10 Sexy Movies Coming Out This Year That'll Leave You Hot And Bothered

by Danielle Burgos

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, thoughts of seduction and romance are starting to float through people's minds. It's the perfect time to go sit cozily in a dark room and watch fantasies unspool on the big screen. But why limit yourself to one mere amorous movie weekend in February, when there's an entire slate of risqué romps releasing each and every month? Here are 10 sexy 2018 movies coming out that'll leave you hot and bothered through the whole new year. Whether you go solo, with a gaggle of friends, or one special someone, these movies are sure to get your mind and heart racing.

There's a little something for everyone, whether you like sweet meet-cutes with a twist like Midnight Sun's daylight-allergic heroine, or bitter tales of love gone sour like the appropriately-titled Acrimony. If plot's not really your main focus, there's also plenty of straight-up eye candy, especially in movies that fall outside the traditional romantic realm. That includes a slew of hunky superhero stories (and all the fitted spandex that comes with them), and, of all things, a bible epic (the only thing saucier than Delilah's temptation of Samson would be the ultra-steamy Song Of Songs). Once the lights go down in the theater no one can see you blush, so sit back and enjoy these eagerly awaited on-screen aphrodisiacs.


'A Fantastic Woman'

This Chilean May-December romance follows Marina, a young woman struggling to regain her footing after her older lover Orlando suddenly dies. Not only does Orlando's family try to keep her from mourning him, they suspect her of murdering him. That she's also trans adds to their ostracism, but after tasting of true love, Marina isn't about to back down from who she is or what she wants.



The biblical epic hits the big screen blazing, telling the story of oppressed people's champion Samson and his downfall at the hands of an unfortunate haircut. Featuring lots of brutal (and shirtless) fighting and Delilah's takedown of the famous strongman, this promises to be a lot more interesting than the story you heard in Sunday school.


'Half Magic'

A sweet, funny, and sex-positive story about three friends sick of living in a male-dominated society. Their revelation? Genuinely putting themselves and each other first, and watching the fellas fall in line.


'Black Panther'

The most eagerly anticipated superhero movie of the year also just happens to be filled with gorgeous people in gorgeous costumes, plenty of physical action, and lots of dramatic tension as a young king claims his throne.


'Fifty Shades Freed'

Well of course the movie that introduced BDSM to vanilla audiences is on this list. The third and final installment has the now-newlyweds navigating married life, unable to shake the past they hoped to escape.



This teen tale of sex and revenge is more sweet than saucy - when Erica learns her mentally unstable stepbrother may have been sexually assaulted, she and her friends go after the perpetrator in their small town.


'Midnight Sun'

17 year old Katie just wants to seem normal. Allergic to sunlight, she lives by night, playing her guitar. When she meets Charlie, she doesn't want to tell him about her illness, but he's bound to find out sooner or later.



Tyler Perry's latest tale is a psychological thriller about the toll serial cheating takes on a long-suffering wife. Sometimes there's no torment like being in love.



A remake of the classic film swaps genders in this tale of class revenge. Instead of Goldie Hawn's spoiled heiress and Kurt Russel's blue collar dad, Ana Faris plays the working-class mom who pretends spoiled playboy Eugenio Derbez is married to her when he wakes up with amnesia.



When the entire ad campaign for a superhero movie is 'very shirtless', it would be wrong not to report on those abs. But with the director behind The Conjuring and the Saw series at the helm, this merman tale's likely to skew a lot darker. Star Jason Momoa remains extremly shirtless, however.

If you're already feeling hot under the collar, don't worry - there's still plenty of winter left before most of these movies come out to cool you down. And there's no rush - 2018 promises a full year of sexy results on film.