10 Hilarious Memes That Sum Up All Your Black Friday Struggles

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Whether you're braving the Black Friday crowds IRL, or staying home in your PJs to watch the madness unfold on Twitter, you're going to need these Black Friday memes to help you laugh your way through the busiest shopping day of the year. Thanksgiving is a day to spread good cheer, tell everyone how much they mean to you, and stock up on nice points from the universe. Because if you're planning to shop 'til you drop on Black Friday, chances are you're not going to be your best self.

While you're probably thinking, "yeah, that won't happen to me," consider the fact that very few people head out for Black Friday shopping planning to throw down with a stranger over the last 50-percent off TV. Blame it on the lack of sleep, Aunt Glady's too-strong eggnog, or the turkey hangover, there's something about deep discounts that turns ordinary people into post-Thanksgiving monsters. Whether you're taken over by this evil shopping demon, you're the victim of one, or you're just watching it with horror on social media, Black Friday is a day that has spawned countless memes. Because, let's face it, you need to LOL your way through the day to make it through Black Friday in one piece.

Without A Hint Of Irony

This is where people cash in those nice points. Perhaps some folks are aware that their behavior on Black Friday is a direct contradiction to everything they said they day before. However, it seems that most shoppers who get into some kind of Black Friday kerfuffle do so without a hint of irony.

Do A Solid For Those Watching At Home

If you're hitting the Black Friday sales, and you end up filming a Black Friday scuffle, do the right thing. Make sure you turn your phone horizontal so those of us watching at home can follow along.

When You're The Big Winner

I mean, what's a little head injury when you're the one walking away with a new flat screen that's too big to fit on your wall.

Remember: Those Working On Black Friday Are People Too

If you've ever had to work a Black Friday in retail, then you've been to a special kind of hell that's hard to recover from. I worked several Black Fridays in high school and college. Please remember that those who are working are people too. They're not referees or magicians, so please treat them with kindness. And remember, if there's only one [insert thing you want most here], they're going to give it to the person who treats them like a human being.

There's A Lot Of Pep Talks Involved

Once you've worked your first Black Friday, you're at a disadvantage because you know what you're in for next time. If you have to stand in front of the mirror and repeat positive affirmations before stepping out onto the sales floor, it's OK — we all do it.

By Any Means Necessary

How not to act while shopping on Black Friday. Because, everyone has a phone and they'll post you at your worst for all to see.

You've Been Training For This All Year

All the exercise classes you've taken this year have led up to this one day. Dress comfortably, make sure you warm up before hitting the stores, and don't forget to stay hydrated.

Being Prepared Is Everything

You'll need more than physical stamina to make it to the end of the Black Friday race. You're going to need a survival kit that includes coffee, snacks, running shoes, some over-the-counter pain reliever for that inevitable headache, tissues for the tears, and a phone charger so you can scour the store apps for new deals.

You Do You

Hey, you're on Santa's nice list this year so you should feel zero shame in shopping for yourself on Black Friday.

Just Get In Line Now

If Black Friday is your Christmas, there's no use trying to sleep when you're this excited. Who cares what anyone else thinks — go pitch your tent in front of the store right after Thanksgiving dinner. Put on your hat, don those big sunglasses, and grab your list. Good luck my friendlies. May the odds be ever in your favor.