The Best '90s Board Games You Can Still Buy Today


Next to Saturday morning cartoons in the '90s, one special form of entertainment reigned supreme — board games. And fortunately, some of the best '90s board games can still be bought today. If you're anything like me, actually, you probably have more fond memories of playing board games with friends and family than just about anything else you did during that fun-filled decade. Ready to play your old favorites? Well, you won't have to look far.

To be clear, if you have enough time and money, you can find basically any board game ever made available for purchase on the interwebz. If you're dying to get your hands on Dream Phone and relive your '90s glory days, have at it! It'll only run you a cool $250 or so. But if you don't want to sell your eye-teeth or barter your firstborn child in order to play the games that got you through your adolescence, select games are still in production today (or have been rebooted for today's nostalgic consumers).

So get ready to roll the dice or spin the arrow, 'cause we hunted down some of the best board games of the '90s and where you can buy them.


Don't Wake Daddy

Terrifying it its own right, this suspenseful game involved trying to creep around the house without waking up your alarmist dad while he dozed. Peculiar? Yes. Fun? Still yes.

Don't Wake Daddy, $24, Amazon


Gooey Louie

Y'all, how is this still a thing? It was gross when it was introduced in 1995, and it's still gross today. Pulling boogers out Gooey Louie's nose was bad enough, much less being responsible for picking the one that made his brain explode.

Gooey Louie, $26, Amazon



The '90s version of this game was known as Head-to-Head Perfection, and I know you know what I'm talking about — prepare to square off with a friend in the fierce battle to the 25 shapes into your pop-up tray first.

Perfection Game, $8, Amazon


Hungry Hungry Hippos

Invented in the '60s and introduced in the '70s, Hungry Hungry Hippos really hit its stride in the '90s. Case in point? This voracious foursome got their own redemption arcade game in 1991.

Hungry Hungry Hippos, $13, Amazon


Mouse Trap

Another oldie but goodie, Mouse Trap originated in the '60s but was updated for '90s kids with a snazzy new board and more exciting critter-catching components.

Mouse Trap Game, $27, Amazon


Thin Ice

Want to prove you can place the most marbles on the "ice" (read: wet tissue) without breaking it? You'll need to pick up '90s fave Thin Ice.

Thin Ice, $13, Amazon


The Game of Life

I don't care how far back this game goes — it's relevant every decade, and we definitely loved it in the '90s. School or skip it? Family or career? The Game of Life let us choose our own fates.

The Game Of Life, $12, Amazon


Loopin' Louie

Hey, what are you waiting for? Your chickens need protecting! This addictive game entails keeping that rascal Louie from swooping down and stealing your livestock.

Loopin Louie, $25, Amazon



Granted, this board game has been around since the '60s, but everyone knows '90s kids played Operation so much we could extract the Adam's Apple like it was nobody's business.

Operation, $14, Amazon



Why, yes, '90s-era Lindsay Lohan — I would like to take my chances and see if I can score a big bonus this "PayDay."

Pay Day, $16, Amazon