10 Life Lessons We've Learned From Cartoons


For those of us born before YouTube existed, watching cartoons was foundational. Whether Looney Tunes, She-Ra: Princess of Power, Rugrats, or The Simpsons, these shows defined our childhoods and taught us how to function in the word. And thanks to the trending hashtag #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons, Twitter users are reminiscing about the pearls of wisdom they gleaned from their favorite animated shows.

Like so many kids, my first favorite cartoon was by Disney. Sleeping Beauty quite literally changed my life, and I'm not sure if I would even be doing all the witchy weirdo stuff I'm doing if it wasn't for my early crush on Maleficent. After that, I discovered Jem, which offered up The Misfits — a group of bad girls who were basically Maleficent with teased bangs and musical talent. By my teens I had switched over to South Park as my cartoon favorite, and these days it's all about Archer. And if I've learned anything from watching all these shows over the years, it's that (corny as it may sound) our greatest limitation is often a lack of imagination.

Here's what Twitter users learned from their childhood stints watching cartoons:

1. Conflict Is A Given

2. Cartoon Clothes Aren't Like Real World Clothes

3. Your Work Attitude Matters

4. Successful Relationships Aren't Easy

5. Rejection And Failure Are Part Of Life

6. Caring For Nature Is Important

7. Our Reality Isn't Cartoon Reality

8. Villains Aren't Always Who You Think

9. Success Requires Work

10. Pizza Rules