10 Unconventional "History Books" That Will Change The Way You Think About Everything

If you stayed awake through history class in high school, you probably remember learning a lot of dates and names. It's likely that you studied the rise and fall of governments, and that you zeroed in on a few Great Men. But history, as a subject, is too unimaginably vast to be entirely covered during third period, when everyone is already antsy for lunch. History is the study of everything that has ever happened leading up to this very moment in time—and that's quite a bit of ground to cover. So even if you think you have a pretty solid handle on the entirety of human history, here are few books on strange, forgotten, and overlooked moments in history that will change the way you look at the past.

After all, what's written down in history books is only a tiny sliver of historical truth. The people who write the history books are all too often the people in power, and they aren't particularly interested in giving a nuanced account of marginalized groups. Or they just don't have enough of a global perspective to understand how their mucking about in one corner of the Earth has huge ramifications for everybody else. These books won't cover everything that ever happened on the planet Earth, but they're a pretty solid start: