10 Gifts For People Who Are Obsessed With All Things Tech

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Remember when you were younger, and you'd tear open a holiday gift, only to find it was a gift card or even worse, money? You'd take a deep breath, and force a smile so hard it hurt until you could find what you really came for: new toys. But somewhere along the path to adulthood, when you began to understand just how useful cash actually is, your holiday gifts probably started to get a lot more practical and, well, incredibly boring. Holiday tech gifts are where all that changes. Sure, socks are warm and kitchenware is sometimes necessary, but home assistants, laptop-tablet hybrids, and smart watches are our one chance to have new gadgets to play with around the holidays again. (And because it's 2019, there's a good chance they can talk to you, too.)

The best part about tech gifts is that you truly don't have to be a techie to give or receive them, because they're all about making areas of our lives easier, whether it's by motivating our workout or streamlining our marathon-watching session.

To help narrow down the endless possibilities of technology out there, here are the best 2019 holiday tech picks based on products that came out this year.

Apple Watch Series 5

With its new always-on display and features that can track your menstrual cycle, alert you if your environment is too loud, and give you a long-term look at your activity patterns, the newest Apple Watch is a dream device for the person in your life who’s both health conscious and constantly on the go. Oh, and it tells the time, too.

Google Nest Hub Max

Multitasking at home just got way easier, thanks to the Google Nest Hub Max. The smart display with a 10-inch HD screen makes it easy (and perfectly normal) to video call mom while you’re folding laundry, turn off the lights in your bathroom when you’re in the kitchen, or play a “how to make quinoa" YouTube video seconds after the quinoa has been poured into the pot.

Ring Fit Adventure For Nintendo Switch

You don’t have to be a hardcore gamer or gym-goer to enjoy this fantasy game-turned-exercise — all you need is a sense of adventure. Use the Leg Strap and Ring Con equipment (which mimic your actual motions in the game) to defeat a dragon, and get some movement in all at once.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

For the TV fanatic who likes their marathon-watching to be organized and efficient, the second generation Fire TV Cube lets you stream all your favorite shows, whether they're on Netflix, YouTube, or Prime Video, using just one device.

Osmo Mobile 3

For the influencer in the making, the foldable Osmo Mobile 3 attaches directly to your phone to stabilize videos and photos. With its accompanying app, the stabilizer can switch between multiple shooting modes (including portrait and panorama), rotate your phone, and pick up on hand gestures so you don’t have to press a button to record a video. Selfie stick who?

Adidas RPT-01 Sport On-Ear Headphones

Finally, cordless, over-ear headphones that can handle a little (or a lot of) sweat. The RPT-P1 Sport On-Ear headphones are sweatproof, splashproof, and have washable ear cushions and inner headband. With more than 40 hours of playtime and the ability to take calls via a button on the earpiece, the athlete in your life will basically live in these.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

This touchscreen laptop-tablet hybrid is perfect for that highly productive person who somehow always looks chic, no matter what they're doing. With the ability to type, touch, draw, and write, this sleek device that weighs less than two pounds was made to get stuff done.

Bose Portable Home Speaker

Want a wireless home speaker? A portable Bluetooth one? How about one you can control with your voice? The Bose Portable Home Speaker is all of that in one, making it ideal for the entertainer on your list. With a Wi-Fi connection you can stream music from Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. Without Wi-Fi, the speaker uses Bluetooth or AirPlay2 to play what’s on your device in 360 sound. Here's to hoping the neighbors aren't light sleepers.

Canon EOS M200 Camera

For the traveler, this compact mirrorless camera makes it easy to add special effects and pops of color, or adjust brightness and saturation. Self Portrait Mode helps you get that selfie, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology let you upload it to Instagram ASAP and rack up those likes.

Beats By Dre Powerbeats Pro

Adjustable earhooks guarantee these earbuds won't fall out every time you make a move, whether you're getting up from the couch or hitting the track. With controls built into these wireless headphones, you can turn up the volume, skip to the next podcast, and decline that call (again) with the touch of a button.

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