10 Odd But Genius Personal Hygiene Products Even Germaphobes Will Love

Anyone who's known me for more than three minutes knows that I'm pretty much the spokesperson for natural bizarre personal hygiene products. If it has an unexpected color, is made from snail goo or rock salts, or is currently trending on Pinterest, odds are I've smeared it over my body (and maybe even face) at one point or another. That being said, there's this misconception that "natural" couldn't possibly mean "actually getting clean," and it's one that I'd absolutely love to see overturned.

Yes, I'm a chronic label reader and a huge believer in natural products, but I also really love when things are clean. I need to wash my hair every day, I'll wear a t-shirt once before it's considered dirty laundry, and I go nuts if I skip a morning shower. Keeping my space and my body fresh are two of my top priorities, and in that way, I'm a bit of a germaphobe myself.

However, I also recognize that the human body has a careful balance of bacteria, some of which are there to help you. When you knock out these healthy flora with antibacterial soaps and harsh cleansers, you're stopping your body from cleaning itself naturally, and you're actually worsening the problem. If you love natural hygiene products that are both healthy and effective, check out these 10 odd but completely genius options that even germaphobes will love.

1. Deeply Cleanse Your Skin Without Drying It Out


Vi-Tae Organic African Black Soap, $11, Amazon

With its dark, less conventional color, people are occasionally confused when they see this Vi-Tae organic African black soap next to my sink. After all, most folks are used to their cleansing products coming in pastel shades of pink, blue, and green. But this pick actually contains a whole bunch of incredible natural ingredients (like charcoal, coconut oil, and rosemary extract) that pull impurities straight out of pores, fight bacteria, and help you get totally clean without drying your skin out.

2. Stop The Growth Of Mildew In Your Soap Dish


Aira Soap Savers, $13, Amazon

Most soap dishes trap water and residue, creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew — not to mention an unsightly mess next to your sink. This pack of two Aira Soap Savers is constructed with flexible bioplastic that lifts your soap bar up and allows water to effortlessly drain away. They're also super easy to clean and help your soap last much, much longer.

3. A Face Cream That Moisturizes And Cleanses At The Same Time


TreeActiv Acne Eliminating Face Cream, $21, Amazon

People usually replenish their complexion's moisture and then apply targeted acne or blemish cream, but what if you could do both simultaneously? This TreeActiv acne eliminating face cream is infused with natural tea tree, which targets breakout-causing bacteria at the source. It's lightweight, hydrating, and absorbs quickly into the skin without an oily residue, making it perfect as a year-round moisturizer. "This has been a blessing!" raves one reviewer. "It actually does what it's supposed to do = CLEAR YOUR SKIN!"

4. Sea Sponges Contain Enzymes That Fight Bacteria And Prevent Mold


Constantia Beauty Natural Sea Silk Sponges, $13, Amazon

Sponges collect mold and mildew like nothing else, thereby adding to the germs in your shower instead of eliminating them. These Constantia Beauty sea silk sponges contain natural enzymes that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. They're also super gentle, hypoallergenic, great for soft exfoliation, and come in a pack of 12 to meet all of your hygiene needs.

5. Skip The Mouthwash — Try This Non-Drying Charcoal Powder Instead


Charcoal Teeth Whitening Gum Powder, $20, Amazon

Most germaphobes I know use mouth-cleaning products that contain alcohol, but research is finding out that this harsh ingredient actually dries the mouth and stops salivary flow, leading to a buildup of bacteria — and that means worse hygiene and bad breath. This teeth whitening gum powder uses natural activated bamboo charcoal, which absorbs stains, odors, and bacteria, but won't dehydrate your mouth. Since it quickly and effectively cleans and whitens your teeth, it can be used alongside toothpaste or as your go-to dental hygiene product.

6. This Awesome Soap Made From Cleansing Shikakai Powder


Dr. Bronner's Lemongrass Lime Sugar Soap, $13, Amazon

With unconventional ingredients like real sugar and shikakai seed pod powder, Dr. Bronner's lemongrass lime sugar soap is surprisingly effective when it comes to cleaning your hands and body. It's also certified USDA organic, won't leave a residue on your skin, and keeps your skin hydrated. "I love the clean smell and it lasts all day long," says one reviewer. "The wash isn't very sudsy but you feel very clean and your skin isn't left feeling dried out either." Plus, it features an invigorating fresh scent.

7. This Mineral Salt Deodorant Spray To Keep You Fresh All Over Your Body


Dr. Mist Deodorant Spray, $24, Amazon

This Dr. Mist deodorant spray has three simple ingredients: water, essential oils, and mineral salts. That's it! The mineral salts form an invisible layer on the surface of your skin, which blocks bacteria as well as odors. Thanks to how safe and gentle it is, it can be used anywhere on the body, and reviewers are saying things like, "I have used all natural deodorant before. This one is the best." It also comes in a pack of two, so you'll be fresh and odor-free for a very long time.

8. This Adorable Toilet Spray To Keep Germs And Odors Contained In The Bathroom


Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray, $15, Amazon

To keep your bathroom and the air in it especially clean, there's the Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold toilet spray. It's made with natural essential oils and forms a floating layer over your toilet water, so after you go, all odors and bacteria are trapped underneath the surface. All you need to do then is simply flush them away without a single trace. This one comes in a fruity scent with a travel-friendly spray bottle that you can take anywhere with you.

9. This Deeply Cleansing Yet Gentle Soap Made From Plant Ingredients


EO Products Everyone Coconut & Lemon Soap, $12, Amazon

This weird yet effective EO Products Everyone soap is entirely made with natural plant ingredients, including essential oils. However, it's great for any type of skin and any type of purpose, including washing your hair, cleaning your body, or taking a bubble bath. Even those with severe skin allergies have no problem with this one, and reviewers can't stop raving about the fresh smell and how soft their body feels.

10. These Natural Bamboo Wipes, So You Can Always Feel Like You Just Showered


SofiesSecret Bamboo Deodorizing Wash Wipes, $21, Amazon

These SofiesSecret deodorizing wash wipes are made from 100 percent pure bamboo fibers, and contain natural extracts that help to fight bacteria and freshen your skin wherever you are. They come in 30 individually wrapped packages for portable shower-like cleansing after the gym, before going out, or even while you're camping. And the best part? Zero harsh chemicals.

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