100 People Reveal The Weirdest Place They've Had Sex

Finding new places to have sex can be a really fun adventure — and it's a great way to keep your sex life feeling fresh, because there's a lot more to explore than your bed. “It’s a good idea to switch things up every once in a while, because it allows us to connect with our partners in a new way that can be very erotic and exciting,” Sarah Watson, LPC and sex therapist, tells Bustle. “I would encourage couples to go outside the bedroom to the bathroom, kitchen, or even just the living room couch! Make sure you are both comfortable with the setting and go for it.”

But just how much should you explore? Well, The Cut has helped us answer that question. They asked 100 people about the weirdest places they've had sex — and some of the answers might surprise you. Sure there were some classics, likes beaches and cars, but some places were a lot more out there. In fact, some places you would think are off limits turn out to be fair game (I'm looking at you, guy who had sex in his grandparent's bed). So if you're looking for new ideas of where to try or just curious as to what some people get up to, it's worth a watch.

You can check out the whole video to see just how weird it gets, but here were my personal favorites:

"On The Floor, Under The Stairs, In A Client's House"

I immediately wanted to know what clients she has and whether or not they knew what she was getting up to. I'm guessing no.

"Behind A Diorama, At The American Museum Of Natural History In New York City"

Dioramas don't exactly have a sexy vibe to me — I made too many horrible ones out of shoeboxes in my childhood — but whatever floats your boat.

"On The Wall Behind LA Fitness"

That's a double workout. Also, I like that even though lots of people have sex at the gym, this guy chose to venture outside.

"Waterpark Bathroom"

I mean, can you think of any place less sexy than a waterpark bathroom? Chlorine, germs, flip flops — this guy and his partner must have been horny AF to make it happen.

"In A Church"

OK, this one was also surprisingly popular. Was it during services? Was it haunted? The world may never know.

"Grandparents' Bed"

I mean, I'm pretty open minded... but I can't, I just can't.

This should either tempt you to up your game or just make you want to stay in bed — your own bed, that is.