How To Host A Holiday Gathering On Zoom During The Pandemic

Plan the virtual holiday bash of the season.

by Lauren Grant
Ivan Pantic/E+/Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic has officially taken over 2020 and with the winter months finally here, we’re all wondering what celebrating the holidays with loved ones will look like. Even though the Center for Disease Control has cautioned against traveling for the holidays, you shouldn’t let that get you down. Zoom has become our go-to window for the outside world this year, and your holidays are about to get a virtual overhaul this season.

Though circumstances are looking different, there’s still much to be celebrated. For starters, it’s officially sweater weather, we've been blessed with the return of the Cheesecake Factorry's peppermint bark cheesecake, and you can enjoy both of these and more from the comfort of your own home while chatting it up with loved ones online. The virtual world has proven to have its quirks and perks (if you’re an introvert say heyyyy) and seeing friends and family for the holidays is only a button click away.

Between happy hours, game nights and more, moving things online has helped everyone feel connected during this uneventful time. But how exactly does one host an epic holiday party on Zoom? There’s a bunch of ways! Here’s exactly how to host the holiday party of the year virtually.

Ivan Pantic/E+/Getty Images

Step 1: Send Out Virtual Invitations

First things first, time to spread the word about your virtual holiday fiesta. Not only will you save paper with virtual invitations but you'll also get to brag about how you cute and customizable they look. Hop on Greenenvelope or Evite and create the ultimate invite that will leave your potential attendees in awe.

Step 2: Choose A Festive Backdrop

The holidays offer many props and decorations to use during your Zoom party. Set your computer up by your Christmas tree or menorah for to create a bit of holiday magic in your screen. Need more options? Zoom has a multitude of backdrops for any occasion.

Step 3: Decide Which Activities To Play

The best part of the night is always when even the host gets to let their hair down and tune into a fun game. Start the night with a fun icebreaker game like Virtual I-Spy or a holiday edition of Never Have I Ever and then move into other activities like a holiday film or gift exchange to keep the party going.

Step 4: Zoom Time

Now that you've gotten everything from the invitations to the activities all planned out, it's time to party! Make yourself a festive cocktail (virtual means BYOB, after all), pick a fun icebreaker, and get ready to host your virtual holiday soiree.

Step 5: Get Into Some Virtual Games

Virtual gaming websites like Jackbox and Crazy Games offer tons of fun gaming options that can be played with friends over Zoom. Don't underestimate the fun of classic games like Guess Who and Scattergories, either.

Step 6: Finish The Night With Some QT

Once you and your loved ones have gone at one another with virtual games, it's time to wind down with some quality chill time like a movie. Boot up Teleparty and feel the holiday magic with a classic holiday movie like How The Grinch Stole Christmas.