/E+/Getty Images

Another month, another quarantine birthday party. What else is knew at this point? Most of us can say that we've celebrated at least one birthday virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. And luckily, Zoom has come to the rescue over and over again. There’s a variety of ways on how to host a Zoom party, but now it’s time to amp up the fun, or shall I say zoom up the fun with adventurous and witty games that will give your next virtual birthday party the makeover it deserves.

While video calls are a thing of the future, one great thing about virtual birthdays is that it’s still easy to incorporate nostalgia. Games like Scattergories, Guess Who?, Bingo, and escape rooms have all been altered for online gameplay so that you and your friends can still share in the good times. Once you’ve had your fill of the oldies and itching for something different, there are a ton of new games that'll bring just as much fun. Jackbox party packs, for instance, are loaded with fun group games that will have everyone your entire crew entertained for hours.

Here are some of the best Zoom games for virtual birthday parties.

Birthday Bingo

Bingo is a classic and fun game that is perfect for keeping your guests entertained. You can choose random or themed Bingo cards with an online generator or add some birthday fun and create a custom bingo board that's all about the birthday person.

Virtual Wish Jar Game

Just because it's only one person's birthday doesn't mean you can't all make a wish. In this fun guessing game, have each of your guests write a wish (like "I wish I had a house on every continent") and submit to one person in the group who will then read the wishes outloud while everyone else figures out whose wish it was. The more outrageous the wish, the more fun you'll all have guessing.

Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms are a perfect way to escape reality and go on a fun, team building adventure with your loved ones. Work with your friends to solve the clues to sucessfully make it out of the virtual room before the clock runs out or risk being stuck forever (or until you accept defeat). Check out these virtual escape room ideas.

Jackbox Party Pack Games

Jackbox games are one of the most fun ways to get the party hype and keep it that way. Each Jackbox pack has a variety of games that are perfect for groups. Games like Drawful 2 and Quiplash will challenge your guests' minds while giving everyone fun and creative ways to share a laugh.


Scattergories is that nostalgic game that never gets old. Play the game by having one person will go to a Scattergories letter generation website and then share their Zoom screen with the other contestants. The automatic timer will count down as soon as your press play. Then, you and your party guests will have to race the clock to fill in as many categories as you can using the given letter.


If you're good at lying, this is one game you'll have fun with. Psych! is all about outwitting your friends in a way that combines both Heads Up and Cards Against Humanity. You and your friends will be using fake answers to respond to real trivia questions. You can choose from a variety of categories from movies to animals to see who will psych who out first.

Cards Against Humanity

It's not a party without Cards Against Humanity. While there is no official online version of the famed party game, there are knock off versions that are just as fun.

Name, Place, Animal, Thing

In this game, everyone will get to see just how knowledgable and quick witted they really are. The group will be given a letter from the alphabet and each person has to come up with a name, place, animal, and thing that starts with the given letter. Use your Zoom's chat box to write all of your answers and the first one to turn their words in, wins.


Charades is a classic that will get everyone moving. Use an online word generator to decide what words will be acted out.

Scavenger Hunt

After getting everyone moving in their seats, now it's time to get up. Send your birthday guests on a wild ride through their own homes as they look for household items like a can opener or a VHS tape. Bonus points for those who actually still have one.


I-Spy will have the gang putting on their monocles, as they try to figure out who's Zoom screen contains the hidden item. Have each of your friends take turns choosing something to spy in any of the other guests' screens. Whoever spys the most objects once everyone has a turn (or two), wins.

Guess Who?

Instead of playing with the traditional board game, if your party is big enough, use your guests! Give subtle traits about a certain someone in the party and have your guests try to figure out which one of them it may be.

The Lip Reading Game

Pretty straight forward but also really fun. For this game, only the person who is doing the lip syncing will mute their microphone and say a word or phrase while the other guests guess what it is. Everyone will be tripped up with phrases like "peas and carrots" that surprisingly look pretty similar to a lot of other things we say. Good luck!

Sitting, Standing, Laying

Another game that will get the blood flowing and can be played throughout the whole night. The birthday person will start the Zoom call either sitting, standing, or laying and all the other party guests must follow suit the whole night. Whoever makes it to the end of the party having copied all the right actions, wins.

Birthday Words Drinking Game

If you're celebrating with some libations, then a drinking game is in order. Use this list of birthday terms to decide which birthday-themed words are off limits for the duration of the party. Every time someone says one of the forbidden words, they must take a sip.