10 Gifts For Pop Culture Lovers, Covering Everything From Harry Potter To The Royal Family

Ring the alarm, there's only eight days till Christmas. You're going to have to get a move on if you've left present buying to the last minute, as the shopping malls are brimming with fellow procrastinators, and online retailers have announced delivery deadlines for the very last shipments before Christmas D-Day. If you're still struggling for ideas, you might have noticed me and all my fellow writers here have been on a gift guide rampage with everything from Love Island presents through to beauty advent calendars. I'm adding another one into the mix with gifts for pop culture lovers. So, this one's for all my fellow celeb and entertainment obsessives, who spend way too much time reading about other people's lives, geeking out over the latest movie trailers, and tagging friends incessantly in the latest wave of silly Harry Potter memes.

Whether your friend has pledged allegiance to the Beyhive, Friends marathons on Netflix, or has already pencilled in their Disney Paris trip for next year, there's a ton of things below that should have you covered in the lead up to Christmas.

And if you wind up wanting to buy a couple of things for yourself, I'm never going to tell. Who am I to judge, when I literally just popped that Ariana Grande bath bomb into my shopping basket all of two seconds ago?

Bubblegum Stuff Weird Crushes: British Hunks

Urban Outfitters

Got a pal who's utterly obsessed with the likes of Louis Theroux, Paul Hollywood, or Jeremy Corbyn? This card game of unconventional British cuties is one that'll have you giggling (even if there's a few names like Piers Morgan and Boris Johnson you'll want to banish from the pack). With traits like Sex Appeal, Charisma, Likeability, and Fame all ranked, you'll find yourself with a newfound appreciation for the unsung heart throbs of the nation.

Nocturnal Paper 'Okay, Now, Let's Get In Formation' Beyoncé Card


You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and whoever, but do you recall the most fabulous Santa of all? This hilarious card from Nocturnal Paper appeals to my Beyoncé loving heart and it's perfect for any fellow members of the Beyhive.

Dani Dyer Black Babe Babe Babe Slogan Oversized Sweater

In The Style

Any Love Island stans in the house? Now that I've finally recovered from Dani and Jack's roller coaster of a relationship and things are all good, this sweater from Dani's fashion collab with In The Style put a massive smile on my face. Available in pink, red, and black, it's cute enough for you to wear out or lounge around the villa — um — house in.

Harry Potter Limited Edition 12-Month Pocket Daily Planner - Lumos


A Moleskine planner never goes unwanted and this Harry Potter themed one is ticking all the right boxes. If you crack it open, there's some fun Potter-themed illustrations inside and a couple of goodies tucked away in the back pocket. If Lumos isn't your spell of choice, there's some other HP options including a Marauder's Map themed one as well as other spells like Expecto Patronum and Wingardium Leviosa. (The Hermione in your life would definitely approve.)

Goddess Bath Bomb


Ariana Grande well and truly dominated the headlines this year with her comeback album and awesome music videos, with one of my personal faves being 'God is a Woman.' If you were just as mesmerised by the video and the purple waters she bathed in, Lush actually teamed up with her to create this bath bomb inspired by it — perfect for the Ariana stan. According to the site, it's imbued with the scents of jasmine, sandalwood, and oudh with Columbian cocoa, shea, and argan oil to keep your skin looking glowy and ethereal.

The Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy Box Set


There's no doubt about it: Crazy Rich Asians was the best romantic comedy of the year and has the box office to prove it. Besides being a moving cultural milestone for the Asian community (I'll never forget what it was like to see my part of the world beautifully represented onscreen), it was also a big triumph for the author of the original book series Kevin Kwan. If you just can't wait till the next instalment when Gemma Chan takes the reigns, you can get a head start with the book series in this chic box set.

You're the Monica to My Rachel Mug

I Want One Of Those

When it was announced that Netflix might be going on a break with 'Friends,' me and pretty much every other subscriber I know went into a blind panic. Now that they've confirmed the beloved series will be staying on the platform, it's high time to celebrate with your viewing partner in crime with this cute AF mug. Honestly, a mug of mulled wine in this baby and a 'Friends' marathon on Boxing Day sounds like the ultimate way to spend the holiday.

Converse x Hello Kitty Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top


If you're not the Sanrio obsessive in your group, a friend of yours probably is. Hello Kitty did not just one, but two super cute drops with Converse this year and these bright red chucks are totally speaking my language. Covered in little illustrations of the brand's favourite cat, they're a cute way to add fun to a minimal outfit.

Together: Our Community Cookbook by The Hubb Community Kitchen


The royals, food, and charity — what's not to love about this book of recipes from The Hubb Community Kitchen? This vibrant book celebrates the inspiring women of Hubb Community Kitchen, who came together to cook food daily for their neighbours and survivors of the Grenfell Tower Fire, and were aided in their efforts by Meghan Markle. With recipes from places as diverse as the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and the Eastern Mediterranean, it's a practical gift that won't go in the bin come Boxing Day.

Mad Beauty Belle Rose Water Sheet Face Mask


I'm a HUGE sheet mask addict and when I saw these Disney princess ones, I was over the moon. They've got four different kinds: this Belle rose water edition, a cooling Ariel cucumber sheet mask, a green tea Princess Jasmine version, and finally a lavender Aurora one that'll send you blissfully off to sleep. Whether you grab one or a bunch for your pal, they're on sale at the moment which is always a plus in my book.