Why You Shouldn't Go Barefoot At Home—& 10 House Slippers To Wear Instead

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If you're lounging at home more frequently, perhaps you've developed a uniform of sorts to go with your laidback routine. It likely consists of some video conference-ready top and a bottom that falls into the leggings or sweatpants category. Hey, you might even wear the PJ pants you slept in the night before. No one is judging. On your feet? Well, you've almost certainly traded in your painful, towering heels or those lace-up brogues that always pinch your toes. Instead, your comfiest, most effortless slippers are now your go-to. Or they should be.

From Ugg to Gucci, slippers are now — dare you say — chic. And they're a worthwhile investment for your health. You may be tempted to go barefoot but that can have unintended consequences in the long run, says podiatrist and Vionic Innovation lab member, Dr. Jacqueline Sutera.

"When walking barefoot on hardwood, cement, stone, or ceramic tile, there is really nothing to absorb the shock between you and the ground," she explains. "Over time, this behavior can deteriorate your fat pad, which serves as the foot’s natural cushion. Without this fat, you are literally walking or running on skin and bone. Once this fat pad degenerates, it’s gone forever." How to avoid this? She suggests limiting "your barefoot time to carpet or cork flooring only, and wear[ing] comfortable, supportive footgear when on harder indoor surface."

Take it from the experts: now is the time to update that cozy footwear category you've learned to appreciate more than you ever thought you could. Ahead, find the coziest slippers to walk around the house in. Your feet have never felt better, guaranteed.

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Go wild with a pair of cheetah print slippers. These feature podiatrist-designed, bio-mechanically contoured arch support that will keep your feet comfy.

Simple and cozy, these slippers will stretch and conform to your foot, the more you wear them.

There's a reason that 4 million pairs of these slippers were sold over the last 5 years. LL Bean's icons boast cushioning comfort, a durable rubber outsole, and shearling lining that draws moisture away from your feet and keep your feet sweat- and odor-free.

For the logo-mania master inside of you, these slippers are so fashion-forward you'll want to wear them outdoors. And you'll love their shearling lining and rubber sole.

If you love a teddy bear shearling, these slippers will be your dream pair. They have a memory-foam footbed so it's almost like walking on your mattress.

When you want a pair that feels a bit more polished, try these soft velvet flat slippers with a chic, pointed toe.

Just the classics: cozy shearling that will never go out of style. The thick faux-shearling lining will keep your feet extra warm.

Try this bootie with a sheepskin-lined outer edge for when you're seeking more than just a shoe.

A no-frills slipper that is hiding a cozy interior with faux fur lining.

For a luxe, boudoir-inspired take, pick up this quirky pair with a delightful, embroidered cat design.