8 Easy Halloween Party Pranks That Will Help You Terrify Your Friends With Minimum Effort

Anyone can throw a Halloween party — but to throw a memorable party that's seriously on theme, you've got to infuse it with some epic Halloween party pranks. After all, your guests are expecting festivities, they're expecting thematic snacks and maybe they're expecting a spooky soundtrack — but they won't be expecting practical jokes at an adult Halloween party. This is exactly why you've got to plan as many as possible.

Freak out your unsuspecting guests with some harmless yet hilarious pranks, that maybe aren't funny until they're over and everyone can have a good laugh about them. You know, after everyone's calmed down from being terrified and then angry and then embarrassed. Let's be real, most adults haven't been pranked since they were kids. But so long as the pranks are tasteful and not dangerous, I say you can still be a proper adult and sometimes-party-host-pranker at the same time.

There are so many easy pranks that you can set up by yourself without much time, money, or effort. While they all require different materials to make their punchlines effective, they all have one ingredient in common: the courage to terrify your friends. Here are a few of my favorites.

Face In The Fridge

Classic prank! Print out a picture of the face of someone you and your guests know (maybe someone who can't make it to the party?) and put it in a jar, fill it with water and leave it in your fridge. Make sure you send all of your guests to the fridge to get a drink.

Bugs, Everywhere

Get a bunch of plastic bugs and hide them all over your home. Tape one to the toilet, stick a few on the inside of lampshades. Put them on the windows, glue them to the inside of cups. Go for a major infestation vibe.

Mirror Message

Did you know that if you put bar soap on your bathroom mirror, it won't fog up during a hot shower? Write a scary message on the mirror with the soap and fog up the bathroom before your guests arrive.

Health Scare

Only try this prank if your party guests are resilient and have a good sense of humor. Get yourself a ton of fake blood, and pick a visible place to spill blood out of. Nose? Ears? Mouth? Just make sure the blood is safe for that!

Robot Witch

You know those scary witch decorations? It looks like a real person wearing a scary mask, except it sounds like a robot, makes terrible fake spooky sounds and moves very robotically? Have a friend dress up like that and pretend to be a robot. When everyone least expects it, have your friend break character and scare the crap out of everyone.

Trick The Treats

Instead of dressing your Halloween treats with pumpkin frosting, opt for mustard. If you mix it with a tiny bit of red food coloring, or even ketchup, it will take on a creamy orange look. Pretty, but disgusting!

Candy Onions

This cruel prank is a classic. Everyone loves candy apples during the fall. But did you ever notice that apples and onions are pretty similar in shape? Decorate a few raw onions with caramel and chocolate, and serve them at your party.

Double Mask It

Instead of wearing just one mask, wear two. have your first mask be a super scary disfigured monster mask, and over it put something a bit more silly. When you greet your guests, pull off your first mask and double scare them with the second.

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