10 Actually Funny Halloween Pranks You Can Play On Your Coworkers That Won’t Get You In Trouble


One of the best things about Halloween is that you can scare your friends and family members and it's not only kind of expected, but also totally appropriate. In fact, it's basically even encouraged to scare people on purpose during this holiday, which means that this is the ideal time to freak out basically everyone, and not get in trouble for it (hopefully). Why not take advantage of his holiday to play a prank at work? It's a fun way to break up the day and bring a little excitement to the office, and it's also a distraction from work (just a perk!). If you need some ideas, below are some funny Halloween pranks you can play on coworkers to get them back for chewing a little too loudly whenever they eat lunch at their desks.

Before you play these pranks, though, consider if your workplace is going to be cool with it. After all, you don't want to get fired — or get a bad reputation — for something as silly as a Halloween prank. If your manager and your coworkers are generally pretty lax and get really into celebrating holidays, something harmless and funny is probably going to be fine. But if you work in a really strict environment where stuff like this isn't encouraged, then I can't recommend playing one of these pranks. Your job is probably pretty important to your lifestyle!

Any of the below pranks are going to freak out your coworkers, but then make them laugh — and you'll be seen as something of a Halloween expert. Check 'em out and pick the one that really speaks to you:


Hand In The Fridge

Head out to any Halloween novelty store — or any store that sells Halloween decor — and you'll probably find an inexpensive fake, bloody hand. Wrap the fingers around something in the office fridge — like a jug of milk or something — and try to kind of hide the hand so that people don't realize it's there until they reach for the item. It's harmless, easy, and will make them jump.


Head On A Jar

Another thing you can stuff in the fridge to freak people out is putting your head in a jar. Let us explain: print out a photo of your face (ideally making a scared expression), then glue it to the jar, then fill a mason jar with green tinted water. Put it in the fridge or in an office supplies cabinet — somewhere that people are bound to run into it. This idea came from Reddit, of course.


Scarecrow Fakeout

This prank is pretty elaborate, and will only work if you have an hour or more to dedicate to it. But here goes: you can dress up like a scarecrow (and make the costume super legit), then sit in the lobby of your office (or somewhere else where a lot of people will be going in and out). For part of the time, sit still and act like an actual scarecrow. And then, every once in a while, move or jump up to freak out everyone around you. It's a Halloween classic!


Hanging Hair

This is a perfectly innocent prank that is simple, will scare people, and likely won't get you into any trouble. If your office has movable ceiling tiles, you can take a long hair extension or wig, then tuck it inside the tile so it hangs down. It's gross and creepy.


Pop-Up Snake

If you want to get crafty, get a rubber snake and some string to rig up a pop-up snake. Hide it somewhere people will see it, like in a supplies closet or the fridge.


Chocolate Veggies

If you want to really disappoint your coworkers, try this classic: make Halloween candy treats, except instead of chocolate truffles or something like that, you can take veggies and cover them in chocolate — but pretend they're real candy, of course. This works well with Brussels sprouts, which can then look like chocolate truffles. (Make sure you have actual chocolate on hand for later, of course.)


Clown Window

Get in to the office early, and tape spooky photos of clown faces in the windows near desks. Or you can just tape them in secret spots throughout the office, like in the fridge behind something, or inside drawers. Who actually likes clowns?


Candy Bowl Scare

Another candy idea: get a candy bowl with an animated hand and fill it with candy, then leave it in a popular spot. For hours, people will be reaching in to get candy, then get a serious scare when something reaches back for their hand.


Terrifying Ceiling

Another way to freak people out with movable tiles in a ceiling: get a Halloween mask and move the tiles slightly, hiding the mask in there so that you can only get a small glimpse of it. Then wait for the terror to begin.


Fake Cockroaches

Be careful with this one, because it just might cause widespread panic. You can get some fake cockroaches and tape them to the wall all over the bathroom so that it looks like an infestation.