10 Random But Brilliant Products To Upgrade Any Size Shower

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If you take a 10-minute shower once a day, that means you are spending about 60 hours per year in the shower — after about 10 years, that adds up to 25 days of standing in your shower. That seems like as good of a reason as any to invest a little money into shower gadget and accessories that make the space as high-tech, efficient, and fun as possible.

No matter what size shower you have, there are tons of brilliant products that you can use to upgrade your bathroom without a full-blown reno. Most of them are simple solutions (often coated with suction cups) that solve everyday issues. They also transform your shower into the relaxing, stress-free environment that it should be, because no one wants to unwind under a stream of hot water only to get wound up again by hair tumbleweeds and chlorine-agitated skin.

Then, once all the basic conveniences are taken care of, there are a few products thrown in there just for fun, because why not end your day blasting your favorite playlist while you enjoy a glass of wine thanks to your shower wine caddy?


Catch Hair (& Avoid On Future Plumbing Problems) With This Stainless Steal Shower Drain

Designed to slide into your shower (or sink) drain and catch hair, this small $13 investment can have a huge impact on your plumping. Plus, unlike similar shower-drain strainers designed to catch hair, this one is made of high-quality zinc alloy and stainless steal, instead of cheap-looking plastic. It's also constructed with thin walls and a honeycomb design, which aims to leave more space for water flow without clogging.


Scrub Your Feet Without Bending Over

This foot scrubber is one of the most popular shower accessories on Amazon, and it's easy to see why. This simple rubber mat has non-slip grips on the bottom and hundreds of little bristles on the top. Not only are these bristles able to effortless clean the hard-to-reach bottoms of your feet and get in between your toes, but the movement also improves foot and leg circulation and massages your pressure points.


Use A Filtered Shower Head For Softer, Healthier Scalp & Hair

My skin dries out real quick, so I always use a filter to ensure that my water is clean, soft, and hydrating. This shower head system uses all-natural bioactive stones to remove chlorine, bacteria, and heavy metals.


Warm Up Your Bath Towel With A Free Standing Heated Towel Rack

Most heated towel racks are well over $100 and require serious installation — this one however is a total steal and easy to set up. At a press of a button it heats up around 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and its built in thermostat ensures is maintains a safe temperature. The unit is about 35 inches tall and 22 inches wide and be used freestanding or mounted.


Clear Out Shower Clutter With This 3-Chamber Soap Dispenser

Toss your various shampoo and soap bottles in favor of this three-chamber dispenser that will help keep your shower clutter-free. It attaches with waterproof silicone adhesive and two-sided tape and it can installed either in a corner or flat against the wall.


This Non-Slip Bamboo Bath Mat To Keep Things Safe And Dry

As far as I'm concerned, bamboo is the best material ever, and this bamboo floor mat is no exception. It's extremely quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial due to the nature of the wood, and it's raised off the ground to promote water drainage. The bottom has non-slip rubber feet to ensure your safety, and even though this thing is super practical, it adds a sleek touch to any bathroom.


Stick Your Shower Head Anywhere With This Suction Cup Shower Head Holder

Whether you've got people of different heights in your household or you just occasionally appreciate a new angle, this Bopai vacuum shower head wall mount is a lifesaver. Because it uses a reliable yet impermanent suction cup, it's easy to move anywhere in your shower, and it's got a modern chrome finish that blends into the rest of your fixtures.


Listen To Make Hands-Free Calls In The Shower With This Little Speaker

With Bluetooth capability, on-face button controls, and a suction cup back, this AquaAudio Cubo shower speaker is one of the highest rated out there. It can deliver up to ten hours of playback time on one charge, and it's entirely waterproof with a built-in speaker for hands-free calls in the shower.


Store All Your Hygiene Products Right In Your Shower Curtain

This genius Maytex mesh pockets shower curtain tackles your mildew problem and your storage problem all in one. It's made with PEVA vinyl that's durable and easy to care for, and it's got nine self-draining pockets to hold everything from your shampoo bottles to your loofahs.


Have A Glass Of Wine With The Help Of This Wine Holder

Thanks to the super strong suction cup (which can hold up to 7 pounds), this wine glass caddy can safely and securely hold a glass of wine while you shower. Not a wine fan? No worries. They also have a can holder for your beer (or soda can).


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