Gifts For 'Love Island' 2018 Fans, Because These Presents Are 100% Your Pals' Type On Paper

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It's a truly special moment when you find your Love Island soulmate: that person who you can host viewing parties and frantically swap message about the villa's latest shenanigans with. Although the ITV show may be over for 2018 ATM, it's never far from my mind (or my heart) and I've been thinking of relevant ways to show my like-minded BFFs just how much I appreciate them. If you've got a loyal Georgia in your life and you want to spread the love this year, there's luckily a bunch of gifts for Love Island fans 2018 still available online that you can snag in time for December 25.

It's never too early to start planning for Christmas (or prepping your audition for the next cycle of Love Island) and this year, there's a number of presents to choose from. Whether you're forking out for one of the show's official personalised water bottles or giggling over narrator Iain Stirling's guide to millennial living, I've put together a little guide of things that won't break the bank.

There's a lot of official Love Island merch that's available year-round if you're a purist, including the aforementioned water bottle as well as a £5 fragrance set and a cheeky guide to modern love (which answers the age old question: what is a melt?).


The fashion collabs that have sprung out of Love Island have been top this year as well, with Dani Dyer's line with In the Style selling like hotcakes and Missguided's Love Island range still up for grabs.

And if you too solemnly swear that you are up to no good under the duvet covers, you can grab matching Do Bits Society mugs for you and your bestie. They're more practical than a friendship bracelet TBH and I'm already ordering a dozen for my crew. Check out some gift ideas below...

Official Personalised Love Island Water Bottle


Love Island

You can hardly go an episode without seeing one of Love Island's iconic water bottles onscreen and there's been a lot of dupes floating around on the internet. Luckily for low-key Love Island stans, ITV's started selling an official version and you can put your bestie's name on it.

Dani Dyer 'Babe Babe Babe' Pink Slogan Tee Shirt


In the Style

Ahh, I can practically hear Dani saying this now. The Love Island winner teamed up with In the Style for a super cool clothing collection, however this pink slogan tee put a major smile on my face and is basically Dani Dyer in a nutshell. There's another jumper that had me cackling from the same line which reads 'What time's your flight?', a reference to one of Jack and Dani's most famous bickering sessions.

100% My Type on Paper: A Doodling, Canoodling Activity Book by Verity Blythe


W.H. Smith

This adult activity book is one that's sure to put a massive grin on any fan's face, as it's all Love Island-themed. Full of colouring pages, drawing exercises and pages to draw up your own girl code, it's a right laugh and is sure to keep your friend entertained.

Personalised Do Bits Society Member Mug



This hilarious personalised mug is totally Do Bits Society-approved, so let your freak flag fly and grab one for you and your pals. You can change out the names (sorry Olivia) and the script comes in both green and pink, depending on what kind of mood you're in.

Not Ready to Adult Yet: A Totally Ill-informed Guide to Life



You might not recognise Iain Stirling's face, but you DEFINITELY know his voice. As Love Island's shady commentator, he's seen the best and worst of millennial life and romance — so he's aptly put together a little handbook to share his wisdom. Unsurprisingly, he's also narrated the audiobook version that'll put you right in the Love Island spirit till the show comes back next year.

Love Island Body Mist Set



I don't know about you, but I've been kept up at night wondering just what a Love Islander smells like. According to this Superdrug mist and body lotion set, they all smell like coconut and piña coladas which makes sense TBH.

White Milk Maid Dress



Missguided dressed the ladies of Love Island in the cycle just gone and this white dress stood out for all the right reason. Megan Barton Hanson wore it on one of the show's episodes and after that, I totally understood why everybody was falling over themselves for her. (PSA: Missguided still has a dedicated Love Island section where you can shop all the looks from the show if there's another outfit you think your pal would look bomb in.)

Love Island - On Paper: The Official Love Island Guide to Grafting, Cracking On and Mugging Off



Although I personally wouldn't take relationship advice from most of the Love Islanders (how many couples are actually still together again?), this romance guide is still a pretty fun purchase. It focuses mostly not on the most recent cycle, but the one previously with top tips from everybody's favourite wingman Marcel Somerville and Camilla Thurlow.