10 Unique Earring Trends That Will Set You Apart

I'm one of those people who typically only ever wears tiny little studs in my ears, if I wear any earrings at all. But recently I've been seeing so many unique earring trends that offer a big change from the standard pearls, chandeliers, and hoops. Upon seeing these bold designs crop up everywhere, I started wanting to experiment with some cool ones instead of my boring rose gold triangle studs.

The great thing about these earring trends is that they're a simple way to dip your toe into making a fashion statement rather than taking on more wild trends that may not be a good fit for office wear. So far, my favorite statement-making earring trends are ear cuffs, crawlers, and constellation earrings (not to be confused with constellation piercings, which I did at first).

Ear cuffs are great because you can wear them even if you don't have your ears pierced — all you have to do is find a piece that loops around the edge of your ear. Crawlers and constellation earrings are kind of similar. Crawlers are earrings that look like they're, well, "crawling" up your ear. They'll usually have one post that you loop into your ear and then an upwards design. Constellation earrings, on the other hand, are in the design of constellations (you can even get your zodiac sign!), and they look amazing moving up your ear or hanging off. Whichever unique earring trend you choose, you're bound to turn some heads.