10 Oddly Specific Harry Potter Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy Online RN

Warner Bros. Pictures

Every Harry Potter fan needs their own collection of wizarding merchandise, because there's no better way to make your life have all the spark of Harry's world. The good news for Potterheads is that when it comes to availability of Potter products on the web, there really is no limit what you can find.

The Wizarding World is, of course, filled with magical items, each spectacular and bizarre in their own unique way. It's no wonder that many of these fascinating objects have made their way into the IRL world. But some of these are so oddly specific, that we have to give props to the people who had the genius idea to bring them to life.

And as everyone knows, Harry Potter fans go hard. There are some fandoms where at most you can buy a punny t-shirt and a cute pin. But when it comes to Harry Potter paraphernalia, you can get anything from a pair of socks to a full-fledged sword. (Yes, there's a real sword on this list.)

So here are ten Harry Potter items that are so oddly specific, they'll soon become the crown jewel of your wizarding collection. Perfect for cosplay or everyday decorating, you're going to want to get your hands on these wicked cool items.

A Deluminator

Noble Collection - Harry Potter Replica 1/1 Deluminator, $49, Amazon

This device invented by Dumbledore (and featured in the very first scene of the series!) collects and stores light. Though this version doesn't actually draw from the lights around you, it does make for a pretty sweet flashlight.

Fat Lady Door Cling

Harry Potter Fat Lady Door Cling, $30, ThinkGeek

We've all dreamed of walking through the portrait hole and into the Gryffindor common room. And apparently you can make that dream almost a reality! Keep any room in your house safe with this tried-and-true doorkeeper.

A Time Turner

Lumos Harry Potter Charm #4 - Time Turner, $40, Amazon

Just like Hermione's! Though I can't guarantee that this will send you back in time, it does make a super cute accessory.

Godric Gryffindor's Sword

The Godric Gryffindor Sword, $195, ThinkGeek

Courage is embodied in this sword, just like the one that Harry Potter pulls out of the Sorting Hat. Though ThinkGeek cautions that ability to kill horcruxes is not guaranteed, this beautiful sword would make a beautiful addition to any Gryffindor's collection.

Ravenclaw Diadem

Ravenclaw Diadem, $130, ThinkGeek

Wow, the Trio spent a lot of time looking for this. If only they knew they could just buy it off of the internet! Made of silver-plated brass and crystals, ThinkGeek boasts that this diadem "looks so good, you'd hardly believe it might have a piece of that evil wizard's soul inside."

Hufflepuff Cup Horcrux

The Hufflepuff Cup Horcrux, $40, ThinkGeek

If you're determined to collect all the horcruxes yourself, you can't forget the Hufflepuff Cup. Or perhaps you just want to flaunt your Hufflpuff pride. Either way, who can resist a Hogwarts relic? ("Voldemort Not Included")

Quidditch Goggles

Harry Potter Quidditch Goggles, $15, ThinkGeek

Show you're serious about the sport with these stylized goggles. I'm not going to lie, I think they'll make you look pretty nerdy, but isn't that kind of the point?

Golden Egg

Harry Potter Golden Egg Prop Replica, $70, ThinkGeek

Who would have guessed you could have very own Triwizard clue! Even though it's kind of a random object to exist IRL, it's actually quite a beautiful homage to Harry Potter.

Spectra Specs

Harry Potter - Spectra Specs, $15, Amazon

Channel your inner Luna Lovegood with these fun glasses. Used to spot the magic around you, these are great for costumes, or even just wearing to the beach.

Dumbledore's Cup

Harry Potter - Dumbledore's Cup, $95, ThinkGeek

How many times does Dumbledore tip his goblet in Harry's direction? Now you can own a goblet to match. Perfect to class up any occasion.