10 Lisa Vanderpump One-Liners You'll Want To Embroider On A Pillow

by Marenah Dobin
Tommy Garcia/Bravo

As a cast member on both Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules, Lisa Vanderpump has blessed the Bravo viewers with plenty of great quotes throughout the years. The reality TV star has inspired countless GIF's and memes, but what about home decor items? There are Lisa Vanderpump quotes that should be embroidered on pillows. Why hasn't this happened already? Why have an ordinary pillow when you can have one full of sass and inspiration?

Unfortunately, Lisa's life is not within in means of us ordinary people. Most people cannot afford to live at Villa Rosa in a house full of expensive furniture, an endless amount of pets, and all of the other faboulous aspects of her life. However, her words can inspire us all and the guests who visit our homes. Pillows should be comfortable and entertaining, right? And that's where Lisa's quotes come in. Why not add some humor to a sham? Pillows can serve as a great conversation piece, decoration, and comfort.

Is it too late to start a Vanderpump Pillows company? Or even Vanderpillows? Real Pillows of Beverly Hills has a great ring to it as well. In any case, these are the top contenders for Lisa Vanderpump quotes that need to be embroidered on some pillows, like yesterday.


"I Don't Know That I Want To Be A Gangster B*tch"

Lisa is a lot of things. Her British accent and her propensity to say "darling" in almost every sentence doesn't quite add up to a "gangster bitch" image. However, Lisa is a boss (literally and figuratively). She knows how to get things done, people (her employees and some Beverly Hills Housewives) are intimidated by her, and that does (kind of, sort of) add up to a "gangster bitch" persona. Plus, it would be a great juxtaposition to see the words "gangsta bitch" embroidered in a script font on dainty pillowcase.


"That Better Be Vodka"

Picture this: you are entertaining some friends. You've all gathered in the living room for some drinks and snacks, wedged in between pillows that say "that better be vodka." That sounds like an ideal way to set the mood. Doesn't it?


"That's Too B*tchy, I Shouldn't Say It"

How many times are you hanging with your friends and you say something that you just really shouldn't? That probably happens a lot, especially around best friends. A pillow that says "That's too b*tchy, I shouldn't say it" would be the perfect decoration to complement those hang outs.


"Oh Bloody Hell, I'm Gonna Have To Put Out Tonight"

Sure, there are pillows on couches and some chairs, but there are also pillows on beds. It would be pretty humorous to have a pillow on a bed with a quote about "putting out." It could also be a little awkward, but if anything, it could provide some comic relief.


"Cheers To Not Talking Sh*t Behind Each Other's Back"

Unfortunately, it can be way too easy to gossip sometimes. Why not remind your pals to "not talk sh*t behind each other's backs" with a message on a pillowcase?


"You're Not Important Enough To Hate. Sit Down"

Most people sit down near or against pillows. Why not use this Lisa Vanderpump quote to throw some shade and remind your guests to take a seat?


"I Never Drink More Than One Glass Of Wine A Day"

Set the tone for your next group gathering and remind your guests to enjoy a sip of (a big) wine glass. "I never drink more than one glass of wine a day" is the perfect phrase to put on a pillow.


"Stop Worrying So Much"

Just relax. Lay on a pillow and "stop worrying so much." Sure, it does make sense for LVP to say this since she's living a very glamorous life. However, she's running multiple businesses and dealing with reality TV drama, so if she's not worrying much, neither should you.


"The Crown Is Heavy Darlings, So Just Leave It Wear It Belongs."

Feel like royalty, or at least a Real Housewife, by having this quote as a reminder on your favorite pillow.



Obviously, "cheers" is not a Lisa Vanderpump original quote. However, who doesn't want to cheers in celebration? That one word on a pillow can be a real game changer.

Lisa Vanderpump has two reality shows, a bunch of restaurants, and pretty much anything else she could want. If fans are going to decorate their pillows with quotes from any Real Housewife, she is probably the best choice.