10 Vegan Passover 2019 Recipes That Are Super Easy To Make

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Keeping authentically kosher on Passover is a feat in and of itself, but keeping kosher and being vegan at the same time can be a serious struggle. Every time you head to the fridge you literally turn into the arithmetic filter, surrounded by variables, trying to figure out which combination of ingredients are OK to eat. The reality is that Passover is celebrated with some pretty specific and significant foods, each ingredient holds a different meaning and represents something that was traditionally eaten — most dishes include meat and eggs. So not a lot of recipes that are readily available are vegan. To make things easier, I've put together a list of vegan Passover 2019 recipes. While some of these dishes are totally traditional, others are just a slight variation as there are a lot of omitted ingredients we're working around here.

While it can be hard to mimic a totally authentic Passover dining experience when you're vegan, the main point of the holiday is to celebrate the emancipation of the Jewish people that were held as slaves. And if you think about it, a vegan diet is completely in-line with the concept of freeing innocent people and animals. So, spare the lives of animals and enjoy a vegan Passover seder with the help of these simple plant-based recipes.


Though you might still need to do a bit of math here, depending on what level of kosher you're committed to, as certain dishes might or might not work for you, I've included the ingredients so you make an informed decision before you get too far along in the cooking process.