From Pearly Barrettes To Floral Claws, These Cute Hair Clips Complete Your Look


Whether you are looking for a little extra bling, vintage appeal, or just something to keep the hair off your face, the best cute hair clips combine style and functionality and are designed in a shape and size that works for your hair type.

When shopping, it's important to make sure that you take your hair type into consideration. Some hair clips may claim they are ideal for thicker, longer hair, but keeping an eye out for details, like interlocking "duck" teeth, will ensure you purchase a clip that actually gets the job done. Whether you have fine hair that slips through most clips, long hair, or thick hair, look for a clip that has a no-slip grip or padding on it that is designed to grab and keep hair in place without causing split ends and breakage.

The world is your oyster when it comes to the many hair clip trends you'll find right now, with everything from pearl-covered clips and mismatched statement barrettes to vintage-style floral claws and '90s butterfly clips making their mark. The highly rated hair clips below include stylish, supportive options that suit your personal style and hair needs.

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The Best Cute Hair Clips For Short Hair & Bangs

This pack of minimalistic hair clips comes with 26 clips of varying shapes and sizes, with most small and lightweight enough to stay secure in shorter hair and bangs. From round and triangular clips to more whimsical pairs like one shaped like a cat or a pair of lips, these clips add intrigue to any look. Reviewers say that finer hair may slip through these clips, but adding a little bit of texturing spray helps to keep them in place. They come in both silver and gold.

Helpful Review: “These are super cute! I made a poor life choice and got swoopy bangs, so I'm constantly using barrettes to keep hair out of my eyes. This pack has cute, statement barrettes that look more polished than the standard alligator clips [...]"


The Best Decorative Hair Pins

These rhinestone hair pins add a decorative flare to any updo or hairstyle. They are handmade and come in a pack of three, giving you the option to clip them in together or use them throughout your hair. The sparkle and vintage touch are perfect for brides or more formal occasions. Reviewers say the flexible pins make it easy to customize your look, but that they're still durable enough to stay put all day.

Helpful Review: "Received 3 pieces in a set and shared it with other two bridesmaids. I only used one and felt it looked elegant and beautiful. Tried it a few different ways and settled on a side look. Great for weddings. They’re adjustable and not stiff which is great! Stayed put all afternoon and evening. Highly recommend."


The Best 'Function Meets Form' Claw Hair Clip

These large metal claw hair clips are sturdy and come in silver, gold, and rose gold. They are heavier than most plastic clips but are less likely to break or show wear over time. The teeth of the clip are durable and grab hair without pulling or ripping it. Reviewers say they do a great job of holding both thick and long hair, and even finer hair that usually slips through clips.

Helpful Review: “The 'teeth' don’t pull or rip out my fine textured hair, something I was scared of. I usually twirl my long hair into a bun and clip it up with these. While they are heavier than plastic, they aren’t so heavy that they slowly slip down or fall out when you clip your hair up. Love the three different metal shades so I can match the clip to whatever I’m wearing.”


The Best Jeweled Barrettes

This set of hair barrettes comes with 20 pieces, each is oversized and boasts a unique style to complement your every look. The pack includes pieces with hand-placed pearls, colorful acrylic patters, geometric rhinestones, and a few minimalist gold pins thrown in to add balance. They are designed with smooth edges that keep your strands from getting caught, pulling, or breaking. Reviewers say they are bigger than expected, but that they love mixing and matching the clips to suit their style.

Helpful Review: “This exceeded my expectations! They came in a cute little box that I plan on keeping ... Each clip is good quality, and I love the diversity you get with all the different styles. If you are looking at buying a set of trendy clips, don't buy anything else! This is the one!”


The Best Butterfly Hair Clips

The '90s have made a huge comeback and these colorful, butterfly clips — that come backed by more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon — are proof. This 100-pack comes in seven colors that add a fun, carefree look to any occasion. The clips are made of high-quality resin and feature a metal spring which makes opening and closing the clips easy. The no-slip grip keeps them in place all day. Reviewers warn that the edges are a little sharp for small children and opening the clips with too much force may cause them to break.

Helpful Review: “I'm in love! I'm growing out a pixie cut and have been feeling stuck and uninspired hair-wise. These clips are cute, colorful, nostalgic, and the perfect addition to my everyday hair routine ... I use them in both mine and my 2 yo's hair and we feel like butterfly princesses! I plan to paint some of them with glitter nail polish to replicate the ones I had when I was a child. Highly recommended!”


The Best Alligator Hair Barrettes

These alligator clips make styling your hair so much easier. The long clip has secure duck teeth that hold hair tightly in place and out of your way, while you straighten, curl, or work on an updo. An anti-slip design on the inside of the handle makes the clips easy to use, even with wet hands. Reviewers love how well they hold thick and curly hair. The iridescent colors and smooth finish are a bonus compared to the typical metal alligator clips that can pull and wreak havoc on your hair.

Helpful Review: "I love these clips! I worry about damaging my hair, and these go in so nicely. They don’t tug or pull my hair at all, and they are cute enough to wear around casually. The colors are really pretty, too."


The Best Claw Clip For Thick Hair

If you have thick hair that needs a little more security, this wide claw clip has interlocking teeth that will secure your hair in place — even when you're working out, according to reviewers. It's lightweight and comfortable, plus it comes in four colors: blue, gray, brown, and black. Use it to simply keep hair off your neck or rely on it to complete an intricate updo.

Helpful Review: "Amazing! I have extremely thick hair and am never able to find clips that hold my hair for extended periods of time. In a desperate search to try and find something to hold my hair back from my grabby baby, I decided to give this a try. SO glad I did, everything stays out of my face and it doesn't hurt my head whatsoever!! Definitely recommend."


The Best Claw Clips For Thin Hair

These mini hair clips are perfect for styling small sections of hair. Like larger claw clips, these smaller versions grab hair without breaking it and feature no-slip grips that secure your hair into place. They’re made of durable anti-rust plastic with interlocking teeth that secure into place. Unlike other similar clips, these are tighter and made to hold finer hair, according to reviewers. They are available in color combinations of black, brown, and clear.

Helpful Review: “I have thin hair and not much of it, so I have a hard time finding clips that aren't miniature, but not too large. These are great for clipping a half pony tail and securing a bun."


The Best Curved Clips

These curved clips have so many functions: wear them to keep hair out of your face or to clip up an updo. They feature a no-slip spring hinge clip that won’t tangle or pull hair, making them ideal for longer hair, though they come in three different sizes and reviewers say you can choose one based on your hair type. from curly and thick to straight and thin. Reviewers say they’re one of the only clips that doesn’t hurt when you lean up against it. They come in a variety of colors like pastels, bright rainbow, and transparent.

Helpful Review: “These are the absolute best clips ever for anyone with long, thick hair. I have spent so much money on clips and tried everything out there and these by far are the best I’ve found. They are an investment that you will not be disappointed in and [it's] worth buying every color!"


The Best Vintage-Style Claw Hair Clip

Add a touch of boho to your everyday look with this floral claw clip. The hair accessory was handmade in France and features pink, green, orange and yellow 1970s-inspired florals that add a pop of vintage appeal to any outfit. This clip is a bit pricey, but it's a statement piece that reviewers say secures all hair types — even thin hair — beautifully. Just twist and clip hair into place for a style that lasts all day.

Helpful Review: “Love it! Is beautiful. Is made very well and is perfect for my fine hair. Secures well.”