10 "May The Fourth" Memes For Star Wars Day That Are Genuinely Funny

Star Wars/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

May the force be with you, this Saturday, May 4 — which is, of course, Star Wars day based off a play off the famous quote and the date, aka, "May the Fourth be with you." And, may all of the fourth Star Wars day memes be with you too. Celebrations for this holiday are not exactly intuitive, and short of spending the day watching Star Wars, sending and sharing memes is probably the most appropriate way to be festive about it. Any holiday that came into existence thanks to a pun (May the force, May the fourth) deserves nothing short of endless memes. Luckily, the internet delivers with endless Star Wars memes that make the perfect greetings and social media posts.

Whether you plan on rewatching the classics, or revisiting some of the newer remakes, you'll want to share some of these fan favorites with your friends who are celebrating. While this holiday might seem like a superfluous fandom even that has no deeper meaning, some of the quotes that are shared on this day are inspiring, motivating, and surprisingly progressive, over forty years later. Be it the prophetic musings from Yoda, a la," Do or do not, there is no try." Or the poetic profundity of Shmi Skywalker with “You can’t stop the change, any more than you can stop the suns from setting," there memes and messages are worth sharing because we could all use a good excuse to battle the dark with light and share positivity and goodness. So may the force be with you and may these memes help you spread lightness.

Here Come The Memes, Doo Doo Doo Doo


If there's one thing we can count on this Saturday, it's that anyone who likes Star Wars is going to tell you about it. It will not by a mystery who is celebrating and who is not.

The Force IRL


But like in reality it's hard to get right out of bed and save the universe.

Song Of The Day


Whether you wanted this to May the Fourth's theme song or not, it's going to be. Because good luck getting it out of your head now.

Dark Brew


So if you like your coffee on the light side, does that say something about you too?

A Million?


I'm sure that number is much higher by now.



This clever meme is not new, but it's still funny.

OG Meme


This is the most classic Star Warms meme and it doubles as a great greeting card to your fellow celebrating fanatics.

Only Once You Live


You only live once, remixed by Yoda.

OK, Good Point


Listen you can't get too caught up in the details. You just have to enjoy it for what it is. The battle scenes are now without flaws!

Mic Drop


Oh snap! This modern edit is quite the mic drop. TBH this is really more of a Facebook post than an Instagram post, but do with it what you will!