10 Random But Brilliant Products To Upgrade Any Size Shower


If you take a 10-minute shower once a day, that means you are spending about 60 hours per year in the shower — after about 10 years, that adds up to 25 days of standing in your shower. That seems like as good of a reason as any to invest a little money into shower gadget and accessories that make the space as high-tech, efficient, and fun as possible.

No matter what size shower you have, there are tons of brilliant products that you can use to upgrade your bathroom without a full-blown reno. Most of them are simple solutions (often coated with suction cups) that solve everyday issues. They also transform your shower into the relaxing, stress-free environment that it should be, because no one wants to unwind under a stream of hot water only to get wound up again by hair tumbleweeds and chlorine-agitated skin.

Then, once all the basic conveniences are taken care of, there are a few products thrown in there just for fun, because why not end your day blasting your favorite playlist while you enjoy a glass of wine thanks to your shower wine caddy?

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