10 Funny Memes To Send Your BFF On National Best Friends Day

by Kaitlyn Wylde

To celebrate your closest friendships, the internet has a plethora of suggestions. My personal favorite? Best friend memes for National Best Friends Day. Because while there are lots of obvious ways to celebrate your best friend on the official holiday (which falls on Jun. 8 in 2018) — like, you know, hang out, in person — memes likely play a serious role in your closest friendships. My closest friends are the people who I often only communicate with via memes, especially during a busy work week. I mean literally, I just sent my best friend a meme of a seal that looks like he's waiting for something and it says "me, waiting for my best friend to see the meme I just sent her." I mean, how meta is that? If you're a millennial, chances are you're commonly tagging your bestie in memes and awaiting the moment they tag you back. It's how we communicate in 2018, after all.

If you and your bestie also speak meme (and, like I said, you probably do), you're in luck. Here, I've put together a list of my favorite best friend-themed memes so that you can celebrate National Best Friends Day on June 8 like the hilarious meme queens that you are, and send each other the most extra of extra memes. Because what says "Happy National Holiday in the year 2018" like a list of funny memes that have to do with said holiday? There is nothing more appropriate! Memes are the new stickers and our phones are the new sticker books. So, without further ago, here are a few oilies and fuzzies for your long time bestie:

Your Best Friend Is Your Human Diary


Our best friends literally know all of our secrets, they might as well write a tell-all book. But we know they never would.

But, But, But!

That feeling you get when you realize your best friend has other friends, too.

Something To Think About...

Celebrity friends really set the bar high. How do you show your best friend you love her if she doesn't need a kidney though?

Future Goals

When you and your bestie see an older friend duo and you hope that you'll stay friends for that long. If you're both thinking that, you totally will.

True Story

When you look through the media file of your chat with your friend, and it's filled with the most horrifying unflattering pictures of yourself, you know you're close.

Best Audience

No one laughs louder at your jokes than your best friend. They think you're a comedian.



Your best friend is the only person in the world who you are completely comfortable acting like a savage beast around. You know she accepts you for who you are, so you can bring out your wild side.

Hey Now


It's always hard to share a best friend. At least Broad City made it somewhat socially acceptable to be overly territorial of your friends.

When The Feels Get You


On National Best Friends Day, you'll likely get overly emotional about how much you love your bestie. That's fine! Let them know just how much they mean to you! That's the point of the holiday.

Don't Forget About Your Online Friends, Too!


Shoutout to those friends we have on Instagram (or other social media platforms!) who we do't actually know in real life. We end up talking and supporting each other online every day, without ever even meeting in person. We've all got a few of those so let's take a moment to thank them for their cyber friendship, too.