9 Zoom Games For Large Groups, Including Charades & Heads Up

Almost anything can be played virtually.

9 Zoom Games For Large Groups That'll Bring The Fun
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It’s safe to say that since March of 2020, we’ve all grown accustomed to Zoom, which has become our go-to for work, virtual appointments, happy hours, birthdays, and anything else that can be converted from in-person to online. By now, you’re a pro at how to host a Zoom party, but a Zoom get-together that can be challenging to host is one that has a lot of guests attending.

So, how exactly will you keep that many people entertained? There’s loads of activities that one can host over virtual platforms like Zoom that will keep larger parties enthralled in the moment, but one thing that is sure to satisfy your guests is games. Everyone likes a good ice breaking game like “Never Have I Ever” or playing a new game that requires one to be observant like “Whose Crib Is It." Even traditional in-person games like “I-Spy” can now be played over the internet with a little bit of switching up the rules. And the best part about these games is that they can have an unlimited number of guests.

So what are you waiting for? Invite as many friends as you’d like and check out this list of the best games to play on Zoom with a large party.

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Murder Mystery

Murder, mystery, and mayhem — this is one online game that is fun and different every time you play. Divide everyone into groups of two or more and get ready to reveal the grand question of "who dun it?" A murder at a speakeasy or in a queen's court, these games allow your party to step away from reality and step into another time. Check out these murder mystery party packages for which virtual experience your guests will enjoy the most.

Scavenger Hunt

If you want to get everyone moving, then a scavenger hunt it the perfect way to go. This classic game can be converted online by creating a list of household items like toilet paper or kitchen utensils. Want to really shake things up? Instead of sending your guests all throughout their homes to find items, make the scavenger hunt completely virtual by adding specific memes to your list. Drop a clue such as "This Fleetwood Mac song was the ideal vibe for 2020" and let everyone scramble to find the meme that fits.

"Whose Crib Is It?"

A fun spin on MTV's Cribs, this game requires each party attendee submit a photo of their house so other guests may then take turns guessing... whose crib is it. Just be sure to choose a location in your house that will actually challenge your friends.


Charades allows your guests to get a little creative and wacky. Pull unique words and phrases from an online name generator and watch as you're guests do their best to act out their given word without giving too many hints away.


I-Spy is one of those great games that can be taken to new heights as the items you can spy are virtually endless. The more elaborate your backdrop is, the more fun and challening this game will be. The objective is for one attendee to spy an item in anyone else's Zoom window that the rest of the party has to then correctly identify.

Virtual Trivia

Put on your best game show host voice and get ready to blow your friends' minds with this old favorite. Trivia is great for large groups as it can be customized for any topic you know you and your friends will enjoy. Check out some trivia questions across the interwebs for unique and educational facts that will blow your friends' minds.

Virtual Escape Room

Since we still can't escape our homes, why not try a virtual escape room with your pals? These games have grown in popularity and are a great way to build comraderie amongst your friends. In these digital spaces, instead of working to escape from a physical room, you and your party mates will be prompted with questions and videos that will only unlock the following screens once the clues have been correctly answered. Check out these free virtual escape rooms that will have your guests get in touch with their inner explorer.

"Most Likely To..."

For some of us the days of high school and college are long gone but the quirky superlatives will always remain. This game is simple and hilarious and will probably spark some great conversation. Gather a list of superlatives and have each of your friends vote on who would be most likely to marry into a royal family.

Heads Up

Whether it be in person or virtually, this popular game is bound to lift heads up. Have your friends download the app on their cellphones and each take turns guessing the given name on your screen. Be sure to not look into your own Zoom screen and give away the answer, though!