10 Bizarre Natural Products That Make Your Underarms Smell Better

Call me weird or call me a hippie, but writing about (and shopping for) weird but effective natural deodorants is way up there on my list of favorite pastimes. Is it as relaxing as breaking out the knitting needles or as enjoyable as meeting some friends for a beer? Maybe not, but I do feel infinitely better when I get to share the benefits of all-natural beauty products with people, and here's why:

In society (and within the hygiene sphere specifically), there are two major issues that are currently butting heads. People are finally starting to realize the dangers of putting toxic ingredients on their bodies, because the skin is pretty much a giant sponge that absorbs everything you put on it. On the other hand, though, while modern hygiene standards are loosening up, people still want to feel and smell fresh all day long, so they're especially hesitant to stop using toxic chemicals in their deodorants and antiperspirants.

That's where my satisfaction with this topic comes in. If I'm able to find and share the best all-natural deodorants (without harmful aluminum or other rough ingredients), and they actually work for people, I'm a pretty happy lady. Check out some of the most bizarre yet effective natural underarm solutions right here.