10 Funny National Selfie Day Memes You'll Seriously Relate To

It's been almost five years since the word "selfie" was inducted into the Oxford Dictionary, and named the word of the year, evolving from a net speak word that our parents thought was gibberish, to landing a stable position in English history. To celebrate, in 2014, the selfie got its own national holiday, and hashtag, #NationalSelfieDay, which means this year marks the fourth annual selfie appreciation day. This also means that the amount of funny National Selfie Day memes we have rolling around on the internet by now are a-plenty. Seriously, there are so many good ones, it's impossible to pick only a few.

Each year that goes by normalizes the concept of a selfie — they're basically second nature to us now. So much so, even our parents take selfies. Some of us have grandparents who take selfies! To celebrate the holiday and our undying love for the reverse view self portrait, I've rounded up some of my favorite said memes. Because there's no better way to celebrate the selfie than by celebrating the #relatable social media culture that's been inspired by it. We all love to take selfies, and also love to hate selfies. That leaves a lot of room for funny thoughts on the internet about selfies. Here are some of the best:

Real Quick!

When you do something really shady to get a selfie but don't feel bad at all because the picture is totally awesome and well worth it? Yeah, we've all been there.

When You Get Shy

But you post it anyway and low-key want your followers to show you some love so that you don't have to delete it. You only say you might get rid of it if you want someone to tell you to keep it, let's be honest.

Nothing New

We've been trying to take pictures of ourselves at all costs for a long time. Only now, we've got devices that are actually good at it. No one wanted a Gameboy Printer selfie because they looked terrible! That said, I would give anything to find my Gameboy printer because that would be the ultimate throwback selfie.

This Is True

OK, I can personally vouch for this. My recently deleted items are 98 versions of the one picture that I managed to post.

It Me

When you take a fire selfie and all of your followers hit that like button and you're like "wait, am I a model?"

No Matter What

We've all done something very dangerous to take a selfie and felt very dumb afterward for jeopardizing our safety. But let's be honest, we only feel that way if we don't get the picture we were after.

The Gold

It's rare, but it happens: animals photo-bombing your picture, looking every bit like they know what a selfie is.

When There Isn't A Single Good One

There's no worse feeling then when you take a bunch of pictures and feel really good about it, only to look through your roll and see garbage shot after shot. Your brain literally cannot comprehend how there is not a single photo that you are happy with.


Meme Center

We've all taken that selfie that says one thing that means another. Caption: "I love being alone!" Translation: "Come hang out with me please! I'm all alone!"

I Am A Queen

Meme Center

Even if you're having the worst day, a lot of likes on a selfie can make you feel suddenly high on life and a lot like a queen.