6 Ridiculously Comfy Slippers, Including An UGG Slipper Dupe That's Just $24

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Be honest: How comfortable do you find yourself as you go about your morning routine? If you're brewing coffee in a robe while barefoot, you're certainly on the right path toward supreme comfort. But your transformation is not complete without a pair of the most comfortable slippers for women. Because, face it, your toes and feet matter, and all they want in life is to be warm and snug.

This list of warm, comfortable, cute slippers include options made of memory foam, which spring back to life the second after your foot puts any pressure them. They also include slippers that are lined with faux fur and plush fleece, which make you feel like you're stepping into warm clouds on freezing cold mornings. Of course, if you live in a warmer climate or want all-season slippers, you'll also find options made from breathable materials that wick moisture and ensure your feet aren't sweating the entire time. There are even slippers you'll want to wear out, even if "out" means to the mailbox and back.

Aside from fabrics and materials, you can choose from slippers that feel like socks, look like moccasins, and are as warm and toasty (but much cheaper) as UGGs. No matter what your budget or style is, there's no doubt that investing in one of these pairs of slippers will make life around the house so much more comfortable.


HomeIdeas Faux Fur Lined Suede House Slippers

These moccasin-style suede slippers have a warm, faux fur lining, but they're also breathable and fine for all seasons. They're designed with a memory foam layer, high elastic sponge heel, EVA cushion, and elasticity sponge that work together to provide the ultimate support for your soles and heels. They're fuzzy and soft to walk in, but they also have a hard bottom that's more supportive than most others. These slippers can stretch, so be sure to order your correct size. One thing to keep in mind: They aren't the best choice if you're running out on a wet or damp day.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Obsessed with these! I wanted a pair to keep my feet warm around the house and go outside to take trash out, take the dog out etc so if that is what you’re looking for, you’ve found it. [...] they are so cute I have forgotten I had them on and wore them to the grocery store and even got complimented!"

  • Available in sizes 6-11


Ultaideas Slip On Memory Foam Clog Slippers

With an insole constructed from three layers of supportive, springy memory foam, it's no wonder these clog slippers feel "soft and comfy" but are also "durable" enough to wear while tending to your various chores around the house, according to several reviewers. They boast a short plush lining that can absorb moisture, making them an excellent choice for autumn, spring, and winter. A side-seamed outsole keeps water and dampness from getting inside, which means you can actually wear them outside for short periods of time without worrying about ruining them. They come in four color options and, according to reviewers, fit true to size.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Best pair of slippers I have ever owned. EXACTLY what I was looking for. They slide on & off easily, but they don't fall off when I'm walking around. The plush inside feels nice, with a hard sole, so I can wear them to take out the trash. And they wash easily. I just put them through the washer/ dryer with a load of laundry. Good as new!"

  • Available in sizes 5-12


SOSUSHOE Fluffy Fur Slip On Slippers

Consider these the perfect (and most perfectly affordable) cold weather slippers, thank to a dense, plush fleece lining and insole that keeps your feet snug and warm. The anti-skid PVC sole is tough enough for both indoor and outdoor wear, but they won't scratch hardwood floors. They come in light brown, deep brown, grey, and coffee, and have a breathable cotton upper that won't smother your feet or trap in sweat.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I’ve had these 2 weeks now and they are the best slippers I’ve ever owned. I purchased the brown pair and I am completely satisfied. They are super comfortable and very warm. You can wear them outside and they are good quality. [...] I highly recommend."

  • Available in sizes 7-10.5


World's Softest Cozy Slippers

If your idea of truly comfortable slippers are a pair that makes you forget you're wearing anything on your feet at all, say hello to these, which are so lightweight and soft, they're named after that quality. Made from an acrylic blend with a foam-padded sole, these slippers have a non-binding topline that stretches and conforms to your feet. The nylon material is excellent at providing the perfect fit for all foot sizes, and they're mostly flat with a round toe.

If you plan on wearing these around the house, they're perfect — think of them as a step above your most comfortable, high-quality pair of socks. But these are not the slippers you'll want to wear while running outside to grab the mail every day — they simply aren't that supportive. Choose from 11 colors and patterns, including animal prints, polka dots, and stripes.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I love these! They are super soft and have super soft furry fleece lining which surprised me. They are made much better than I thought!!! The sole is cushy and the inside sole has the same furry fleece - your feet feel enwrapped in soft plush warmth! Very glad I bought them and will buy more!"

  • Available in sizes Small-Large (including Wide sizes)


Dearfoams Women's Rebecca Microfiber Velour Slipper

The velvet-soft feel of these thick, closed-back memory foam slippers makes them cozy, soft, and resilient. Add a sturdy, molded TPR outsole and cute details like embroidery and you've now got yourself a pair of multitasking slippers that you can wear inside (including after showers, because they'll keep you from slipping and sliding) and outside. According to reviewers, they last for years, and they come in five pretty colors — and in leopard print.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Dearfoams are a wonderful, superior product. I absolutely love them ... i would wear them to work if i could get away with it!! They are luxurious looking and feel that way too ... however, they are not pricey..a very good price indeed!!"

  • Available in sizes Small-X-Large


Alpine Swiss Sabine Genuine Suede Moccasin Slippers

These slide slippers have a lightly padded insole, cozy faux shearling lining, and a genuine suede exterior. The rubber sole protects your feet from impact so that you can get away with wearing them whole you run errands, and they come in five colors ranging from a natural-looking chestnut to a vibrant purple. A shoestring bow decoration makes these slippers even cuter, and reviewers describe them as warm and comfortable

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "These slippers are great and I will be ordering more. [...] They are fur lined and so warm, also the sole is thick and will be perfect for outside as well as around the house. I always order the more expensive slipper made like these and these seem much better made than the more expensive ones. Love it because the are half the price of the other ones I have been wearing for years."

  • Available in sizes 5-11


UGG Coquette Slipper

They may be expensive, but these UGG slippers are the real deal. A real sheepskin liner keeps feet warm and dry. A real suede exterior is durable and has a classic look. A real molded EVA outsole means you can wear these slippers inside or out.

These open-back slippers come in eight colors. More than 2,400 (and growing!) Amazon reviewers give them a 4.4-star review because they truly are worth the money.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Heaven. My feet are in heaven. I love the Coquette Ugg slippers. Easy on and off. Keeps the toes snug and warm and the soles of the slippers are hard enough to walk to get the mail without wearing out. This is my 3rd pair in 15 years only because I lost my last pair. The port wine color is simply beautiful."

  • Available in sizes 5-12

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