10 Cheap, Under The Radar Travel Ideas You Can Actually Afford

We've all been shamed by statistics for not taking advantage of our vacation days. What do numbers know about living expenses anyways? Saving money after rent, utilities, groceries and social obligations seem to hold you hostage to the staycation. If you're wondering how to get away without having to live on ramen noodles for months, Lonely Planet has compiled the best under the radar holiday trips you can actually afford. You'll remain on good terms with your bank account while also accumulating likes on your Instagram feed for traversing territory formerly unchartered by your followers. You should basically start your own travel handle now.

Bucket lists can be long but budgets can also be tight. Don't let this common challenge keep you from kicking the bucket over altogether and calling a trek across town a satisfying getaway. There is so much to experience outside of your Pinterest "Dream Destinations" board. With all of the Holidays coming up, get up from the vicinity of your work computer and fly into an actual screensaver.

The good news, according to budget travel experts, is that it won't be so damaging to your wallet. Just do your research on transportation, avoiding additional fees on those budget airlines and lodging. Even if you do have to survive off of ramen noodles for a week or two, you shouldn't let those vacation days go stale. These are the places that Lonely Planet and IndieTraveller predict to be the most affordable for 2018, and your friends have probably never been.

Tallin, Estonia

Coming in at number one on Lonely Planet's Best Value for the Best in Travel 2018, Tallin has an enchanting fairytale feel. In case you've ever wanted to hop on over to Europe and experience what living in a storybook must be like, give Estonia a try. You'll find budget lodging in Kalamaja, a hip and developing area of Tallin that hosts galleries and a food trucks. There you'll get a taste of the city and an Instagram while you're at it.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Can you drink wine on Mars? If you squint your eyes in Lanzarote you might trick yourself into believing that you are. The island is home to a volcanic landscape and wineries that are not to be missed. Along with beaches and all of that, you'll also find budget lodging and food options.

La Paz, Bolivia

You'll stumble upon engaging art and electric colors in La Paz. Lonely Planet suggests that you could get by on $30 a day which includes the cost of eating and a hiking trip. That sounds pretty good considering everytime I leave my apartment in Brooklyn it's a $50 dollar fee I never agreed to.

Krakow, Poland

You might think of Paris, France as the ultimate destination to meet poets, writers, artists, and intellectuals, but it's actually Krakow where you'll find them — usually at a coffee shop of some sort, debating philosophy over espressos. It helps that the city is absolutely beautiful, too.

Essaouira, Morocco

If you'd like to travel beyond Marrakesh, give Essaouria a gander. It's easily reached by budget flights from the UK and Europe. Once you're there you'll be wandering amongst camels on the beach and down blue shuttered sun-lit alleys.

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

If your passport is expired and you can't cross international borders, that doesn't mean you can't take a trip locally! Jacksonville, Florida has the cheapest hotel rates in the state of Florida, and there are many natural wonders to explore around the city. Plus, good weather!

Hunan, China

Beijing and Shanghai draw hoards of tourists year round. But China is large and immensely beautiful. Lonely Planet noted that cost including budget meals and lodging in Hunan can wrack up a bill as low as $10.

Šibenik, Croatia

Indie Traveller noted that a town like Šibenik in Croatia is a more affordable way to experience The Balkans than traveling to a larger city. Plus, look at it — it's breathtaking!

Ischia, Italy

Off the coast of Naples is an Italian island offering the best seafood and Amalfi Coastal vibes without the price tag. Here you'll be able to indulge in a variety of cuisines ranging from the best of the sea to what's scurrying around on Mount Epomeo which rises from the center of the island. There is an abudance of thermal baths, ranging in price, where you can heal in the thermal waters of the island.

Tbilisi, Georgia

High up on Indie Traveller's list of budget destinations is the entire country of Georgia. Don't know where to start? It's reported that rooms can go anywhere from $5 to $20 a night, even in the capital of Tbilsi.

Safe travels and bon voyage!