10 Halloween Pranks To Play On You Friends That Are Funny But Harmless


Most Halloween pranks involve scaring someone. They usually include jumping out on someone when they least expect it, hiding something terrifying somewhere it's bound to be found, making fake spiders jump out at someone as they're innocently entering a room, or using lots of fake blood to create the ultimate horror scene. It makes sense for Halloween pranks to be like this; after all, the holiday is spooky and creepy, and making people shriek with terror is really what it's all about. But as shocking as it might be to hear, not everyone loves Halloween, and not everyone loves being scared. So, if you're going to be playing pranks on people and you don't know where they stand, you might want to try a funny Halloween prank that isn't scary... just so that you don't ruin any friendships, you know?

These pranks are great for playing on co-workers in your office so that you don't risk having anyone scream so loudly security gets called and then you need to explain yourself (pranks sound so much less amusing in these situations). They're also ideal for kids, who like to get in the spirit of Halloween, but are also too young to totally grasp the difference between imagination and reality. So if you don't want to traumatize them, try a funnier, more harmless prank.

Feel free to use any of the below ideas for your Halloween fun, or use them as inspiration to think up something totally your own.


Make Caramel "Apples"

This prank requires some effort, and when you get down to it, it's really quite disgusting. You can buy a kit to make caramel apples at the grocery store, but instead of using apples, use whole onions. If you're worried that the coating isn't enough to hide them, add nuts or coconuts.


Surprise Your Neighbors

This little prank is always fun and cute, and it's a great way to get multiple people in on it. Fill a small basket with candy and print out a photo of a ghost. Write "Boo!" on the paper, then stick it in the basket. Write out another small note explaining that person has just been "Boo-ed" and they have one week to pass the trick to someone else with a new treat, or they better watch their backs. Put the papers in the basket, then stick it on someone's door step, ring the doorbell, and run really fast.


Make Special Ice Cubes

Making drinks for a Halloween party or an office thing? Get some gummy eyeball candies, then put them in water, freeze, and make into eyeball ice cubes. It's fun and delicious!


Hide Glowing Eyes Everywhere

Go out and buy some glowing eye decorations (like these!) and hide them all over the place. You can put them in the bushes, hide them in dark closets or other spaces, or even in your car. They'll pop out when it's dark, and they'll look awesome.


Get A Skeleton Friend

Invest in a large fake skeleton, then take him everywhere with you. You can put him on your front porch to hang out, you can stick him in the passenger seat of your car to give other drivers a good laugh, or you can even set him up in someone's bed.


Ruin The Candy Bowl

Want to play a prank that will probably make everyone angry with you? Put together a bowl of candy and mix Skittles and M&Ms in that bowl. Surprise!


Test Out The Silent Treatment In A Costume

This prank actually seems quite creepy: dress up in a terrific costume that makes you unrecognizable, then join a group of trick-or-treaters. Don't talk, even when they ask you who you are! Just follow them around silently. Definitely do this with people you know, and don't keep it going so long that they end up calling the cops (seriously!).


Joke Around With Trick or Treaters

This is really cute if you get trick-or-treaters. Put a crown on a pumpkin, and place that pumpkin on a little throne on your front porch. Make all of the trick-or-treaters bow to the pumpkin before giving them candy.


Decorate The Inside Of The Fridge

Get a whole bunch of sticky googly eyes, and put them on everything in the fridge and/or pantry to give everything a little face. This one is pretty adorable and great for kids.


Make Chocolate "Truffles"

Make chocolate truffles for everyone, but give them a little twist: instead of making them all chocolate, dip little Brussels sprouts into chocolate.