Harry Potter Products You Didn't Even Know Existed

With so many new, unusual, and strangely unique Harry Potter products popping up every other day, it's hard to think that any Potterhead at this point doesn't own (or at least know of and want to own) said products. But alas, there are some even I, a Potterhead fanatic and avid writer of all this Potter didn't know about, and I'm betting you probably didn't either.

As the major Harry Potter nerd that are, chances are you've already visited a Harry Potter Wizarding World and left with ten bags of merchandise, including chocolate frogs, Hogwarts crested journals and t-shirts, and your very own butterbeer mug. And even if you haven't, then I'm going to guess you at least have a few HP items decorating your apartment. One way or another, you've made it clear the world that Harry Potter will always be a major part of your life.

With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to gear up and start thinking about possible gift ideas for friends, family, and obviously — your HP loving self. Sometimes the holidays are just as much about giving to others as giving back to your hardworking, awesome self. So get your wand, I mean wallet, at the ready to buy these 10 awesome Harry Potter inspired products you never knew existed:

1. Harry Potter Bubble Bath

Harry Potter Bubble Bath Set, $48, Etsy

Want to bathe in the elixir of life... or maybe pumpkin juice? What about the strong love potion, Amortentia, before a date? Buy the whole set and you'll never have to wonder why you couldn't bathe in Harry Potter potions ever again.

2. Wit Beyond Measure and Man's Greatest Treasure Eyeshadow

Whit Beyond Measure, $2, Etsy

When it comes to Harry Potter themed makeup, the internet broke out into a frenzy when Harry Potter makeup brushes were suddenly a thing, and what could pair better than some gorgeous eye shadows resembling a famous HP quote? With both eyeshadows at such a bargain, you might as well buy the entire set.

Man's Greatest Treasure, $2, Etsy

3. Magic Potion Tea

Magic Potions Sampler By Robert Pirlot , $24, Adagio Teas

You can drink your own Harry Potter potions with this tea set — from truth potions to the golden liquid luck, you can drink like a full-on Harry Potter character.

4. Harry Potter Cookie Cutters

Mischief Managed Harry Potter Cookie Cutter, $5, Etsy

This Etsy shop offers a ton of amazing and easy-to-use Harry Potter cookie cutters! Before you know it, you'll be a magical pastry chef.

5. Customized Harry Potter Cutting Board

Customizable Harry Potter Cutting Board, $17, Etsy

Is it necessary? Maybe not. Do you want it? Absolutely.

6. Harry Potter Recipe Cards

Harry Potter Recipe Cards, $5, Etsy

With your fancy new cutting board, you're going to need some Harry Potter inspired recipes to try out — and these will do the trick!

7. Weasley Wizard Wheezes Product Boxes

Weasley Product Boxes, $12, Etsy

These are empty boxes, but, you can fill them with your own homemade treats or give them away as unique stocking stuffers. No Harry Potter fan would be sad about getting a Weasley treat for the holidays.

8. Harry Potter Herbology and Wand Motion Guide Posters

Herbology And Wand Poster, $40, Etsy

Did you know there are precise ways to practice your wand and Herbology knowledge? Become a bonafide wizard with these helpful posters.

9. Felix Felicis Massage Oil

Felix Felicis Massage Oil, $10, Etsy

Having a sensual bottle of Felix Felicis massage oil will certainly help you get lucky — and find the man or woman of your dreams.

10. Magic Wand Remote Control

Magic Wand Remote Control , $64, Amazon

Last, but certainly not least, is a real magic wand. Well, magic in that it can turn on your television and other electronic controls — and let's be real, how cool is that?!

Images: MySweetPaperCard/Etsy