10 Last-Minute BFF Halloween Costumes You Can Still Throw Together


OK, I'm sorry to break the news to those of you who may have been avoiding calendars/the outside world lately, but Halloween is officially less than a week off — so if you don't have your costume situation sorted out, what even are you doing with your life? Just kidding, I write articles about Halloween costume ideas for a living and I still don't have my costume together (help!!!!), so I am throwing absolutely no shade in your direction. Plus, you actually still have (barely) enough time to throw together some cute and easy last-minute best friend Halloween costumes with your ride-or-die that will give everyone the illusion that you've had your sh*t together this whole time. It'll be easy, I promise.

And just because you and your bestie are last-minute messes doesn't mean your costumes have to look like one! Whether you choose to go with easy, one-and-done store bought BFF costumes or raid your own closets to put together a creative DIY look, there are options. Us procrastinators thrive off that down-to-the-wire madness that makes everyone else want to cry — meaning that we should consider a last-second Halloween costume for two as nothing more than a fun challenge to conquer with our last-minute powers of creativity.

Here are some easy and creative last minute best friend Halloween costume ideas that you can easily buy or DIY that will make it look like you've been planning all month long.

Cute Fruits

Berry Delicious Strawberry Costume, $55, Dollskill; Lil Miss Fine-Apple Costume, $29.95, Dollskill.

So a strawberry and a pineapple walked into a bar... and looked super cute despite having had no idea what they were going to be for Halloween until mere days before the holiday. This could be you and your BFF with these super simple yet adorable one-piece fruit costumes!

Josie & The Pussycats

Leopard Glitter Cat Ears Headband, $6.99, Claire's; Denim Galaxy Cat Ears Headband, $4.99, Claire's; Plus Size Sheer Cheetah Print Top, $14.90, Forever 21; Hustlin' Henny Jumpsuit, $60, Dollskill.

OK, everyone knows cats are the literal go-to "I didn't plan a Halloween costume" costume for people everywhere, so don't give everyone the satisfaction. Give your last-minute kitty look a rock n' roll twist by going as Josie and the Pussycats-esque cats instead! All you need to top off the look is a guitar strapped around your neck and you're set.

Betty & Veronica From Riverdale

Confection Dress, $69.98, Betsey Johnson; Contrast Peter Pan Scalloped Collar Dress, $22, Shein.

OK, since season 3 just recently premiered, we're officially all back on our guilty-but-pleasurable obsessions with all things Riverdale, so why not put together the world's simplest B&V costumes? A prim n' proper pink dress for Betty (don't forget your high pony!), plus a collared black dress for Veronica will give you a simple yet recognizable Riverdale BFF look.

Romy & Michele From Romy & Michele's High School Reunion

Crushed Velvet Criss Cross Back Dress, $7.59, Romwe; Frost Lustre Slip Dress, $11.55, Dollskill;

Raid your closets for anything shiny, tacky, and totally '90s-tastic and throw together your best Romy and Michele looks for a party-ready Halloween BFF costume that will blow any high school reuinion out of the water. There's still time to order some classic pink and blue slip dresses online, too, so what are you waiting for?

Super Mario & Luigi

Women's Super Mario Plus Size Costume, $40.99, Target; Women's Super Mario Luigi Skirt Costume, $41.49, Target.

I'm not big on video games unless they were made in the late '80s/early '90s and involve the Super Mario Brothers. If you're with me, grab your BFF and give these classic Nintendo bros a feminine twist with cute Mario and Luigi women's costumes you can snatch up from Target just in time for Halloween.

Enid & Rebecca From Ghost World

Women's 1988 Rollneck Sweater, $79.50, J. Crew; Ghost World Raptor T-Shirt, $20, Teepublic; Lace Up Platform Boots, $26.59, Romwe; Topshop Plaid Skirt, $60, Nordstrom.

My favorite pair of comic-book-gone-big-screen BFFs are super easy to recreate in costume form. Grab a plaid skirt and combat boots, then pair with a quirky kids'-style tee and black glasses for Enid and a basic crew neck sweater or cardigan for Rebecca and you're golden.

Daenerys & Her Dragon From Game Of Thrones

Dragon Queen Costume For Women, $68.24, Costume Super Center; Women's Halloween Dragon Union Suit, $20, Target.

I get it, all you GOT fans were too busy anxiously awaiting the show's final season to find a Halloween costume. Well, I've solved your problem. Dress up as the iconic mother of dragons and her cute lil' dragon baby in these easy, one-and-done costumes that you can order online ASAP and get in time for Halloween. Now you can go back to trying to find spoilers online and not worry about it.

Bob Ross & One Of His Paintings

Bob Ross Halloween Costume Set, $24, Urban Outfitters; Adult Landscape Painting Halloween Costume, $20, Target.

Bob Ross is basically my second therapist, and TBH, he should be yours, too. Pay homage to this gentle, artistic, ASMR-inducing soul by dressing in a silly Bob Ross costume and grabbing a friend to dress up as one of your oh-so-relaxing landscape paintings. Simple and hilarious and just in time for Halloween.

Coachella Attendees

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oversize Burgundy Rose Flower Crown, $7.25, Claire's; Supernova Retro Floral Sunglasses, $9, Wet Seal; Festival Tassel Shift Dress, $16, Boohoo; Blue Raw Hem Denim Shorts, $15.99, Romwe.

This one's easy. Raid your closet for all your retired summer festival gear (flower crowns, boho crop tops, rose-tinted sunglasses, denim cut-offs, your Instax camera, etc.) and make like you and your BFF are headed out to the Coachella desert for a few days of Instagram-worthy festival goin'.

Dancing Bunny Girl Emojis

Cotton Spandex Short Sleeve Scoop Back Bodysuit, $28, American Apparel; Faux Leather Bunny Ears Headband, $9, Urban Outfitters.

OK, y'all, this one's also easy as pie. Two friends, two black body suits, and two pairs of black bunny ears equal one classic and instantly recognizable dancing bunny girl emoji — aka, the official emoji of best friendship everywhere.